Top 20 Butterfly Cut Hair Ideas For Women 2023

butterfly cut

Hair theory makes it simple for you. The way you wear your hair can push your fashion meter up or down. Social media, especially Tiktok, is doing a litmus test for this theory. Every other fashion and beauty content creator is introducing some new styles and looks. My current favorite of the lot is the butterfly cut.

This cut has got layers, and it adds volume. Also, it kinda suits all face types. Have a look at the recent photos of Kelly Rowland and JLO, and you will know why this style is a rage.

Getting A Butterfly Cut

Getting a Butterfly Cut

Remember Rachel Green from FRIENDS? Jennifer Aniston made it immortal and set the trend with her “Rachel cut” hairstyle.

The recent butterfly haircut is a modern twist on this iconic hairstyle. So, it’s a blast from the past. Again, many in the fashion world opine that this haircut takes inspiration from the sensational “‘Farrah Fawcett hair’ of the 1970s.

Nevertheless, as the name suggests, this haircut uses layers to create a fluttering effect, similar to a butterfly’s wings. The layers contour the face and add an extra dose of feminine grace to the look.

This hairstyle also allows you to experiment. You can keep it subtle with face-framing. You can create the most opulent look by making your hair appear more voluminous.

Butterfly hairstyles are vivid and suitable for various hairstyles, types, and lengths. I love it because it frames the face uniformly and highlights the facial features. Overall, your look and persona get a new dimension.

Why Is The Butterfly Hairstyle Different?

Why is the Butterfly Hairstyle Different?

It is different because it fulfills your desire to have short and long hair at the same time. Sounds crazy right?

When you get a butterfly cut, you will have longer hair at the back. As the strands start coming to your face, you will observe many changes in the length.

Your hairstylist will use asymmetrical layers so that your hair looks shorter at the front while the hair at the back remains long and thick.

So, overall, a feathery effect or illusion is created with the layers adding dimensions to your look.

Top Butterfly Cut Ideas

Everyone swooned over JLO’s look when she flaunted a butterfly layers haircut for the MTV Awards 2023. Do you want to recreate that look or make some unique fashion statement with this on-trend hairstyle?

It’s time to check out the coolest butterfly cut ideas.

1. Wavy Butterfly Bob

Wavy Butterfly Bob

Do you recall Juliette Binoche’s character in Tri Color Blue? Her angled bob looked simple yet the most elegant.

You can now give your bob hairstyle a sassier twist with a butterfly cut. This cut makes the waves loose and soft. So, even if you have thin hair, it will look voluminous.

There is something very carefree and feminine about this hairstyle.

2. Butterfly Cut On Cropped Hair

This is the coolest haircut you can get this season. If you have a perfect jawline, there is no reason why you can’t have it.

This hairstyle has layers of various lengths, and those layers are not intentionally balanced to make the look edgy.

It’s bold and beautiful!

3. Pixie Butterfly Cut

Pixie Butterfly Cut

The beauty of a butterfly cut is that it creates perfect layers, even in short hairstyles like a pixie cut. The textured layers will create a flattering effect.

So, you get volume and the right movement within the structured appearance of a pixie cut.

4. Bob Butterfly Cut With Bangs

Do you want to accentuate your jawline? It’s time to get a Bob butterfly cut with bangs. This short hairstyle will contour your face and make your hair look fuller.

5. Butterfly Cut With Long Layers

Butterfly Cut with Long Layers

Butterfly cuts with long layers exude feminine grace to perfection. With long layers, you will get to be a little playful and creative with your hairstyle.

For more fun, add some extra bangs or wisps and get some soothing color highlights like warm brown or beige.

6. Shaggy Bob Butterfly Haircut

Maisie Peters has donned the shaggy bob look like to perfection. With a butterfly cut, you will get more texture and volume in the appearance of your shaggy bob hair.

If you want to exude a flirty vibe, keep the flick side-swept.

7. Long Butterfly Hairstyle Featuring Curtain Bangs

Long Butterfly Hairstyle Featuring Curtain Bangs

This style is a combination of long hair at the back and short-layered hair at the front. The long hair lends feminine grace to your appearance, while the curtain bangs keep the face contoured and helped to highlight the facial features.

8. Fun And Wispy Cut

Keep it playful and chirpy with a fun and wispy butterfly cut. Your hair will look fuller with this haircut and get the perfect bounce movement every time you walk in style.

This cut is popular as it suits almost all casual and formal looks.

9. Face Framing Butterfly Hairstyle With Curtain Bangs

Face Framing Butterfly Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

This hairstyle helps you to get the perfect curtain bags in short or shoulder-length hair. The layers touching your shoulders or mane will ooze a sensual vibe.

The shorter layers at the front around your jawline will accentuate your facial features.

10. Off-Centered Butterfly Style

If you are in for a classical vibe in your look, go for an off-centered butterfly cut. With this haircut, you will have long and lustrous layers, evoking feminine sensuality.

The center parting swept toward both sides does the trick in this hairstyle.

11. Layered Butterfly Bob With Feathered Edges

Layered Butterfly Bob with Feathered Edges

This is another short hairstyle in which a butterfly cut can do wonders. You will have feathered edges in this cut, giving your short hair a fuller appearance.

Your hairstylist will minutely trim the layers of the hair so that a carefree and wispy effect is achieved.

12. Wispy Ends With Feathery Layers Framing The Face

The feathery layers will complement your jawline and give you a structured look at the front. The wispy ends, on the other hand, will infuse the fun and whimsical effect.

This particular style of butterfly cut goes very well with formal outfits and short dresses.

13. Long Layers With Chin-Length Bangs

Long Layers with Chin-Length Bangs

Don’t worry if you have little chubbiness around your jawline or your cheekbones are broad. Here’s a haircut to balance it out.

In this cut, the layers gather extra volume at the chin level. So, your lower face looks lifted, and your appearance is improved.

14. Shoulder Length Cut With Bounce And Volume

You will notice bigger gaps between the layers if you get a shoulder-length butterfly cut. However, these gaps do not ruin the structure or integrity of the layers.

In this cut, the layers near the lower strands surround your face. So, you enjoy a new dimension in your appearance.

15. V-Shaped Butterfly Haircut

V-Shaped Butterfly Haircut

Do you have long and extra thick hair? Do you want the maximum movement to happen? Choose a V-shaped butterfly haircut to rev up your fashion game.

You can get your hair strands highlighted with color to accentuate this haircut.

16. Chiseled Butterfly Layers

This style is the most suitable for women with curly hair. In this style, the bottom layers are short and contoured, adding dimension to your jawline.

If you want to further perk up your look, ask your stylist to add fringes at the front.

17. Full Fringes Butterfly Layer

Full Fringes Butterfly Layer

Who said that curly hair is not suitable for a butterfly cut? Get this fringed hairstyle where the fringes perfectly get blended with the side tresses to create a seamless look.

You can even do a little color highlight to optimize the appeal of this stylish hairstyle.

18. Mid-Length Butterfly Cut

The mid-length butterfly cut stands out because of how the layers create a cascading effect. There are not many gaps between the layers to create a flowy vibe.

If you want, you can go a little wispy at the edges for some fun twists.

19. Butterfly Cut With Dense Bottom Layers

Butterfly Cut with Dense Bottom Layers

Here is a haircut that aims to end the worry of thinning hair volume. The bottom section of your hair will have the plush volume to impart a fuller look to the hair.

The choppy edges at the bottom further make the hair look well structured.

20. Chunky Layers Butterfly Hairstyle

This hairstyle is not very popular. Still, it’s effective enough to add volume to your hair. Depending on your hair type and style, your stylist will make the layers look curly or wavy.

Final Words

The butterfly cut celebrates femininity with layers and elements accentuating facial features. Also, this cut is versatile, complementing all types of facial shapes. Even the length and style of your hair hardly matter to get this layered style that can add volume to your hair and infuse some extra charm to your persona.

So, tell me which butterfly style you will choose for your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Are The Trends For Short Hair 2023?

Ans: There are some exciting trends to follow in 2023 if you want to nail a short haircut. You can get a choppy bob, soft girl baby braids, soft bob with bangs, money piece lob, and a hell lot of other styles.

2. What Type Of Hair Is The Best For Butterfly Cut?

Ans: Almost every type of hair is suitable for a butterfly haircut. You can have straight, curly, or wavy hair to try this haircut.
Also, this cut is ideal for thick, medium, and high hair density.

3. Will A Butterfly Cut Suit Me?

Ans: Yes, a butterfly cut will suit everyone. The beauty of this haircut is that it fits almost every hairstyle and type and different face shapes.

Consult an expert hairstylist, who will advise the best type of butterfly hairstyle for you according to your hair specifications and face type.

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