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Oct 16

Oddities Flea Market Returns to Brooklyn Bazaar on September 30

By KellyWil

A piece from Forgotten Boneyard. Forgotten Boneyard

It’s officially fall, the celebrated season of leafy decay and fake pumpkin flavoring. As the air grows colder and the nights longer, we find ourselves lured to the weird and the witchy, titillated by the vexing charm of the unknown and otherworldly. For Ryan Matthew Cohn, this is more than just a season, though—this is his livelihood.

The Brooklyn-based oddities collector has long been a dealer of the unexpected and fantastic, from archaic medical instruments to outdated globes, stuffed birds to shrunken heads. This weekend, he and his wife, Regina, will launch the second edition of their Oddities Flea Market at Brooklyn Bazaar in Greenpoint where they, along with over 40 other vendors, will sell their bizarre wares.

Cohn told Observer that they started the market in 2016 in response to the Morbid Anatomy Museum’s last fall, the result of soaring rent prices and overhead costs. “We didn’t know if it would become an annual thing, but a lot of the vendors asked us to plan another one,” he said, noting that the former museum had served as an important marketplace for many in niche collector markets.

“New York is such a historic and creative place, but we’re seeing that fade away as the people who maintain this history and creativity get priced out of the city,” said Cohn. The Oddities Market was created not only as a revenue-generating platform for vendors whose market visibility shrunk in the absence of Morbid Anatomy, but also as an homage to former institutions and venues that supported the cultural work of curiosity keepers.

Items from Riposa Antiques. Riposa Antiques

As one of those keepers, Cohn felt the loss of the museum—which he had sold through from the beginning—keenly. Growing up in Upstate New York, he was surrounded by nature, prompting an interest in natural history early on. His love of collecting developed at the tender age of eight. “I’ve always been a bit OCD and one day I just got obsessed with baseball cards,” he said, which confused his parents since he didn’t watch baseball; in fact he hated all sports. He sold the cards later on, and many of them turned quite a profit for the nascent dealer. “I think that’s what really made this into a profession for me,” he said. “So I started focusing on collecting things I thought were interesting.”

Clearly that wasn’t baseball. The Cohn’s Greenpoint apartment is filled with skulls, mini mummies, drawers full of carefully aligned human teeth and a dessicated anus. These visceral objects sit alongside stately rare books and 18th century oil paintings sourced from European flea markets, all illuminated by dramatic antique chandeliers. Their couple’s British Blue cat can be often be found using a hippo skull, on display in the living room, as a scratching post.

Obscura Antiques & Oddities Obscura Antiques & Oddities

From 2010 to 2014, Cohn starred on the Discovery Channel’s TV series Oddities, a reality show following the strange dealings of the East Village antiques store, Obscura. More recently, he curated , the bar filled with heads inside downtown Brooklyn’s Alamo Drafthouse. The dimly lit cocktail den is filled with a selection of waxwork sculptures featuring realistic displays of anatomy, pathology, anthropology and even death masks of 19th century celebrities, all from the Munich-based Castan Panopticon collection, which Cohn acquired part of when it went up for sale. “Basically it’s a museum you can drink in,” he said. “It’s meant to feel like a cabinet of curiosities,” with cocktails divvied up accordingly between “anatomicals,”“pathologicals” and “geographicals.” Both House of Wax and the travel publication that takes strange places around the world as its purview, Atlas Obscura, have provided support for this year’s Oddities Market.

Cohn says that the demand for historical ephemera and unique paraphernalia is stronger than many realize, but that many people just don’t know where to look. “With the Oddities Market, we want to create a one-stop shop for people that are interested in unusual stuff,” he explained. Indeed, the market provides plenty to see and buy for the curious shopper. This year’s edition features the return of many of last year’s vendors from across the U.S., as well as well as a dozen additions, prompting the fair to expand by three rooms. Sellers include artists like photographer Karen Jerzyk, jewelry designers Blood Milk and Goldengrove, rare book and antiquities dealers, taxidermists, and osteologists.

The shoppers are as multifarious as the fair’s offerings as well. “We get a lot of tattoo artists that come through, along with serious collectors, doctors interested in strange specimens, and people who are just shopping for some cool decor,” Cohn said. “But we also have your run-of-the-mill Goths who need to get their skull fix.”

Margaret Carrigan is a freelance writer and editor. She planned to go to law school but she did terribly on the LSAT, so she got a master’s in art history instead. She lives in Brooklyn with her cat, who is named after Alyssa Milano’s character from the early aughts CW smash hit series Charmed.

Find the Taxidermy Bird You’ve Been Searching for at the Oddities Flea Market


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Oct 15

Weird Science: Deadpool’s Scars and Iron Man Exoskeletons :: Science :: Features :: Oddities

By KellyWil

This Week in Weird Science: Scientists learn that mussels’ slimy discharge probably makes an amazing face cream, capable of removing scars. Next, researchers out of Sweden confirm that “beauty sleep” exists, and, because this is Sweden, those who looked “tired” were rated a meager 8/10 on the looks scale. Finally, scientists have finally designed functioning human exoskeletons, which means we’re one step closer to Iron Man.

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Relaxing after a hard day can be difficult – yet it’s vital for your health

Relaxing after a hard day can be difficult – yet it’s vital for your health
Finding Dory Transformation
Jul 20

This Makeup Artist Transforming Herself Into Dory Is Mind-Blowing

By Kelly Wilson

Disney’s Finding Dory Tutorial- CHRISSPY


I used to think I was really good at makeup. I mean, I know how to make my wings even and how to keep my mascara from clumping. I also know my way around a contour palette, and I am relatively decent at strobing.

And then, people like YouTube beauty guru Chrisspy come around and remind me I don’t know shit. Like, my winged liner looks like a baby playing with finger paints compared to her skills.

Oh, I didn’t manage to get red lipstick on my teeth today? CHRISSPY IS LITERALLY A BRAND NEW SPECIES.

In the past, she has transformed herself into a werewolf


A devil…

Devil makeup

…and CleoCatra. KittyPatra. Cat-Patra. Something.

Chrisspy CleoCatra

However, her most magical transformation has been into our favorite little blue fish, Dory.



Finding Dory Transformation

I’m seriously concerned for her, y’all. She just, like, vanished. Call Ariel because this chick got lost under the sea.Hey, Chrisspy, mind teaching us how to speak whale?

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Jul 17

Yoga Playlist & Vinyasa Flow for Summer Mornings

By KellyWil

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

While it doesn’t look much like summer here yet, I’ve crafted the perfect morning yoga playlist for when it is.
It’s Saturday morning here in Oslo, and I have to admit, the constant rain outside is starting to get to me a
little. I’m longing for sunshine, vegan and organic popsicles, oceanside walks and warm summer evenings.

I suppose I should have known what I was getting into when I decided to move so close to the North Pole. That
being said, I wanted to have a sunshine vibe list for my Rise & Shine classes, and I think this one does the trick.

Check out the tracks, and let me know what you think. xx Morning Flow Sequencing Opening Seated Viloma Breath
(3 Parts Inhale, 1 part exhale) Easy Seated twist Seated Chest & Shoulder Stretch (hands interlaced) – bow to
earth Eagle Arms Move to Cat / Cow Thread the Needle Upward Facing Dog Walk to Top of Mat / Mountain Pose Heat Up
Sun Salutation A – 5 Rounds Sun Salutation B – 3 Rounds Flow From Downward Facing Dog Right Leg Warrior II
(Virabhadrasana II) Reverse Warrior (Viparita Virabhadrasana) Extended Side Angle Pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana)
High […]

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Jul 17


By KellyWil

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Thumbs up is you want to see more challenges !!! *6 BUTT WORKOUTS THAT WORK
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Jun 27

6 Paths Your World Changes Once You Begrudgingly Enter Your 30s

By Kelly Wilson

Do you remember “the good old days?”

It was the time in life when everyone was carefree and nothing really mattered. But, getting older happens
to all of us, no matter how hard we try to avoid it.

Like a rite of passage we didn’t necessarily sign up for, that pivotal transition from a 20-something to a
30-something sometimes feels more like a punch in the gut.

You go from having a killer social life and an incredible metabolism to working for the man. For many people,
life changes drastically. Butas a 30-something, the most important thing I’ve learned is to laugh at yourself.

Here are a few hilarities you can look forward to:

1. Coffee Habits

20s: The 20’s version of “I need coffee” is cute, really.

“Gosh, I’m so sleepy, and its just past lunch. I think I want a Starbucks.”

I liked to change it up by adding flavors, sweeteners and creams.

It wasn’t a requirement.

I considered coffee a 4 pm treat to top off the day. Ain’t that sweet?

30s: Once the morning punches you in the face, its like an IV bag of coffee is needed.

Its not a fun little treat anymore.

Those mornings I don’t have coffee, I am desperately searching my cabinets for just one little K-cup.

Maybe one rolled away, or maybe I still have that crappy starter box with all the different varieties I never wanted in the first place.

I still enjoy switching up creamers once in a while, but that’s also just child’s play.

I will take it strong and black if I have to.

Mmm, coffee.

2. Gym Routines

20s: Lets face it: We went to the gym in our cutest, tightest pants, and we had ulterior motives.

What a great place to look for dudes.

I mean, if he was into fitness, he just had to be a good catch, right?

Which guy with broad shoulders and a good sweat going wouldn’t be the soulfully intelligent man of my dreams?

So, we met our gal pals at 8 pm and worked real hard on that StairMaster.

Never mind the sidelong glances across the room to the free weights area.

30s: Gym? Who the hell has time to go to the gym?

I finally purchased a treadmill last year, just so I can run on the hamster wheel at home.

I walk in from work at 5 pm, and I have absolutely no desire to interact with any more members of the free world for the day.

Convenience trumps cute outfits.

Through the trial and error of our younger days, we figure out not all gym rats can recite Shakespeare or hold a conversation.

So, I run at home or pop in a home video.

You mean there’s a 25-minute video in existence that’s going to give me the same bod I used to work three hours on? Sold.

Minutes later, I am wiping the liquid awesome off the floor and high-fiving Shaun T. through my TV.

Not only did he kick my ass, but Ive also got dinner done in the crock pot in the next room.


3. Hangovers

20s: They were a badge of honor, remember?

You walked in to a Friday morning lecture with a ball cap and sunglasses on.

At least one friend would high-five you on the way to your seat.

You had another amazing Thirsty Thursday, and you really didn’t feel that bad.

You just had a slight headache and were a little thirsty.

It was all totally worth it because you rocked it with your gal pals until 2 am.

30s: Hangovers become a scarlet letter.

How flipping embarrassing. What the heck just happened?

Why do I feel like a train has run over my face?

I am nauseated, my head is pounding and its going to take three days to recover.

Never again.

4. Skin Care

20s: Some of us thought tanning was a good idea.

The darker the tan, the thinner the thighs, right?

We all drank that Kool-Aid at some point, and we hit the ultraviolet rays one too many times.

“I just need a little pre-tan so I don’t burn on spring break. It keeps my skin from breaking out!”

30s: I am wondering why no one told me I looked like a Dorito with super white teeth back then.

Not to mention, why did no one warn me about all the harmful effects?

I don’t tan anymore for lots of reasons. But really, shouldn’t cancer be enough of one?

Not only do I not tan, but I also spend a small fortune on skincare to reverse those super awesome signs of aging.

We go from being 22 and buying monthly bronze goddess packages to being 33 and spending a weeks pay on top-of-the-line beauty products that claim to make me look 10 years younger, minus the tan.

Oh, the irony.

5 – 9 pm

20s: This was the witching hour.

Meet your girls for dinner, load up on something carby to negate the effects of too much alcohol and then, party.

30s: Carbs are now the devil. I get excited for 9 pm for a different reason.

The house is quiet. I can put on my ugliest, fuzzy pants and hit the sack.

Huzzah. Its like winning the 30-something lottery every night.

6. Friends

20s: You had tons of them. There were 500 people in your cell phone contacts, and they were all good people you’d meet for lunch or a movie any time.

You saw them a lot, too. Everybody hung out at the same haunts.

You ate together in the commons between classes. You were meeting new people all the time.

The more the merrier was your motto.

30s: Who has time to make friends? Unless they’re longtime BFFs, the only new people you meet are at work.

You’re down to three, and they all have nicknames that pop up on your contacts list that are related to some inside joke.

It’s quality versus quantity.

Nowadays, free time is the most important form of currency you possess.

You don’t want to waste it on people who are not “your people.

Adulting is hard.

We eventually have to come to terms with the fact every decade ends.

Every bit of fun you had in your 20s will soon be a memory.

More importantly, though, when the battle cry sounds and you are forced to cross the picket line into that third decade, remember to take all of your crazy, fun-loving personality with you.

Everything we do in this life is a choice.

We can either choose to laugh at ourselves and be happy, or we can choose to take everything too seriously.

I choose to enjoy the now and to look back on the good times with a smirk and an eyebrow raise.

Would you do it all over again?

Hell yes, you would.

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