Boho Bridal Hairstyles For All Hair Types

Bridal Hairstyles
Bridal Hairstyles

Boho-chic weddings are a rage these days. The theme allows you to celebrate the free spirit and something very vivacious. The bridal hairstyles for a bohemian wedding also conform to this essence, and they allow you to experiment a lot.

You can have beautiful waves in your hair or tie it into an unkempt bun with a lot of texturing. And there are a lot of accessories and bridal hairpieces to make every style even more beautiful.

If you need some really happening ideas, this guide is definitely for you.

Best Boho Bridal Hairstyles To Try

Best Boho Bridal Hairstyles To Try

“I can hear her heartbeat from a thousand miles

Hear the heavens open every time she smiles

And when I come to her that’s where I belong

Yet, I’m run into to her like a river strong

She gives me love, love, love, love, crazy love

She gives me love, love, love, love, crazy love…”

Well, it’s your day, and you want to cherish every moment of it as your partner sings something wonderful like this piece. And with boho bridal hairstyles, you can keep your look very organic and as beautiful as the first ray of the Sun caressing the earth.

Before I get carried away with too much romance and in the charm of everything very bohemian, let me share the styling ideas.

  1. Keep It Relaxed With A Ponytail

Keep It Relaxed With A Ponytail

If you are looking for natural bridal hairstyles for long hair, nothing can be easier than a simple ponytail. Tie your strands into a high or low ponytail with messy waves on your crown. These tousled waves will give your hair the much-needed texture. Also, pull out some strands at the front so those tresses can kiss your cheeks.

Now, you must wrap a few strands of your hair around the band used for securing your ponytail. This simple trick will give you a very polished vibe.

  1. Black Bridal Hairstyles With Lots Of Flower

Black Bridal Hairstyles With Lots Of Flower

Do you need some ideas for short bridal hairstyles? Let your hair fall loose, and accessorize it with a lot of flowers. This style looks best if you have black hair, as you can use flowers of vibrant shades and beads to accentuate your style.

You can even do simple braiding on one side and accessorize it with flowers or floral accessories.

  1. Go For Fishtail Braiding

Go For Fishtail Braiding

Braided bridal hairstyles are just perfect for boho-themed weddings. You can opt for fishtail braiding if you have long and voluminous hair.

Use some flowers and leaves in muted tones to infuse some natural vibe into your hairstyle. You can even try some white shell pieces or beads with a matte finish for styling your hair.

Fishtail braiding is also suitable for bridal party hairstyles.

  1. Hybrid Braiding

Hybrid Braiding

Just as I said, braids are really something to explore in boho weddings. Hybrid braids are the most intricate of styles to try.

The braiding starts from one side of your hair and then proceeds to another side, creating a natural laurel-like shape for your hair. However, this hairstyle can only be done if you have really long hair. And I feel blonde hair is the most suitable for this hairstyle.

  1. Wear The Crown Like A Queen

Wear The Crown Like A Queen

Your choice of bridal hairstyles does not have to be boring, even if you have short or medium-length hair. You can keep your hair neatly combed and just accentuate it with a statement tiara or headpiece.

You can have the piece made with stones or beads according to your liking. This hairstyle is suitable for all hair types. But it looks more beautiful on curly hair.

  1. Your Beachy Waves Just Need A Tiara

Your Beachy Waves Just Need A Tiara

If you have beachy waves in your hair, you already have an edge in creating the perfect boho hairstyle.

You can let your beachy waves fall loose and just do a middle parting. Otherwise, you can roll the hair on your sides, create beautiful folds, and keep the rest of your hair loose.

Now, all you need is a beautiful tiara to create a regal charm. You can get one resembling the conventional wedding laurels worn in church weddings or something more elaborate inspired by oriental styles.

  1. Pin It Up

Do you have curly hair? You can really go minimalistic with your bridal hairstyles without compromising the style and appeal.

How to do it? Let me tell you.

If you have long curls, you must comb them neatly and do a center parting. Now just clip the strands on your sides with clips. That’s it!

However, be a little careful with the clip you need to choose. For example, if you have black, brown, or red hair, you can go for pins with white beads or pearls; if you have blonde hair, go with something in soft pastel shades.

If you think that center parting does not suit your face type, you can do a side parting. But in that case, you have to use a hair mousse or hair setting spray so that the curls swept on one side do not look extra bulky. And you can then use a half-moon-shaped accent that will horizontally cover your curls and keep them secure. Of course, you can incorporate your own ideas to accessorize your hair.

  1. Add Some Pampas Details

Add Some Pampas Details

If you are looking for boho bridal hairstyles that are truly one of a kind, don’t shy away from going the extra mile.

Once you explore the latest trends, you will notice how pampas grass has been the most celebrated element in boho-themed weddings. The delicate grasses with a unique texture can really transform any wedding look and suits almost every type of hair.

So, you can just tie your hair into a low bun and detail it with a pampas grass accessory. Else, you can keep your hair loose and complement it perfectly with a laurel made of pampas grass.

  1. Braid And Bun With Lots Of Flowers

Braid And Bun With Lots Of Flowers

This hairstyle is an evolved version of the conventional braid and bun bridal hairstyles. You have to create loose braids with the hair at the front and on your crown and then tie the braids into a bun.

Now, you can add all the seasonal flowers to your hair to get the perfect boho style.

Final Words

Boho weddings are all about conforming to no set rules and expressing your individuality fearlessly. Today, you will find many bridal hairstyles that match the boho theme.

Make your choice and add some personalized touches to create a style of your own.

I wish you all the best for your special day!

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