30+ Chest Tattoos For Men And Women


For all tattoo lovers out there, it’s very important to showcase their beautiful artistry on their bodies. So what better place to showcase your tattoo than the chest? So if you are interested in getting chest tattoos, then here are great design ideas that you can get.

These chest tattoos for men and women that you can get. Beautiful, you are thinking, how bad do chest tattoos hurt, then then you should know the pain level is moderate. So scroll down to learn more about great chest tattoos.

Chest Tattoos For Men And Women

If you are willing to get great chest tattoos, then you can easily scroll down to get the ideas properly.

1. Female Word Chest Tattoo

These beautiful chest tattoos are quite simple yet meaningful since they are simply words that you might find interesting.

Female Word Chest Tattoo

2. Two Chest Word Tattoos

If you are adventurous enough, then you might ink two words on either side of your chest. These words can be different or interconnected words.

Two Chest Word Tattoos

3. Chest Tattoo Quotes

These chest tattoo quotes are more than just a few words as they can be long quotes or even small quotes. You can ink your favorite quote on your chest.

Chest Tattoo Quotes

4. Small Word Chest Tattoos

If you want to get a tattoo of single or multiple words, then you can easily design them in many different ways and many different styles.

Small Word Chest Tattoos

5. Quote Chest Tattoos

Quote tattoos are very popular among men as well along with women, as they are not as complicated and not as hard to make.

Quote Chest Tattoos

6. Colorful Chest Quotes

If you are not interested in just black tattoos, then you can easily get these quotes in different colors. It can be of a single color or even multiple colors.

Colorful Chest Quotes

7. Tribal Chest Tattoo

For many people, tribal tattoos are very popular and unique in their style. These tribal tattoos are of many beautiful designs and of different sizes.

Tribal Chest Tattoo

8. Heartbeat Chest Tattoo

This tattoo can look a bit cheesy, yet symbolic of having a heartbeat tattoo on top of your chest above the heart. But if you are into something like that, then get it by any means.

Heartbeat Chest Tattoo

9. One-Word Tattoo

One word tattoos are very simple and quite minimalistic in nature, as it is just one word, and that word can be of anything you like.

One-Word Tattoo

10. Bird Chest Tattoo

Birds are beautiful tattoos that you can get; they can even look quite majestic in nature with their wings flared and looking beautiful as well.

Bird Chest Tattoo

11. Phoenix Chest Tattoo

If you are getting a phoenix tattooed on your chest, then you can get a lot of beautiful colors tattooed on your chest.

Phoenix Chest Tattoo

12. Tiger Chest Tattoo

Animals are very obvious among people getting tattoos, so getting a tiger tatted on your chest is quite normal.

Tiger Chest Tattoo

13. Viking Chest Tattoo

Vikings are known to have great tattoos, and these designs and sizes are usually bigger and a bit rougher in design. But they are quite beautiful and unique in their design.

Viking Chest Tattoo

14. Roman Numerals Chest Tattoo

If you are looking for unique chest tattoo designs, then you can get these roman numerals tatted on your chest. The roman numerals can be numbers that have any significance in your life.

Roman Numerals Chest Tattoo

15. Family Chest Tattoo

These family tattoos are beautiful in the sense that you can tattoo the faces of your family members on your chest itself. This can make your family members really happy.

Family Chest Tattoo

16. Animal Chest Tattoo

There are numerous animals that you can get tattoos off, so you can easily pick the animal that is your spirit animal to get tatted on your chest.

Animal Chest Tattoo

17. Compass Chest Tattoo

If you are a tattoo enthusiast, then you know that a compass is a very common type of chest tattoo that you can get.

Compass Chest Tattoo

18. Rose Chest Tattoo

Roses are a type of tattoo that both men and women can get tatted on their chests. These chest tattoos can be of many different designs and styles and of various colors.

Rose Chest Tattoo

 19. Skull Chest Tattoo

If you are feeling rather sinister in nature and have a grungy attitude yourself, then getting a skull tattoo on your chest would match great with your personality.

Skull Chest Tattoo

20. Angel Chest Tattoo

If you want a beautiful tattoo, then what can be more beautiful than angel tattoos or angel wings? These angel chest tattoos are great, even if they are smaller or bigger in size.

Angel Chest Tattoo

More Chest Tattoos For Men And Women

Here are a few more chest tattoos if you want a few more design examples of different chest tattoos.

21. Religious Chest Tattoo

Religious Chest Tattoo

22. Owl Chest Tattoo

Owl Chest Tattoo

23. Line Art Chest Tattoo

Line Art Chest Tattoo

24. Heart Chest Tattoo

Heart Chest Tattoo

25. Simple Chest Tattoo

Simple Chest Tattoo

26. Mood Chest Tattoo

Mood Chest Tattoo

27. Eagle Chest Tattoo

Eagle Chest Tattoo

28. Lion Chest Tattoo

Lion Chest Tattoo

29. Wing Chest Tattoo

Wing Chest Tattoo

30. Geometric Chest Tattoo

Geometric Chest Tattoo

31. Name Chest Tattoo

Name Chest Tattoo

Wrapping Up!

If you are willing to get beautiful and majestic chest tattoos, then you can view the more than 30 options that I gave to you. Tattoos are more than an expression of your true self and your artistic impression.

So if you find this article helpful in getting a good idea for your chest tattoos, then surely comment down below.

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