Top 20 Girly Owl Tattoo Ideas For Women

Girly Owl Tattoo

The symbolism of owl tattoos means that when “a light that shines through darkest of times because they are the epitome of vision and hope.” Well, the meaning behind an owl tattoo is very deep, but when you want beautiful girly owl tattoos for women, they are very cute and beautiful.

So here we have beautiful girly owl tattoos for you to choose from, which type of owl tattoo you really would like to have on your body.

1. Owl And Flowers

Owl And Flowers

The most common type of owl tattoo is the owl tattoo, with flowers surrounding it from all sides. These tattoos are beautiful with or without colors, you can even make simple line tattoo with this tattoo. This tattoo will look great anywhere on your body, no matter where you want it.

2. Barn Owl Tattoo Ideas

Barn Owl Tattoo Ideas

One of the sweet and cute-looking owls is the barn owl. These owls have such kind beautiful eyes, not fierce eyes like most owls, so these barn owls are great for tattoos. So if you love owls, then you should definitely get barn owl tattoos like these.

3. Grey Owl Tattoos For Women

Grey Owl Tattoos For Women

Grey tattoos are a big trend right now, so if you are not so much into colored or even black-and-white tattoos, then you should definitely get beautiful grey tattoos. If you love the color grey, like from 50 shades of grey, then it’s time you get 50 shades of grey owl tattoos.

4. Lotus And Girly Owl Tattoo

Lotus And Girly Owl Tattoo

A lotus is a beautiful flower, and the owl is a majestic nocturnal bird, so if you combine the two, then the outcome is something very beautiful.

5. Owl Long-Sleeve Tattoo

Owl Long-Sleeve Tattoo

If you want a full-sleeve owl tattoo, then there are great options for that. You can make the tattoo in full black and white or grey, but it will look great if you make the tattoo fully colored. That way, it will look really pretty and bright.

6. Eagle-Owl Tattoo

Eagle-Owl Tattoo

The Eagle owl is another species of owl that has horns on their heads. These birds are also a great idea for tattoos, but they are not as girly as one might think. So if you want an eagle owl tattoo, then they are going to be a little fierce looking.

7. Moon And Owl Tattoo

Moon And Owl Tattoo

Since owls are nocturnal, they have a special relationship with the moon, making them a beautiful pair. So that way, if you incorporate both the owl and moon in your tattoo, then it is going to look great.

8. Owl In A Heart

Owl In A Heart

If suppose you are a fan of cutesy owl tattoos, then you can get little owls inside a heart sign or make a heart sign with the tattoo. These tattoos are very cute, as most owl tattoos are, but with the cute little heart, the tattoo will look even sweeter and cuter.

9. Asymmetrical Owl

Asymmetrical Owl

These are not your traditional owl tattoos, they are a bit asymmetrical and unique in their presentation. So if you are a fan of owl tattoos like these, then you should definitely get something like these inked on your body.

10. Owl Mandala Tattoo

Owl Mandala Tattoo

If you are a tattoo enthusiast, then you should know that mandala tattoo designs are highly popular, and everyone has at least one of these tattoos. So if you want a mandala owl tattoo, then there are plenty of great options.

11. Black And White Owl Tattoo

Black And White Owl Tattoo

If you are someone who doesn’t like many colors and gives out a Wednesday Addams vibe, then The black and white owl tattoos are the best options for you to have.

There are great black and white owl tattoos, and suppose you couldn’t find one, then you can easily change a colored girly owl tattoo into black & white color.

12. Funny Girly Owl Tattoo

Funny Girly Owl Tattoo

Although it says funny, let’s face it, owls are cuter than they are funny, so there are not many options for them to be funny. So if you can customize a funny owl, then great, or else you have to settle for cute-looking owls.

13. Screech Owl Tattoo

Screech Owl Tattoo

If you are getting an owl tattoo, then why not get a screech owl tattoo? That bird is both beautiful and majestic. These are the owls who can turn their head 270 degrees and have great eyesight.

14. Creative Owl Tattoo

Creative Owl Tattoo

Show your creative side by making something creative and artsy when it comes to making a girly owl tattoo. There are many beautiful ways to incorporate an owl into your tattoo. So before you get a simple owl tattoo, do your research and make something creative.

15. Owl Cover-Up Tattoo

Owl Cover-Up Tattoo

These girly owl tattoos are great if you are looking forward to covering up an existing tattoo that you had. So if you want to be extra creative, then you can make an owl tattoo of the tattoo that you already have.

More Girly Owl Tattoo Ideas For Women

If you are looking for more cute girly owl tattoos for women, then here are a few more great options for you, from which you can choose the one you like the most.

Simple Owl Tattoos

Little Owl Tattoos

Owl Tattoo On Wrist

Owl Tattoo Forearm

Colored Owl Tattoo

Wrapping Up!

There you go; I gave you a lot of beautiful girly owl tattoos for you to choose from to ink on your body. There is a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and types of owls, so if you like any of the designs already given, then surely let us know in the comment section.

If you liked this article, then give us a like and comment down below on what other beautiful tattoo ideas you would like to see from us.

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