Top 15 Curly Edgar Haircut For Men In 2023

Top 15 Curly Edgar Haircut For Men In 2023

If you are planning to get a new haircut for the new year, consider a curly Edgar haircut. Why? Because this is the newest trend teenagers are young adults following. The Edgar haircut is becoming more and more popular every day. 

Considering you as someone who loves to keep up with the trend, an Edgar haircut with curly hair is not a bad choice.  However, if you are gonna take these pictures to your barber and almost nag to get it done, you should check the list of recommendations I have. 

Especially if you have curly hair, more variation is needed. So, I have kept the list varying in style.

Best Curly Edgar Haircuts In 2023

If you are looking for new curly Edgar hairstyles for 2023, you should check this list –

  • Curly/Wavy Edgar Haircut

CurlyWavy Edgar Haircut

Do you have a dense, messy, and wavy hair? If so, then you can go for a curly Edgar haircut. Using a high fade as the base for this hairstyle, the combination of french and Caesar crop will make up for a great look on your hair. Of course, you’ll just want to get it done already. 

  • Messy Curls and an Edgar Haircut 

Messy Curls and an Edgar Haircut

The curly Edgar haircut depends upon the type of curls you have on your hair. Also the texture and volume of your hair makes a lots of difference with the same cut done on your friend’s hair. If you  have a messy curl on your hair, then you can make this Edgar haircut suit your face. 

  • Curly Edgar Haircut For Dense Hair 

Curly Edgar Haircut For Dense Hair

How dense is your hair? The Edgar haircut uses a high fade around the sides of your head. The hair on top is neatly shaped and is left untouched ( almost). When your hair is dense and  curly at the same time, the curls will look more voluminous. And your Edgar haircut might look like  this guy right here. 

  • Curly Edgar Haircut With Medium Length

Curly Edgar Haircut With Medium Length

Your hair does not need to be super long to get an Edgar haircut. Even with a small or medium length of hair, you can make the Edgar haircut work. Here is an example if you were wondering, “Can I do an Edgar haircut wit short hair?” Yes, you can. 

  • Curly Brown Edgar Haircut 

Curly Brown Edgar Haircut

If your hair is a bit on the brownish side, you can use a curly Edgar haircut with it for an exciting look. Especially, when your curly hair drops and hangs down on your forehead,  it gives you an attractive look. 

  • Curly Blonde Edgar Haircut 

Curly Blonde Edgar Haircut

No, this is not quite an Edgar haircut. It misses out on a high fade on the side part of your head. But, adding an Edgar haircut on a blonde and curly hair can help you create a new and unique haircut. Irrespective of  your skin color, this hairstyle can be a unique one for you.

  • Purple Curly Edgar Haircut 

Purple Curly Edgar Haircut

If you want to experiment with colors, no one is stopping you. You should go for the purples, the greens, the blue, and whatnot. You can take advantage of an Edgar haircut and create a new style using different colors. 

  • Curly Edgar Haircut With Silver Hair

Curly Edgar Haircut With Silver Hair

There is no end to how much you can experiment with the color  of your hair. Edgar haircut is usually prominent with a black curly. But you will hardly see someone with a silver hair having an Edgar haircut. On top of that, your hair is curly. This makes up for a complete unique combination

  • Highlighted Curly Edgar Haircut 

Highlighted Curly Edgar Haircut

Another way to get your curly Edgar haircut to stand out is by getting  some of those curly hair locks highlighted. But, you should make sure to keep a high fade on the sides. You can use a blonde color, or silvThe curlsurls look great with highlights.  

  • Curly Edgar Haircut On Brunettes  

Curly Edgar Haircut On Brunettes

So, you are a brunette and wondering if you can get an Edgar haircut with the type of hair you have? No need to worry. It is not impossible; nothing is. You can get yourself an Edgar haircut, irrespective of the type of hair you have. 

  • Wavy Edgar Haircut 

Wavy Edgar Haircut

Wavy hair should not stop you from getting an Edgar haircut. Yes, it is not curly. But you need to have wavy hair, it does not mean you cannot get an Edgar haircut. Even with a wavy hair you can make the Edgar style work. 

  • Edgar Haircut With Long Blonde Curls 

Edgar Haircut With Long Blonde Curls

You can have your long blonde curls hanging over your forehead in this attractive Edgar hairstyle. It works best on teenagers. 

  • Partly Highlighted Curly Edgar Haircut 

Partly Highlighted Curly Edgar Haircut

  • Edgar Haircut With Dual Colors 

Edgar Haircut With Dual Colors

  • Blue Highlight On Edgar Cut 

Blue Highlight On Edgar CutImage Source

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Did you find those different haircuts attractive ? I hope you did. Here are some questions and answers related to the same. 

1. Can You Get An Edgar Cut With Curly Hair?

Ans: You can wear an Edgar even if you have a curly hair. All the Edgar cuts need a blunt line of fringe. It can stay close to the eyebrows, higher up towards your hairline, or  in the middle of the forehead. 

2. What Is The Best Haircut For Naturally Curly Hair?

Ans: The best name for Edgar haircut is the takuache hairstyle. This haircut has a top cropped shape like a bowl. The sides have a high fade. Variations can be made based on the curl and the texture of ones hair. 

3. What Is The Best Edgar Cut?

Ans: In 2022, you can choose from these Edgar haircuts –

  • The Classic Edgar Haircut. 
  • Edgar ‘Taper’ Haircut. 
  • Edgar Haircut With Waves. 
  • Edgar Cut for Curly Hair.
  • High Fade Edgar Haircut.
  • Edgar Haircut for Choppy Hair.
  • Short Spiky Edgar Haircut. 
  • Mid-Fade Edgar Haircut. 

Final Words 

So, these were some of the most attractive and exotic curly Edgar haircuts. If you are planning to get your curly hair into a new shape, then you should try from one of these recommendations. Especially, if you are a teenager or a young  adult, you should give this style a try. 

Did you find this article helpful? Please inform us how you feel on this. You can also take your questions to the comment box.

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