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The Perfect Green Workwear Pants

By Kelly Wilson

Scotch and Soda gifted me these pants. There was no obligation to write a blog post about them, I just simply wanted to because I really liked them.Enter your text here...
Vancouver Beauty and Style Blog

I remember when I got my first office job that I was so excited to finally be able to wear office-chic-outfits. I can recall getting my first pay cheque and going shopping for my new work-ready wardrobe. It was exciting – though, that excitement was shortlived.

The thing I realized quickly about office-styles is that a lot of them just aren’t that comfortable. The materials were often quite rigid, the shirts would be thin and therefore I was cold (like make thicker shirts, people! Office folk are subjected to sub 0 temperatures due to the AC), and overall I just was uncomfortable. 

Now, remember, this was almost 10 years ago and honestly, we have seen a shift in workwear. There are a lot more items that have a bit more stretch, and workwear, in general, has gotten a bit of a stylish (and comfortable) facelift in the last few years. 

Since I don’t head into an office day to day (I work from home), when I do have to go to a meeting, I tend to feel a bit stressed about what exactly to wear. It’s been quite a while since I worked in an office, many of my old office clothes have since been donated, and I tend to live in more casual basics nowadays – which don’t always dress up for professional moments.  Wait – Are my favourite ripped black jeans appropriate for a work meeting?   The Perfect Green Workwear Pants The Perfect Green Workwear Pants

Scotch and Soda reached out to me a number of weeks ago and asked if I liked any of their online styles, and these pants immediately caught my eye. Olive green is one of my favourite colours for clothing. In fact, after recently going all Marie Kondo on my wardrobe, I realized that like 90% of it is olive green – can’t stop, won’t stop buying and wearing olive green.

Also, did I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE paper bag style pants? 

Can we just get this out of the way: I’m a pear shape. No shame, no issue, but having bigger hips (and bum) and a smaller waist can make it somewhat of a challenge to find great comfortable pants – that is until I realized that paper-bag pants were the bees-knees. They are comfortable, they look professional, and I feel like they work great on all body shapes. 



Aug 14

By KellyWil

​Early Mоrnіng ​​Skin Care Beauty Tips

​It іѕ quite common fоr mоѕt women tо hаvе a hесtіс ѕtаrt оf their dауѕ, еѕресіаllу wіth thе many roles they hаvе to tасklе. Frоm her dutіеѕ in the home, tо hеr rоlеѕ іn thе office, a woman's day саn gеt ѕо сrоwdеd wіth hеr daily "dо lists". Frеԛuеntlу, hоwеvеr, mоѕt wоmеn fіnd it dіffісult tо gеt іntо a bеаutу саrе routine bесаuѕе оf there busy ѕсhеdulе.

No mаttеr hоw busy уоur lіfе іѕ as a wife аnd a mоthеr, оr аѕ a working ѕіnglе lady, thеrе ѕhоuld always bе some tіmе lеft tо take care оf уоur hаіr аnd уоur ѕkіn. These аrе уоur assets thаt уоu nееd to tаkе proper beautyсаrе оf in order nоt to lооk tоо tіrеd аnd stressed. You wіll аlѕо reap thе bеnеfіtѕ оf regular ​beauty and health care whеn you see hоw уоur hair and skin wіll keep thеіr hеаlthу glоw, despite your hесtіс life.

Anti Aging skin care routine

​Early signs оf аgіng саn bе саuѕеd by a stressful lіfеѕtуlе. In order tо avert signs such аѕ wrіnklеѕ, еаrlу hаіr lоѕѕ оr even drу skin, you should be соnѕіѕtеnt wіth уоur bеаutу саrе rоutіnе аnd dеvоtе a ѕресіfіс tіmе оf thе day fоr іt. Othеrѕ may not agree, but уоur mоrnіng саn bе a реrfесt bеаutу саrе tіmе.

Beauty саrе can аlѕо bе dоnе anytime durіng thе day. Yоu ​should drіnk рlеntу оf water аnd take in plenty оf fruіtѕ and vеgеtаblеѕ that саn gіvе a natural glоw to your skin. Bеаutу skin саrе products аrе plentiful, аnd thеrе is rеаllу nо excuse nоt to tаkе саrе оf уоurѕеlf, nо mаttеr hоw buѕу уоur lіfе may bе. Whаt уоu juѕt nееd is to give it some thоught, hоw уоu can incorporate bеаutу саrе into уоur busy ѕсhеdulе, and уоu'll dеfіnіtеlу bе glаd уоu dіd.

Original Source: httр://еzіnеаrtісlеѕ.соm/?Stаrt-Yоur-Dау-Rіght-Wіth-аn-Eаrlу-Mоrnіng-Bеаutу-Cаrе-Rоutіnе&іd=4482733 

Secrets of ​Skin Care Beauty Tips

​All through the ages men and women have been taking care of their skin and body. The care given to maintain the shape of the body and the facial features is very old habit. To have a face glowing with healthy skin and attractive features is everyone’s dream. Everyone wants to know the secrets of beauty care.

To care for your face and skin you have to select products that contain cocoa and mango butters, lemongrass, vanilla and clove oils with avocado, papaya and macadamia. All these ingredients are used in skin care products. Some skin care products nowadays are made up of many synthetic ingredients containing chemicals which are harmful for your skin and won’t help in  a ​beauty care routine

Generally the beauty care products are made of petrochemical by-products; synthetic fragrances; cheap chemical fillers and chemical preservatives with a small amount of natural ingredients like vitamin E, Shea or Cocoa Butter to produce the cream. This cream won’t help your skin at all, but in the long run will harm the skin.

To have a proper beauty care is to start using the products which contain more of fruits, plant oils or nuts. These ingredients have been used throughout the ages to heal and nourish the skin and also to treat sickness and aliments.

The nut, fruit, vegetable extract are rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and emollients. They are added to clays and minerals and make wonderful sources of nutrition for the skin. The modern skin care products contain only small amounts of natural ingredients. So to care properly for your beauty you have to start using the natural products.

The skin around your eyes is very thin and needs special care, so to do so you should use a very hydrating face cream and apply it around your eyes, so it will keep your skin tight and glowing. All the skin care and beauty products have ingredients that are beneficial for the skin while others that are harmful.

So when choosing a beauty product the good ingredients should be present in high quantities in order to give the best results. The best skin care products are made of natural ingredients avoiding chemicals, preservatives and fillers.

To give a proper beauty care you can use genuine natural and organic skin care products made from ingredients that will support and complement your skin’s natural processes. Another age old secret of beauty care is to have lots of salad in your food.

​A healthy salad not only helps you keep your skin glowing, but also, helps in keeping your body weight maintained. The more fatty food you will have, it will become very difficult to maintain a healthy looking and glowing skin.

Proper sleep and rest are also necessary for beauty care. If you are not having proper rest, then you will have dark circles under your eyes and this will affect your beauty in the long run. Too much of alcohol drinking is also harmful for the skin and beauty care.

After a while it starts showing on your skin. Having a healthy lifestyle and using natural ingredients are the best ways to take care of your beauty.

Latest Ladies fashion selections, we all distinguishes beauty in different people, but there are lots of approaches to attract and appear suitable for a wider variety of individuals.

This content was originally published here.

Mar 31

11 Ways To Feel Beautiful That Will Cost Absolutely Nothing

By Kelly Wilson

Beauty is big business — which means as we continue to fill our cabinets with lotions, potions and products, we’re depleting our wallets of more and more money. While buying a tube of lipstick or mascara isn’t going to break the bank, we need to remind ourselves that sometimes the things that make us feel the most beautiful don’t always come in a bottle. Our editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington certainly agrees.

Her number one beauty tip is getting plenty of sleep. “The most important beauty decision of my day is getting eight hours of sleep. It changes how I feel and how I look. And in fact, modern science backs me up.” “For example, a study in UK tested the effects of sleep deprivation on a group of 30 women. Their skin was analyzed and photographed after they slept for eight hours and then again after sleeping six hours for five nights in a row. Fine lines and wrinkles increased by 45 percent, blemishes went up by 13 percent and redness increased by 8 percent,” Arianna explained. “In other words, we wear our lack of sleep on our faces. Who needs Botox, just get eight hours of sleep!” To that end, here are 11 more ways to feel beautiful — free of charge.

1. Call your mom or your best friend for a good catch-up.

2. Get super dressed up for a casual lunch or dinner.

3. Dance in the mirror before leaving the house each morning.

4. Make sure to laugh (real belly laughs) as much as possible.

5. Wear your hair in a style that you usually only wear for special occasions.

6. Commit random acts of kindness.

7. Go for a run or walk and admire nature’s beauty.

8. Compliment yourself or write yourself a love note.

9. Watch a movie that makes you smile. (“The First Wives Club” is always on that list.)

10. Take a few selfies, whether you share them on social media or not.

11. Wear your best underthings under your everyday clothes.

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unic Stgriped White Black Sleeveless
Mar 25

A Point In Time of Profound Fashion Tips and Trends Reformation

By Kelly Wilson

Make Your Fashion Tips and Trends Lifestyle Beautiful

Everyone wants to look their best. No one wakes up and purposefully makes themselves unattractive. Everyone can benefit from some fashion tips and trends. This article contains tips on how you should do this.

Give your hair, and your blow dryer, a rest. When you take into account that hair dryers are often followed by curling or straightening irons, the result is a lot of heat being inflicted on your hair. If you absolutely must blow-dry your hair, you should use your dryer on its lowest heat setting. This will help your hair to always that have soft and silky look.

Before applying any type of fake tan, remove all unwanted body hair at least a day in advance. Either wax or shave, but do so at least twenty-four hours before. Doing so will keep your fake tan even and smooth.

If your eyes are blue or gray, bring these colors out with eye shadows colored gold, copper or apricot. A good complement is eyeliner or mascara generally colored dark brown with teases of maroon or brick, maybe even a hint of deep purple. They will draw attention to the blues of your eyes.

To get vibrant-looking skin, carry a moisturizer with you. This is especially important during the winter. The cold weather can crack and damage your skin. If you keep your skin moisturized you will stay away from dry skin and any cracks.

If you are going out immediately after you get off work for the night, you can freshen up your look by using a large, fluffy brush to dust on a matte powder over oily areas on your face. Try playing up cheek bones with shimmer powder on cheeks.

Prolong your foundation by adding a moisturizer into the bottle. This will help your skin to glow and add some SPF as well.

Eat healthy food for better hair, skin, and nails. When you do this, your beauty is influenced by what is on the inside, not only by what is on the outside. Keep your diet balanced with a variety of good foods. Eat a lot of whole grains and foods with protein, zinc, and iron for a healthy glow and good hair and nails.

Exercise every single day. Staying fit and exercising daily will help you keep your youthful appearance. This is one essential each beauty kit needs. You should set aside at least 15 minutes each day for physical exercise. You should stay active it it just means cleaning your home or walking around the neighborhood.

Keep some of your beauty products in the refrigerator. You should remember this during the summer especially. By storing your toners, oils, lotions and other beauty products in the fridge, your skin will enjoy the feeling of them during the warmer seasons. Applying cool moisturizer or toner will also feel good on your skin, especially during a heat wave.

Most people have a desire to be physically attractive to others. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be very difficult to appreciate our natural beauty. With the vast amount of beauty information out there, it is hard to make sense of it all. What are the best beauty tips for you? Now that you’ve read this article, you should feel equipped with the right information to make yourself look and feel more beautiful.

Simple Beauty Tips That The Pros Keep For Themselves

This should be a fun process. Now, you need to wade through the huge amount of beauty advice and fashion tips available. This article includes helpful tips to guide you on your way, as you begin the journey to becoming a beauty expert!

Regardless of your skin type, you should thoroughly wash your face with a mild, gentle cleanser anywhere from one to two times per day. Make sure you remove all makeup before you begin a cleaning regimen. If not, you’ll get acne and clogged pores.

You can draw attention your eyes and make them appear more attentive by applying a coat of dark brown or black waterproof mascara. An old, sterilized mascara wand can be utilized to remove clumps.

Sometimes our beauty is interrupted by a skin blemish such as a pimple. To get rid of a pimple quickly, put a dab of toothpaste on it. Do not wash off the toothpaste until approximately ten minutes has passed. This will dry out your skin and should reduce the redness and swelling of the blemish.

Is your nail polish chipping off too frequently? Try a top coat, which will help your nails stay shiny and glossy for up to 7 days! Just make sure to use a true top coat as this is different than a clear polish. You need to buy the top coat instead of the clear nail polish.

In order to improve the health of your skin, brush your skin with a soft brush prior to taking a shower. This helps moisturize your skin and stimulates your oil glands. Use a circular motion if you want to keep your face moisturized.

Caffeine is a culprit in the world of beauty. Not only does it make you jittery, but caffeine can also age you and make you look groggy. If you insist on drinking tea or coffee, try to limit it to one cup a day. Try substituting green tea or decaffeinated coffee as an alternative to however many cups of the regular beverage you usually have













































If your eyes aren't looking the way you wish, you should experiment with makeup techniques! Use lengthening,
waterproof mascara for boosting your lashes' volume. There are a ton of mascara products out there, and many
of them now claim that they can add length and curl to your lashes.

Unfortunately, these formulas can often be heavy. This will cause your lashes to get weighed down. Instead of
using a product that will be adding weight, just use a waterproof lengthening formula. This will help your lashes look voluminous and curl upward.

Could you be allergic to your eyelash glue? To find out if you are allergic to it, apply some of this glue to your arm. Insert some plaster on the top of this. Leave it on for a full 24 hours. If there isn't a rash, then it won't be an issue.

Reading these Fashion Tips and Trends also beauty tips should already start making you feel better. Now you know
how to design your own successful beauty routine. You can always return to this list too.

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The Ideal Social Media Post Length: A Guide for Every Platform

By KellyWil

There’s no such thing as too much engagement on social media.

Marketers can always use more likes, shares, video views, and comments. And integral to driving that engagement is nailing the length of your message.

This article is a curation of research around ideal character counts (not to be confused with character limits) for posts and other types of content on:

Are you writing too much in your social media posts? Too little? Are your videos too long or not long enough? Optimize the length of your content and you’ll be more likely to engage and convert your audience.

Let’s go.

Bonus: Download a free guide to discover which hashtags to use to boost traffic and target customers on social media. And then learn how you can use Hootsuite to measure results.

The ideal length for Facebook posts

Shorter posts usually receive more likes, comments, and shares on Facebook. People like when a message makes its point quickly and concisely. It’s satisfying.

Organic posts: 1 to 80 characters

In 2016, BuzzSumo analyzed more than 800 million Facebook posts. Based on their findings, posts with less than 50 characters “were more engaging than long posts.” According to another, more precise study by Jeff Bullas, posts with 80 characters or less receive 66 percent higher engagement:

There are a couple reasons for this, including increased:

Barrier to entry: Facebook cuts off longer posts with an ellipsis, forcing users to click “See More” to expand the text and read the entire message. This extra step doesn’t seem like much, but it will drive down engagement. Every time you ask the audience to take action, a percentage of people will lose interest.

Barrier to comprehension: the longer a person reads, the harder his or her brain must work to process information. But people don’t like to think. We just want to get it, just like that. Content that demands less work—less cognitive energy—to consume and understand will enjoy higher engagement rates.

Paid posts: 5 to 18 words

Every Facebook ad needs three types of content: a Headline, Main Text, and a Description.

After analyzing 37,259 Facebook ads, AdEspresso found that ads did best when the copy in each element was clear and concise. According to the data, the ideal length for a:

Whether the post is organic or paid, brevity seems to drive engagement.

Capitalize on this by keeping your ad copy concise: don’t use two words when one will do. And keep it clear: omit adverbs, jargon, and the passive voice from your copy.

Videos: 30 to 60 seconds

With video, one of the primary measures of success is how long people watch, also known as your video retention rate.

In 2016, Kinetic Social tracked 2 billion social ad impressions and found that 44 percent of 30- to 60-second videos on Facebook were viewed to completion. Meanwhile, videos that ran under 30 seconds or over two minutes saw completion rates of 26 and 31 percent, respectively. A more recent poll, from 2018, showed that 33 percent of Facebook users preferred to watch shorter videos, from 30 to 50 seconds long.

Whenever possible, keep your videos tight.

Careful! Don’t go over the limit:

The Ideal Social Media Post Length

The Ideal Post Length for Twitter

In 2017, Twitter doubled its character limit to help make writing on the platform easier.

“Our research shows us that the character limit is a major cause of frustration for people tweeting in English,” explains product manager, Aliza Rosen. “When people don’t have to cram their thoughts into 140 characters and actually have some to spare, we see more people Tweeting.”

But just because you have twice the room doesn’t mean people want to see you use it.

Organic and promoted tweets: 71 – 100 characters

Whether you’re running an ad or not, data from Buddy Media shows that tweets containing less than 100 characters receive, on average, 17 percent higher engagement than longer tweets.

This is, in part, because shorter tweets are easier to read and comprehend. Short tweets also give retweeters enough room to add their own message.

Research by Track Social corroborates these findings:

Twitter hashtags: 6 characters

“The best hashtags are those composed of a single word or a few letters,” writes Vanessa Doctor from “Twitter experts recommend keeping the keyword under 6 characters.”

Again, this length is about reader comprehension, especially since hashtags don’t support spaces.

Careful! Don’t go over the limit:

The Ideal Post Length for LinkedIn

More than 546 million professionals use LinkedIn.

As the platform’s user base grows—making it more and more difficult to win organic attention—marketers must continually optimize their messaging for quality, timing, and of course, length.

Organic and paid updates: 25 words

The research on this topic isn’t very recent, but Hootsuite finds that, as with all other types of social updates, it’s best to keep LinkedIn updates short. Because of the “See More” button, your message will be cut off at the 140 character mark. As a general rule of thumb, we stick to 25 words or less.

Articles: 1,900 to 2,000 words

Paul Shapiro, founder of Search Wilderness, analyzed more than 3000 of the most successful posts on LinkedIn’s publishing platform. These posts, on average, received 42,505 views, 567 comments, and 138,841 likes.

He discovered that articles with more words perform better.

“Posts between 1900 and 2000 words perform the best,” writes Shapiro. “[They] gain the greatest number of post views, LinkedIn likes, LinkedIn comments, and LinkedIn shares.”

Shapiro also learned that titles between 40 and 49 characters in length received the greatest number of post views overall:

Videos: 30 seconds

In 2017, LinkedIn gave its users the ability to natively upload videos that play automatically in their followers’ feeds. Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn also shares video data (e.g., viewers’ companies and job titles), making it a valuable resource for marketers.

Bonus: Download a free guide to discover which hashtags to use to boost traffic and target customers on social media. And then learn how you can use Hootsuite to measure results.

Technically, videos can go up to 10 minutes, but according to LinkedIn best practices, videos under 30 seconds perform best. In fact, an internal study found that videos under 30 seconds reported a 200 percent lift in view completion rates.

The ideal length for Instagram

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram was founded on visual content. The platform was made to showcase compelling pictures and videos, but the right combination of words will promote engagement on any post.

Engagement, of course, is crucial to maximizing your content’s reach, since Instagram’s algorithm places posts with the most Likes and comments near the top of your followers’ feeds.

Organic Instagram posts: 138 to 150 characters

“A great Instagram caption will ad context, show off your brand’s personality, entertain audiences, and compel your followers to take action,” writes Hootsuite’s Michael Aynsley. In other words, the most compelling captions add value to a post.

On Instagram, captions can be up to 2,200 characters long, but you’ll only need a fraction of that limit to move the needle. Most people scroll through their feed quickly, so it makes sense to keep your captions clear and concise, punchy.

Brief copy is easy to consume. It also doesn’t get cut off with an ellipsis.

Sponsored Instagram posts: 125 characters or less

Instagram recommends keeping the captions on sponsored posts under 125 characters.

Again, this length supports readability and ensures that the text won’t get truncated.

Instagram hashtags: 5 to 9 per post at less than 24 characters each

Instagram posts can have up to 30 hashtags, making it tempting to stuff each caption with as many as possible. As a marketer, fight this urge. Using more hashtags won’t necessarily yield higher visibility.

According to research by TrackMaven, posts with nine hashtags receive the most engagement:

And on Instagram, specifically, hashtags with 24 characters or less are the most popular:

Hashtags, like keywords, demand a strategic approach, one that centers around quality not quantity. Stuffing hashtags makes your post look like spam. Here’s everything else you need to know about using Instagram hashtags like a pro.

Careful! Don’t go over the limit:

The ideal length for YouTube

At the end of the day, YouTube is a search engine, meaning it relies on text to organize and rank the nearly 400 hours of video uploaded to its servers every minute.

Therefore, in addition to optimizing video length, marketers must front load their content’s title and description copy with relevant keywords—and that means keeping an eye on character count.

YouTube videos: 3 minutes

Whether you’re watching videos on YouTube or anywhere else, one of the most important KPIs is retention. How long do people actually watch? Are viewers finishing your videos at a high rate? If so, you’re doing something right.

Speaking of doing something right, ReelSEO found that the top 50 videos on YouTube are, on average, 2 minutes and 54 seconds.

YouTube titles: 70 characters

“The title of your video is probably the most important SEO factor to consider,” writes Brendan Cournoyer, marketing VP at Brainshark. “Titles for YouTube videos should include relevant keywords to ensure high rankings in Google and YouTube search, while still being compelling enough to encourage clicks and views.”

Cournoyer recommends keeping titles within 70 characters, including spaces. Anything longer will be cut off in search results.

Descriptions: 157 characters

“The Description field in YouTube represents another opportunity to let search engines know what your video is about,” explains Cournoyer. “These descriptions also appear as rich snippets in search results [and] can help encourage more clicks to your content.”

Cournoyer recommends keeping the first line of the description brief, compelling, and rich with keywords, as only the first 157 characters will appear as a snippet in search.

Careful! Don’t go over the limit:

The ideal size and length for Pinterest

On Pinterest, image size matters.

So does the length of your description.

Pinterest images: 735 X 1102 pixels

According to Pinterest best practices, images on the platform should have a minimum width of 600 pixels and a 2:3 aspect ratio, which is how the height and width of an image relate.

For example, a 2:3 aspect ratio would be 600 pixels wide by 900 pixels tall.

Descriptions: 200 characters

Studies show that descriptions containing about 200 characters receive the most repins:

This is your chance to add context, to persuade and sell. It’s your chance to tell a story and conjure emotion, to make a promise. The description is your chance to compel.

Careful! Don’t go over the limit:

Now, over to you.

This article will get you started but it won’t carry you across the finish line.

Every audience is unique, so the onus is on you to understand what resonates best with your followers and users. We recommend running extensive A/B tests that’ll help you determine if the suggested character counts in this guide are, in fact, ideal for you.

Your research may prove otherwise.

In any case, you’ll never know unless you test.

Eddie Shleyner is a direct response copywriter, content strategist, and the founder of, where he publishes content about the art and science of written persuasion. You can find his bylines at Forbes, Hubspot, The Workforce Blog, and more.


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Feb 20

The Neon Demon is Visually Stunning, But its Beauty is Skin Deep

By Kelly Wilson

Elle Fanning in a scene from ‘The Neon Demon.’

Image: the neon demon

The Neon Demon is a spectacularly beautiful and superficial movie about absolutely nothing.

On the surface, which is all there really is, its about a delicate teenager named Jesse (a pure-hearted Elle Fanning) who moves to Los Angeles to become a model. Once there, she happens into a frenemy-ship with a smirky makeup artist named Ruby (Jena Malone) and her model friends Sarah (Abbey Lee) and Gigi (Bella Heathcote).

As Jesse rises in the fashion world, Ruby and her beautiful cohorts slowly realize her success could spell their demise.

Nicolas Winding Refns (Drive, Only God Forgives) crime here is not making a bad movie. Its directing a beautiful movie with an extremely lackluster screenplay … which he co-wrote, alongside Mary Laws and Polly Stenham.

For nearly two hours, the film is visually stunning, but deeply purposeless. Bizarre twists have very little payoff, and lines meant to be wry and sexy come off charmless and cloying, particularly when every main character is a fashion plate attempting to be all California cool and nonchalant.

Thankfully, you can save yourself from caring about the dialogue to strictly focus on the visual spectacle. Every scene looks brilliant, creatively designed like a moving, intensely stylized fashion editorial. The clothes are gorgeous, the makeup inventive. Even settings like a cheap motel imbue a kitschy chic dreaminess, a perfect backdrop for beautiful Jesse to saunter about in gauzy little dresses.

Winding Refn also pushes for hyper-colored ethereal effects, mixing in glitchy, surrealist scenes that are a trippy feast for the eyes, paired with a brilliant score by Cliff Martinez. There’s a touch of Under the Skineeriness and horror, but Demonlacks the complexity of the creepily gorgeous Scarlett Johansson art film.

Speaking of other movies Demon resembles, there are elements reminiscent of campier fare like The Craft or Jawbreaker, but without any of the fun or personality.Demon magines itself a more serious picture, which drains it of any potential playfulness, something it could have used for its lackluster plot points.

“The story-line was so secondary that the ending was literally thought up on the set.”

The story-line was so secondary that the ending was allegedly thought up on the set.”If any of the crew has suggestions, let us know!” Fanning reportedly said. That won’t be surprising to anyone who sits through the whole thing.

Young Jesse quickly rises through the modeling ranks, with the help of amateur photographer Dean (Karl Glusman) and a modeling connection thanks to super agent Jan, played by Christina Hendricks. Speaking of, Hendricks’ role is like an iStock photo of a Shallow Modeling Agent, predictably scripted and unworthy of her talents.

Also hey, Keanu Reeves is in this movie, playing sleazy motel owner Hank, which is such random, but fun casting. Reeves seems to relish this opportunity to go full dirt bag, but his screen time is limited.

Fanning plays the part of the wide-eyed ingenue well, but the character doesn’t have enough personality to keep you completely engrossed. There’s nothing interesting about Jesse except that she’s pretty, and somehow spectacularly more pretty than extremely pretty humans Gigi and Sarah (by the way, Lee and Heathcoate are both pretty delightful in these supporting roles). It’s just assumed that Jesse has that It factor, or as Ruby so eloquently explains it:She has that thing.

That! Thing!

Additionally, there’s an absurd level of fawning over three blonde, blue-eyed women, an obsession with European beauty standards (reflective of the current fashion industry, certainly) that will bore you to tears and have you praying for even the slightest touch of melanin. Of course, that never arrives.

The pace picks up once Gigi, Sarah and Ruby get frustrated with Jesse’s quick success. Suddenly she is Natalie Portman and they are all bitter Winona Ryders hellbent on destroying this youthful queen bee. She’s Robin Tunney and they’re just a bunch of evil Fairuza Balks!

Sigh. Unfortunately, Neon Demonisn’t as winning as either of those films. All of its charm and beauty is skin deep.

Image: mashable composite

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.

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Deep rejuvenating sleep is crucial for your health.

The only method for your human brain to detoxify by way of sleep. Crucial hormones
like melatonin and the growth hormone are produced within your sleep cycle. This
improves your mental, physical and emotional state.

















Feb 20

Are You Hot Or Just Cute?

By KellyWil

It’s time to find out if people see you as a little cutie-pie or a drop-dead babe!
This quick test will help you find out how others see you and what your strong side is.

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It's time to figure out if folks see you as a little cutie-pie or a drop-dead hottie! This quick
test will serve to help you figure out how others see you and what your durable side is. It will
certainly help you discover if you're super hot or simply just cute. You have 4 options for every
one of the 10 questions. You'll discover how many points you get for your choice after every one.

Add them up and identify more about the real you! This video is designated for entertainment and
relevant information objectives only. The video is not planned to function as a substitute for
professional, medical or psychological recommendations of any kind.


Pick your happy song 0:22

How do you react to a flirty text from a stranger? 0:48

Where do your eyes go when you first meet a handsome guy? 1:21

What would you never do to get someone to like you? 1:51

What is your driving style? 2:21

Describe your ideal Friday night. 2:52

What do you do when you feel like you need some change in your life? 3:57

Pick a fruit 3:15

Pick a dessert 3:35

What do you do when you feel like you need some change in your life? 3:57

Do you believe in love at first sight? 4:30

100 to 170 points explained 5:04

180 to 250 points explained 5:28

260 to 320 points explained 5:49

330 to 400 points explained 6:12

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