Barbershops: Not Just for the Boys

By KellyWil

Jan 26

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Why more women are bypassing the salon for something different…


This post comes from our friend and freelance writer, Kari Molvar .

Now that the buzz cut has become the go-to look for models Ruth Bell, Braina Laviena, actresses (Millie Bobby Brown) and badass women all over, you might be wondering: where’s the best place to get shorn? For many, the old-school barbershop is the obvious establishment of choice. Not only do barbers specialize in creating cool variations on the classic shave (think crew cuts, fades, undercuts) but they also get the job done without much fuss. There’s no elaborate shampoo session or painfully slow layering technique to endure when you’re cutting off your mane. That’s not to say there isn’t an art to clipping your hair super short. But most skilled barbers will get you in and out in less time than a blow-out takes (and the bill is usually more wallet-friendly as well). The finished look brazenly rejects female stereotypes and proves that femininity is not tied to the length of your hair. So no wonder more women have been getting buzzed. Here, master stylist Alexia Saras from Fellow Barber on Crosby Street in New York City shares her take on the trend from behind the chair:

What explains the appeal of the buzz cut?

“I’ve definitely noticed more women requesting buzz cuts in the past two years. Freedom of expression is driving this trend—woman feel more confident to embrace short hair with open arms and feel feminine. Popular culture is also driving interest. Millie Bobby Brown’s character on “Stranger Things” has beautifully short hair, and we can’t forget the girls on the runways, like Ruby Rose.”

What requests do you get from clients?

“Some of the ladies come by the shop to buzz half of their head so they have the opportunity to show their rebellious side but cover it up if they want to. Then, I have clients that request a full buzz because they feel it’s liberating and more feminine! I have a large clientele that comes in and tells me to ‘Just have fun with it,’ since their last short haircut got them more compliments than ever, and they want to feel sexy.”

What other types of cuts are popular at the moment?

“Female clients come to the barber shop because we are not scared to play with clippers and scissors: asymmetrical bangs and shaved sides are very popular. Also getting the bottom half buzzed but leaving your hair long hair on top. In general, boy cuts for women are popular—it’s about being able to look sexy while rocking a men’s style.”

Do you cut women’s hair any differently than men’s?

“I do cut men differently than women when it comes to certain lengths. The outlines of the haircut may vary a bit: sideburns can be softer on a female cut if requested but most of the time men request this as well since a natural sideburn looks better when your hair starts growing in. Still, there are no strict rules and there’s no real difference in texture or feel between female or male hair.”

What kind of upkeep is required of a buzz cut? 

Just like the gentleman, ladies require a monthly trim to keep their look fresh. My haircuts are $55; some ladies will just come in for a trim between haircuts for $26 or a clean-up on the neck before an event for $11.”

What types of products do you recommend to maintain a short cut?

“Styling cream is a great option for a buzz cut: it’s light, moisturizing and tames any fly-away hairs that may show will it grows out.”

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