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Coming from the eco-beauty and wellness mecca of Vancouver, Canada, it is needless to say I was at a total loss when I arrived in Norway a few years back without a new army of natural beauty and wellness stops in Oslo. Need a colonic? Forget it! Want to get your eyebrows done? Wait until Summer holidays in Canada… For years, I continued getting my eyebrows and hair done on every trip home to Canada – I simply hadn’t found where the right fit in Oslo yet. Not only that, every trip home (and every work trip to NYC), I’d arrive to a room stacked with boxes from my favourite shops in the US and Canada and dutifully fill up my suitcase (or in some cases, “suitcases”) with my favourite superfoods, beauty finds and eco-chic accessories. I’ve finally started to feel a bit settled when it comes to getting my hair done, and taking care of my health and wellness in the city that I currently call home, so I thought I’d share with you all my Top Places for eco-beauty and wellness in the city of Oslo. This post also comes as an inspiration following my beautiful colleague who […]

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