About Us (Beauty And Style):

Hey, You – Meet The Beauty And Style team!

A bunch of passionate thinkers and creative misfits are currently responsible for building a DIY beauty and style brand!

By The Editors

Hello! We are the Beauty & Style team, A.k.A. a bunch of creative misfits who love delivering your daily dosage of beauty and style – DIY guides, tailored stories, and all-things beauty that’s just like you – yep, content that’s fearlessly original, unapologetically honest, and just damn fun!

We have a vision – to create a guide for everyday people who can’t afford to purchase elusive clothes made by fancy designers – ordinary people like us who love reading about luxury designers but go through a thousand mood boards on Pinterest to nail one look. This is where Beauty and Style come in to save the day.

We wanted to create a beauty and style guide – a guide that’s inclusive, a guide that can cater to anyone and everyone, irrespective of their financial background. Thus was born Beauty & Style guide – a DIY guide that’s INCLUSIVE!

We might not be the biggest beauty brand. We might be pretty new on the scene, but that does not mean we have no vision or expertise. Dear readers, you are our biggest pride – we are in an intimate relationship with you, and our ongoing conversations are honestly what we do for the success of this sustainable relationship.

Our crew works really hard to provide you with fresh, fundamental, and funny intel about all things beauty and style (from the biggest beauty trends to DIY your own cupboard, we have got you covered!)

Keep reading to know us better – feel free to reach out! We know you have some opinions – and the confidence to share those thoughts.