Sustainable Style: The Best Place to Shop for Sustainable Fashion

Having worked for a sustainable fashion brand about 5 years ago, I have certainly had my nose to the ground when it comes to finding other brands doing beautiful things in the space of sustainability and fashion. Today, long gone are the old stereotypes of bland “Eco” fashion.  That mentality is slowly melting away as people become better educated and interested in sustainable design, thanks to companies like Rêve en Vert. Founded in 2013, Rêve En Vert (French for “Dream in Green”), has established itself as the premier online retailer of sustainable luxury. Sustainable luxury being quality style made from a place of consciousness, to which they hold their selected designers. They focus on four tenants: organic, re-made, local and fair. Style is never sacrificed for ethics. The collection is highly curated by their team who exclusively features designers who operate their businesses with respect for people and the planet. Love. I had a chance to try on some of my new faves, thanks to the team there – and we collaborated on an interview over on their site (check it out here). Some of my faves on their site included the below. My first love was these limited edition Melissa […]

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