Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream: Your Gateway To Timeless Beauty

charlotte tilbury magic cream

Women can’t deny the fact that once in their lifetimes, they have added the charlotte tilbury magic cream to their cart. After all, it is pretty much what every girl dreams about since it is an extremely high-end product.

But have you ever thought about what makes Charlotte’s cult magic cream makes it so expensive and popular among consumers? Well, this magic cream is true to its name because it is not your ordinary moisturizer.

Every other day, we see another influencer or celebrity advertising this wonder cream on Instagram reels and TikToks. So, let’s have an insight into the cream that has been doing so much talk recently.

The Story Behind Curating The Idea Of Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

The Story Behind Curating The Idea Of Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream
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Charlotte Tilbury has continued to manufacture this product for several years. What sets it apart from other fairness creams or moisturizers is the homemade ingredients that are used on various models as well as actresses. Without a doubt, the cream became popular right after it made the models look gorgeous.

Due to such a popular fan base, people also demand a dupe for charlotte tilbury magic cream. Soon, Charlotte began receiving requests for it not only from models but also from beauty editors. This took this magical product to a whole other level as it became the most searched product on the Internet. 

When she commenced the eponymous business, it already made its entry into the roaster. Clients garnered positive reviews, and till now, it continues to rule the list of best-selling moisturizers.

What’s Special About This Magic Cream?

What’s Special About This Magic Cream?
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The ingredients in the charlotte tilbury magic cream make it the most talked about cream in town.

  • It has magical “eight” ingredients, namely Vitamin E, Vitamin C, bionymph peptides, rosehip oil, hyaluronic acid, camellia oil, extracts of the frangipani flower, and of course, shea butter.
  • Charlotte says that each of the ingredients serves a special purpose. Vitamin E and C are responsible for enhancing the glow, while Aloe Vera simply calms and soothes.
  • We are well aware of how important hyaluronic acid is for boosting moisture. On the other hand, rosehip and camellia oil helps to hydrate the skin and removes pigmentation.
  • Bionymph peptides are a reason why your skin looks plumpy and ensures you have moisturized skin all throughout the day. Shea butter is present in all charlotte tilbury magic cream samples because of its deep nourishing qualities.
  • Last but not least, the extracts of the frangipani flower offer you a poignant and calming smell that denotes the French creams you dream of buying in Paris. The magic cream has remained an award-winning moisturizer for several years and is titled the “glow-giver.”

Is The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream Equally Famous And Worth Buying?

Is The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream Equally Famous And Worth Buying?

In the next section of my article, I will talk about the magic night cream by Charlotte Tilbury. Let’s see whether it provides the same results as the magic cream. 

Features Of The Magic Night Cream By Charlotte Tilbury

  1. It increases the hydration of your skin by 189% in just an hour.
  2. Your skin becomes 223% plumper with regular usage.
  3. The magic night cream is responsible for making your skin look smoother, as much as 197%.
  4. It makes your skin radiant by 228%, thus making it suitable to wear for any occasion.
  5. The charlotte tilbury magic night cream can reduce the wrinkles on your skin and make it glowy instantly.
  6. Signs of aging reduce for upto 69%, thereby making the skin tight. 
  7. The new glass jar is refillable, which means that you will never go out of stock of your favorite night cream.

Why Is It Worth Buying?

The magic night cream has a rich, intense formula that supports your skin with research-powered and potent ingredients. The goal is to diminish the signs of aging and dehydration, providing a smoother appearance and leaving the skin dewy, bouncy, and young forever!

  • In comparison to the charlotte tilbury magic cream, the night cream is appreciated by 90% of consumers. They find the cream to be extremely useful for soothing the skin. 
  • It consists of a rich and sensorial texture that gives your skin 8-hours of moisturization.
  • Along with the extracts of winter daphne stem cells, this moisturizer revitalizes the core of the skin. Other ingredients include Retinol, Vitamin E, and Red Algae Marigel.

What’s The Magic Eye Cream By Charlotte Tilbury All About? 

What’s The Magic Eye Cream By Charlotte Tilbury All About?
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Moving forward, I have mentioned the charlotte tilbury magic eye cream, which is no less than a wonder product. If you are looking for a powerful eye cream to reduce dark circles around your eyes, then this eye cream might do magic for you. 


This under-eye magic cream consists of Butylene Glycol, Caprylic Triglyceride, Vegetable Oil, Glycerin, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein and Retinyl Palmitate among others.

Directions to apply:

In order to let your skin benefit from this magic eye cream, you have to use your ring finger. Make sure to apply it to your orbital bone firmly and then begin dabbing the inner corners of your eyes. Make sure to massage it near your eye socket area gently for a cooling and refreshing effect.

Since there is a charlotte tilbury magic cream dupe available in the market, it is necessary that you identify the original product before buying because results might vary.

Summing It Up

Our skin is the only thing we care about genuinely. In order to keep it young-like forever, we would go to any extent. But thankfully, you do not have to go too far with this magic moisturizer.

So, this was all about the wondrous charlotte tilbury magic cream, along with some of its subsidiaries. I hope you found this article useful before you actually spend a lot of money on skincare and beauty. Let me know your thoughts on this by commenting below.

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