Why Beer Is the Next Must-Have Non-Toxic Haircare Ingredient

Following up on LPN’s castor oil haircare post last week, I thought I’d continue on this trend of unorthodox natural haircare. This time with the focus on the men. I’ve often hit a roadblock with garnering interest of a more non-toxic lifestyle when it comes to the nearest and dearest men in my life: my dad and brother (and had my boyfriend not lived with me, probably him as well – haha). I finally peaked some interest from them when I told them that beer could be used in their self-care routines, albeit not in the form of a beverage. But rather, in beer haircare. Before having them try out the craft beer-based shampoo and conditioner duo, it was time to learn a bit more about why beer and why in your hair? Beer Haircare: Why? Bröö is the mastermind behind bringing Craft Beer to your haircare routine. With all products made in the USA, and all-natural (they’re free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, polyquaterniums, phenoxyethanol and propylene glycol), I wanted to know more.  Bröö’s formula is based on its main ingredient: all-malt, freshly-hopped craft beer. For ages (we’re talking since the Middle Ages), people have rinsed their hair with […]

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