30+ Forearm Tattoos For Women

forearm tattoos for women
Look at forearm tattoos for women

While your body is a work of art, to make it more beautiful and enhance it, tattoos do the rest of the magic. For any woman, the highly popular place to ink a tattoo is the forearm, both the outer and the inner forearm tattoos for women.  

Not only is it the most popular place for women, but forearm tattoos for women are also the initial place to have a tattoo for most people. To know all the best designs to get a forearm tattoo, keep on scrolling through the article. 

1. Flower Forearm Tattoo

Flowers are a very popular theme for tattoos for both men and women. Different types of flowers, like roses and sunflowers, are very popular types of forearm tattoos for both women and men. 

2. Cute Butterfly Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women

For women, butterflies are a very popular theme; there are many different types of designs you can go for if you like butterflies. 

The most inspiring way of inking a butterfly is by creating a 3D butterfly. But if you want a more subdued form of small forearm tattoos for women, you can create a more feminine butterfly tattoo. 

3. Birds And Feathers

forearm tattoos for women

Well, we all know birds and feathers are all linked together, so when you are tattooing a bird, the beautiful feathers are just an added bonus. For both men and women, it is a beautiful tattoo concept. 

4. Mandala Forearm Tattoo

The mandala design is always a very intriguing tattoo design with an eye-pleasing appeal. So it is obvious that the mandala design is a great tattoo art for both outer and inner forearm tattoos for women. 

5. Minimal Yet Evocative Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women

Minimalism is always the key to great art. Minimalistic art is all about creating simple art with a simple design. These tattoos are really beautiful and appealing to anyone who sees them. 

6. Armband Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women

Armband tattoos have been in trend for a few years now, but that, too, can be innovated in a way that seems unique and innovative. So if you are interested in making an armband tattoo, then make it creative. 

7. Third-Eye Outer Forearm Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women

The all-seeing third eye is a very cult-popular tattoo design and believers. And that makes a quite thrilling tattoo with a unique meaning to it. 

8. Plant Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women

Plants are very pleasing and have a fresh appeal to them, giving them a very fresh look and a very greeny appeal to them. 

9. Sailor Jerry Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women

The sailor jerry tattoos are a very bold tattoo design that denotes a very masculine and ferocious meaning. With the use of bright colors and bold prints, these tattoos are very popular nowadays. 

10. Infinity Symbol

forearm tattoos for women

An infinity sign is something that is widely popular and known by everyone in the world. So there is no point in explaining the meaning of this tattoo. But other than inking the same design, creating something unique with the infinity symbol is great. 

 11. Arrow Tattoo

The arrow means a particular direction, it can be something very symbolic in nature or it can also be very literal in the sense of direction. 

12. Dreamcatchers

forearm tattoos for women

Like what the tattoo says, dreamcatchers catch dreams, but maybe not literally or not at all. But they do make a great design for a tattoo. 

13. Fairies Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women

For all fairytale lovers, fairies are a thing that they tend to love and fantasize about. So for these fairytale loving women, getting fairy forearm tattoos for women is quite obvious.  

14. Cartoon

forearm tattoos for women

Cartoon loving women with a geeky nature would love to great a few tattoos with cartoon themes. These can be quite funny and hilarious, yet wonderful to look at. 

15. Animal Outer Forearm Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women

Animals are very common and yet popular tattoo ideas. Some people like to draw their spirit animals on their forearms, while some people love to draw images of their favorite animals. 

16. Heartbeat Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women

The heartbeat tattoos are a very simplistic tattoo design, and yet it is quite beautiful and delicate. So getting such a forearm tattoo is just a great tattoo idea. 

17. Delicate Leaves

forearm tattoos for women

Leaves are very delicate yet simple. These delicate leaves are very artistic in nature and are definitely a piece of art. 

18. Geometric Wolves

forearm tattoos for women

Wolves signify spiritual strength, loyalty, and also protection, it seems to provide luck and wealth to the owner. 

19. Lightning Bolt

forearm tattoos for women

Harry Potter is not the only one to have a cool-looking lightning bolt scar, you can even rock it as well. Get a cool lightning bolt tattoo and feel like a wizard. 

20. Feminine Flower

forearm tattoos for women

As I have said earlier, flowers are very feminine, so making them more feminine by using two different colors is such a beautiful sight to see.   

 21. Rune Tattoo

Imprinting designs of runes and ancient markings are a very unique and one of a kind tattoo idea. But pick your rune carefully not to hurt any sentiments of others. 

 22. Little Sword

forearm tattoos for women

If you are fascinated with fantasy movies and novels, then there are a few great swords that are quite iconic from shows like Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, and also from the history books. 

More Great Forearm Tattoos For Women

Here are a few more forearm tattoos for women that might intrigue you to get one for yourself. 

23. Woman Tattoo

24. Poppy Flowers

25. Fish

26. Bow And Arrow

27. Forearm Quote Tattoo

28. Anchor Tattoo

29. Ying Yang Tattoo

30. Religious Tattoo

31. Feather Tattoo

32. Clock Tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions about forearm tattoos for women !

Here are a few questions that might intrigue you to know more about forearm tattoos for women. 

  • Is The Forearm A Painful Tattoo?

Since the forearm has a lot of muscles and skin, the level of pain is quite low, as there are not many nerve endings present there. 

  • What Does A Forearm Tattoo Symbolize?

There are a few things that a forearm tattoo signifies, and they are honesty, confidence, and transparency. It shows that you have nothing to hide. 

  • How Much Would A Forearm Tattoo Cost? 

Forearm tattoos normally cost around $250 to about $1300, depending on the size and design of the tattoo that you want. 

Wrapping Up! 

Forearm tattoos for women may represent a lot of individuality and transparency in personality, but it is possible that they like a forearm tattoo just because. It doesn’t have to represent any meaning for you, but only the fact that you just like forearm tattoos and the way that it looks.

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