Holiday Gift Must-have: Ethical and Sustainable Jewelry + GIVEAWAY

Gifting seems a bit trickier to me this year. I am resisting the urge to buy “stuff.”  I want to place my money meaningfully, and into products made by companies I wish to support. I want to shop with intention this season, which is why my recommendation for gifting your dearest ones this year comes back to one of my favourite ethical and sustainable jewelry companies, Ananda Soul Creations. For those who are not feeling like the read today, scroll to see some of the beautiful creations below, and enter to win yourself a $100 USD gift-card to Ananda’s online shop – either as a gift to your loved one, or to yourself. <3 Enter here! Happy Holidays! The above ring must be one of my favourite pieces from beautiful Christina’s line, Ananda Soul Creations. The Wise Wild & Free moonstone ring aids in inner growth, strengthens intuition and stabilizes emotions. Moonstone is known as a stone for new beginnings, success in love and business, and good fortune. It promotes inspiration and protects us, especially those of us who are very sensitive. How’s that for gifts this holiday? Following on my moonstone thread, I had to wear these gorgeous earrings – the […]

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