Top 20 Eyebrow Slit Styles For Women In 2023: Styles Guide

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Remember the signature brows of Frida Kahlo or Lauren Bacall? It’s the age to get inspired by beautiful eyebrow shapes and trends to hone your look. How about getting an aesthetic eyebrow slit that you find happening and sexy?

Here are some fun trends to experiment with your style and make heads turn.

What Is An Eyebrow Slit?

Do you follow Big Daddy Kane or the irresistible Jason Momoa? They made the eyebrow slit look so cool!

A signature of the hip-hop culture of the 80s and 90s, this trend is making a huge comeback. Thanks to the social influencers and runways owing this look, this quirky style is everywhere.

Also, eyebrow cut has been quite popular in the LGBTQ+ community.

But today, it’s very much a mainstream fashion finding its followers among people across communities.

You will find boys and men flaunting this eyebrow cutting style with cool edger haircuts. Women also carry this style with a lot of experimentation in their haircuts.

A slit eyebrow for men and women can be vivid in its style. The basic styles seen are single and double slits, but you can always experiment.

Top Eyebrow Slit Styles For Women

It’s time to stand out with your slit eyebrow style. Like the short pixie cuts, this little fashion aesthetic can add a lot of oomph factor to your look. Ready to explore the sassiest ideas?

1. Eyebrow Slit With Shape Design

Eyebrow Slit with Shape Design

An eyebrow slit with a shape design is beautiful but needs the most skilled hands.

Also, if you love uniformity, the same designs on both brows will look nice. If you want some added fun, go for a different design for each brow.

My acquaintance recently had a single slanting cut on her left eyebrow and a heart-shaped slice on her right eyebrow. She has undergone a metamorphosis, it seems!

Along with heart designs, you can go for stars, triangles, circles, and sleek geometrical shapes.

2. X Marks The Slit

A slit eyebrow also has a historical association with gangster culture in which scars and cuts were macho things.

If you are ready to flaunt a quirky look, go for an X-shaped eyebrow cut. Your salon artist will create the shape by making two slanted vertical cuts joining like X.

This eyebrow slit goes well with choppy or short hairstyles.

3. Make It Edgy With Color

Make it Edgy with Color

A colored slit eyebrow can be a dream style for many. I think it looks best when down on a single brow.

The style is simple, and the eyebrow is first cut with a vertical line slanted a little toward the brow tail. Then, the brow tail is bleached to create a happening look.

4. Eyebrow Slit Joining The Cut In Hair

I have seen many girls and women owing this look like divas. If you have an oval face or a chiseled jawline, go for it, girl.

Get a pixie haircut with slits on both sides. Now, ask your brow artist to join the slits of your eyebrows with your hair slits. Once done, the cuts will look like continuous vertical lines joining your brows and hair.

This style adds sharpness to one’s appearance and is quite popular among youngsters and artists. Also, it is considered a cool men’s eyebrow style.

5. Get A Closer-In Eyebrow Slit

Get a Closer-in Eyebrow Slit

If you don’t want the slit on your brow’s arch, get it done near the middle of your brow.

I love this closer-in cut because it adds the right dose of sass to the look without being too much over the top.

6. Simple And Sweet: Get A Single Eyebrow Slit

New to this style? Try going for a single eyebrow slit for the first time.

You can get the cut on both eyebrows or just your right eyebrow. This slit complements all hairstyles and face types.

To make your look funkier, go for a septum ring.

7. Match Your Eyebrow Slit and Hair Color

Match Your Eyebrow Slit and Hair Color

It’s time to add wind beneath the wings of your fashion skills. Infuse some twist into your look by getting your eyebrow slit colored as your hair.

This slit style looks good on a single eyebrow. But the more, the merrier! There is no harm in getting the cuts on both your brows colored.

My personal favorite is a bold red color for this style. There are also a lot of color options to explore, like blue, green, purple, and pink.

8. Ready For Some Egyptian Vibe?

Styling eyebrow slits can be fun if you pick your references right and get a decent brow artist.

Get your left eyebrow beautified with double slits forming the shape depicting a half pyramid.

If you want a simpler version, go for a half triangle on your eyebrow.

9. Go For Simple Double Slits

Go for Simple Double Slits

Because you are sick of it, you wish to slightly twist your single, slit brow.

Why not obtain a double slit while keeping the change to a minimum?

Double eyebrow slits look great with all hairstyles and aren’t too flashy. You can even get the slits colored for a little more fun.

10. A Slit Minus The Cut

I know those sudden jitters in the stomach when you are to get an eyebrow slit. Don’t lose your sleep thinking over hair loss caused by a cut in your eyebrow.

You can get one or two strands of your eyebrow hair bleached or colored to create this slit effect minus the cut.

11. Fishtail Slit For Some Gothic Vibe

Fishtail Slit for Some Gothic Vibe

This fishtail eyebrow slit is a little edgy. This cut is done toward the tail of your brow but not too much on the edge.

Once you have the cut, take an eyebrow pencil and create an upward motion for the desired look.

12. Arrow-Shaped Eyebrow Slit

Voila! This is the coolest style to try if you want eyebrow slits on both eyebrows.

Get the cuts done in arrow shapes, with the arrow pointing toward the brow tail. So, the arrows on your brows will be facing opposite directions.

Overall, this style of slitting brows adds an element of balance to your look.

13. Double Slits on The Arch

Double Slits on the Arch

It’s different! We all have seen simple double slits. But you will usually notice a “double eyebrow slit” near the tail of the brow.

Here, you are getting the slits on the arch of your brows, adding some little drama.

14. Mix And Match With The Eyebrow Slit Style

Ace this eyebrow slit game with this mix-and-match style.

Put simply, in this style, you will have different eyebrow designs or a number of slits on your eyebrow.

The slits on your right eyebrow, for instance, can be a particular shape, while the slits on your left are just two double slits.

15. Crisscross Eyebrow Slit

Crisscross Eyebrow Slit

This eyebrow slit appears in the middle of the eyebrow. Your brow artist will cut the slit to make two parts of the eyebrow look like overlapping sections.

You can get one of these two parts colored to create a more distinct effect.

16. Four Slits

Want to try something really new and bold? Go for this four-slits style for your eyebrows.

Like the single or double slits, you will have four slits on both brows. You can have small or big gaps between the slits as per your aesthetics.

17. Eyebrow Slit With Unique Angles

Eyebrow Slit with Unique Angles

Go for this style if you want intricacy in your eyebrow design but are not cool with shapes. Take some inspiration or ask your brow artist to don the creative hat to think of some fun angles.

The slits cut in different angles will create unique designs. So, you will have a one-of-a-kind brow appearance.

The entire thing will look like something unplanned done in a very planned way!

18. Multi-layered Eyebrow Slit

Your brow artist can give a multi-layered appearance to your eyebrows with smart slits.

To achieve this appearance, different slits are typically carved into a single design.

19. Double Cuts With Gap Between

Double Cuts with Gap Between

Double cuts are versatile. So, here I bring another double eyebrow slit style, especially suitable for women with straight eyebrows.

The trick here is to space out the slits smartly and leave a little bigger gap between the slits in contrast to the usual ones.

20. Go For A Straight Eyebrow Slit

Most often, slits in brows are found at an angle or slightly slanted Let’s get it straight.

A straight, near-the-tail slit does wonders for women with thin eyebrows. It also has a less dramatic appearance.

Final Words:

You can be as creative as you want with the style of your eyebrow slit. It’s your time to express your persona, beliefs, and ethos.

But it’s a scary idea if you are going to get the slit on your own. Only a professional brow artist can create the look you want sans any hassle. Amateurish practices can cause accidental cuts, scars, and serious injuries.

Also, there is a lot of prep work before cutting an eyebrow slit. Your brows need cleaning and shaping, which only a professional can manage.

So, when are you visiting your brow artist? And don’t forget to share your ideas and tips about the coolest brow slits women can have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Are Eyebrows Slits Still Cool In 2023?

Ans: Yes, eyebrow slits are still cool in 2023. Social media, especially Tiktok and some prominent fashion shows of late, have brought back the edgy trend of the 80s and 90s.

2. What Is The Korean Eyebrow Trend For 2023?

Ans: The Korean eyebrow trend for 2023 is getting straight and feathered eyebrows. So, it’s good news for girls who have bushy and straight eyebrows.

You can even use an eyebrow pencil that offers fine strokes. With these fine strokes, your eyebrows will look thicker.

3. What Is The Most Attractive Eyebrow Shape For A Woman?

Ans: The most attractive eyebrow shape for a woman depends on the shape of her face. Suppose you have an oval face, a soft-angled eyebrow shape is the best for you. For a longer face, flay eyebrows are the most suitable as they make a face look shorter.

A round face will look a little longer when the arch of the eyebrows goes a little higher. Round eyebrows are a big No-No for round faces. Eyebrows with a lower arch and rounded shape only look good with heart-shaped faces.

Finally, if you have a square face with a chiseled jawline like Angelina Jolie, you can have eyebrows with a sharp peak.

4. What is the Newest Trend for Eyebrows?

Ans: Soap brows are the most popular trend in styling your eyebrows. Your brow artist will brush the eyebrow hair upward to create a fluffier or thicker appearance.

In this type of eyebrow, professionals use soap bars to maintain the strands neatly.

You can experiment with different brow slit styles or obtain a single cut, double cut, or both, depending on your preferences.

5. Do Eyebrow Slits Grow Back in?

Ans: Yes, eyebrow slits grow back in. It’s good and bad news at the same time.

The good news is that if you don’t like your current look, you will get rid of it as your eyebrow hair starts growing within a few weeks or months. The time in which your eyebrow hair can grow back depends on your age and genetics.

But as the hair starts to come back, you will need to go see your brow stylist again if you enjoy the way your eyebrows look and want them to stay that way for longer.

6. Are Eyebrows Slits Attractive?

Ans: Many men and women find eyebrow slits very attractive as they add a sense of uniqueness to the overall persona. However, people who want to keep their look minimalistic may not find this fashion trend cool.

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