Best Natural Products for Sun Protection and Sun Damage

Summer is here, and in full swing. To celebrate, I teamed up with iHerb to pick out my fave pre and post-sun favourite natural products and remedies from their site to share with you. Here’s what I’ve selected for my most recent haul: Pre-Sun Essentials Sunscreen and sunblock is my #1 way to protect from the sun, following of course: a hat and some shade. I also try to keep covered up during the peak sun hours (from 12 – 2 PM) since I have fair skin and tend to freckle and burn. When that’s not possible – because, you know, summer involves things like going to the beach – I’m lathering on my sunscreen and sunblock essentials, ranging from SPF 30 – SPF 40. What is SPF anyways? Sun protective factor, or SPF, is a rating of how long sunscreen will protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. For example, when a sunscreen is labeled “SPF 30,” this means that 1/30th of the UV rays will reach the skin. Most experts recommend using sunscreen or sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher to ensure you’re adequately protected. What I’m loving at the moment are these three products: Babo Botanicals […]

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