7 Iconic David Bowie Makeup Looks To Get Inspired In 2023

David Bowie makeup
David Bowie makeup

It has been more than seven years since David Bowie has passed away. This British rockstar has gifted us iconic David Bowie makeup looks along with some unforgettable music. 

The late ’60s’ and 70s’ saw the rockstar coming out of his closet and his shift to flamboyant styles. He expressed his alter egos through the looks he created. And how can I forget David Bowie’s on-stage Ziggy Stardust persona?

What Is So Special About David Bowie Makeup Looks?

7 Iconic David Bowie Makeup Looks To Get Inspired In 2023

David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust taught us how makeup could be surreal and an expression of what you actually believe in. 

Be it the David Bowie face paint or the iconic eye makeup he mastered, everything was like a kaleidoscope. 

So, when you try today a winged effect around your eyes or be creative with your face paint, the credit surely goes to David Bowie. 

Also, remember that David Bowie made certain characters memorable with his distinguished makeup skills. And these characters were integral in making childhood special for many generations. 

7 David Bowie Makeup Looks To Get Inspired

Even today, Instagram posts and runway looks are heavily inspired by David Bowie’s makeup. So, it’s time to celebrate the visual milestones the singer has achieved at different times. 

You can say that the entire color spectrum is in his head. It’s almost like a psychic library. 

He never held himself back while experimenting with colors, and he carried glitter with so much ease!

So, if you know how to get inspired and your creative horses are running crazy, it’s time for you to play with colors

1. David Bowie Lightning Bolt Makeup

Aladin Sane was an extension of David Bowie’s iconic on-stage character, Ziggy Stardust. If you look at the David Bowie lightning bolt makeup, you will find how much drama is behind the look.

If you think tattoos are the most happening body art to wear, you need to see how the pop star expressed a deep philosophy through his iconic face paint.

When you talk about unicorn makeup or mermaid makeup today and discuss how crucial face paints are, you must remember how this artist has contributed to making face art so big.

His lightning bolt face paint was much like a scar, which he had to bear after becoming famous. 

Deep inside, he was struggling to cope with his rising fame, and he was missing the life of any common person. Similarly, his Aladin sane with the face paint depicted how someone can experience a “split” inside.

2. The Iconic Life On Mars Video Look

If it’s about David Bowie eye makeup, I have to mention the singer’s look on the Life On Mars album cover. He reached the pinnacle of drama with his metallic blue eyes. 

The artistic use of blue eyeshadow, along with painted lips, made him really look like someone from Mars. 

He kept his hairstyle choppy, and the tapered ends of his hair around the nape gelled well with the overall look.

As usual, the Japanese rice powder made his skin tone play a huge role in creating a perfect alien-like look. The pale canvas further allowed the other elements of the makeup to be visible prominently. 

If you are inspired by this David Bowie look, you can be creative with how you want to beautify your eyes with various arts. Use metallic eyeshadows or some pastel shades for your artistic expression.

3. David Bowie Makeup For The Space Oddity Music Video

This 1969 music album came up with its unforgettable video in 1972. David Bowie went for extreme contouring for the look in this video. 

He wore a red mullet hairstyle, and with the light contrast, he left his brow areas muted. At the same time, his eyes, done with intense kohl, became the highlights of the overall appearance.

4. David Bowie Look In Pin Ups Album Cover

David Bowie went for a softer or subdued makeup for the Pin Ups album cover look. His signature mullet hairstyle was there. 

He added a touch of the Kohl to the eyes, but there were no defining lines, making the overall appearance dreamy.

The light color of his eye lenses, a measured touch of color to his cheeks, and extreme contouring of the face made the look interesting, to say the least. 

5. David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Look

The on-stage persona of David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust, was iconic in his own right. With pale white skin, Ziggy looked like an alien.

For one of the looks in the tour, Bowie wears a striped coordinate set with a lot of shimmer. He keeps the shirt open at the front, and you cannot miss his mullet hairstyle.

His French-manicured nails, the dramatic face paint around his eyes, and the glittery circle on his forehead added to his surreal look. 

And in a viral video of David Bowie on this tour, you will see him wearing a shirt with knee-length boots. His eyes are defined with dark kohl lines. 

6. David Bowie Look In TopPop Performance

In 1974, Bowie appeared in the Dutch TV show TopPop. He sang his “Rebel, Rebel” number there. His pale skin tone and mullet hairstyle were there.

He made the look more interesting by covering his one eye like a pirate. 

7. David Bowie Look In Labyrinth

How can you forget David Bowie in Labyrinth? He played the character of Goblin King in the movie, and for many, their childhood would have been incomplete without this iconic David Bowie. 

He donned an elongated version of his mullet hairstyle, and the pale skin tone made the appearance even more cruel.

His eye makeup was opulent in the movie, and it perfectly matched his over-the-top costume. 

Final Words

David Bowie makeup is like a legacy that all makeup enthusiasts across the globe follow. His makeup style was opulent, edgy, poetic, and expressive at the same time. With each artistic expression, he challenged the set norms.

No wonder his makeup looks are so popular even today and will continue to shine for years to come. 

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