Jan 19

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid +Tips for a Flawless Face

By KellyWil

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Day time Makeup Right Into A Nighttime Seem Easily

A Compilation Of Tips On How To Stay Beautiful and avoid makeup mistakes

One can find a number of catch phrases about beauty. Beauty doesn't have to rely on your external physical appearance. For being truly beautiful, a person really should be not just physically attractive, but most likely present an attractive and pleasant character. While visual appearance may draw people in, inner qualities are what retain them there. It is possible to discover ways to indulge in all of your inner charm and beauty and style tips after reading this post.

In case you have a hard time taking your eyeliner to remain put, you can actually utilize eye-shadow once you use eyeliner. Make sure you carefully put your shadow over your eyeliner with a cotton ball. This tends to seal the application of eyeliner and it will stay longer but not run.

Before you go to bed, massage your eyebrows by using Vaseline. The Vaseline will certainly enhance the hair within your brows, which makes them appear shiny and a lot more noticeable. Just don't get the Vaseline on other parts of your face as it may cause acne breakouts.

Wash your face before going to sleep. This will remove all the impurities and dirt from the day. Use a makeup remover first, to remove your makeup, then use a face wash. If you don't cleanse your face before bed, your pores can get clogged and cause pimples or spots.

Nov 28

What Would it Sound like if Men Got the Lame Advice we give to Working Moms?

By Kelly Wilson


Listen up, ladies. Y’all just don’t know how hard it is to be a working dad these days.

We’re expected to do it all. Raise the little ones, pay the bills, look “sexy,” be assertive in our career (but not too assertive), and somehow get it all done in time to have dinner on the table for the wife and kids.

Wait. That doesn’t sound right.

GIF from “Family Matters.”

Real talk: Being a parent of any gender is really hard, but it’s the moms who get all the extra pressure and all the horrible advice that goes along with it.

Seriously, go Google “tips for working moms,” start reading, and try not to break something. There’s oodles of advice out there for everything, from how to stay organized, to how to make time for your avocado-filled beauty routine, to how to set proper boundaries at work.

Most of it is well-meaning and all, but you can’t help but wonder, what would it look like if we tried to give this same kind of advice to working dads?


A hilarious parody Twitter account recently began skewering this kind of misguided advice for moms, and it’s a must-follow.

The tweeter known as @manwhohasitall began tweeting in August and has shared over 3,200 delightful nuggets of wisdom since then. (Working dads sure do need a lot of help!)

In his or her own words, the author (who wanted to remain anonymous … and in character, at that) told Upworthy, “I offer supportive lifestyle advice for the frazzled working dad juggling housework, kids, job, ‘me time’ and truly great skin.”

It’s got something for everyone, including cleverly disguised thoughts on the unbelievably low standards we set for dads who “help” with the kids…

Why we feel that women somehow need permission to have confidence…

Some fantastic advice on how to spend our precious “me time” (the author prefers to spend theirs “in a candlelit bubble bath with a full glass of water and maybe an almond”)…

And plenty more. Just enjoy these for a moment:


“I’ll be honest with you,” the author told Upworthy. “It’s tough being a working dad. There’s so much pressure to look good, keep a perfect house, and stay hydrated.”

Once you’ve recovered from rolling on the floor laughing, you don’t have to look too hard to see the underlying point here.

Go check out the rest of these amazing “tips.” And when you’re done with that, be sure to reward yourself with some much needed “me time.”

I’ll be spending mine scrubbing the floor, exfoliating, and chanting self-affirmations.

Read more: www.upworthy.com


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Oct 18

Mercury Enters Sagittarius On Halloween 2018 Night

By Kelly Wilson

Mercury Enters Sagittarius On Halloween Night

​On Halloween Night Here Is What You Can Expect

​During the evening hours of ​Halloween 2018 Night Mercury will definitely be entering Sagittarius.
Whereas this might not be something you think notably of, it is one particular thing that will have
radical effects on all of us.

Halloween by itself is already an energetically charged night time. It is certainly one thing that
comes up with the unimaginable. Considering that Mercury occurs to be going into Sagittarius on this
occasion we can expect a transformation in energies. This one change will make things all the more

Mercury in Sagittarius commonly shifts our thought patterns. It drives us to really find out more and
helps make our desires fairly unique. We will be a lot more optimistic and even more happy to strongly
believe in the unfamiliar or perhaps the things that many would certainly not be open to. Even though
this affect is not always a desirable one it is one that brings forth a serious change.

During this moment you could actually intend to head out as well as experience brand-new things. You
will certainly come to be courageous also just for a brief period of time and that could obtain you right
into some trouble. If you permit yourself to be swept away, there is no telling where you might wind up.
That being stated, having some fun out doors this is not a bad suggestion.

Throughout this time do not be afraid of anything! Just allow your real self to be released. While you will
certainly be a little bit misplaced you will be more than willing to ultimately fight back and establish
points right in your life. This evening will be everything about flexibility one way or another.

​​You do not have to go out and do anything spooky or other Halloween activities if you do not want to,
however if you are going to let these energies correctly work for you possibly could provide right into
that openness I pointed out previously. You will certainly be able to see the bigger picture as well as
exactly how you can arrive. Attempt not to argue with individuals closest to you and really put your
best foot ahead.

​If you are someone that invests a lot of time inside this may be the ideal time to get out in nature or
invest some time in the outdoors and fresh air. For much more on what this may suggest for you take a
look at the video below. While there is constantly mosting likely to be something taking place on the
planet of the celestial objects, this is a chance for you to have some real enjoyable.



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Oct 02

Little Girl Dances to Halloween The Movie 1978 | Michael Myers

By KellyWil

Little Girl Dances To Halloween Theme

Little Girl Halloween Mike Myers

Halloween The Movie  Michael Myers

On a list of all things terrifying, I imagine watching your daughter dance, as if possessed by some unknown entity, to the theme from Halloween, while standing in front of a Mike Myers "Halloween the Movie 1978" life-size doll, is a high ranker.

But that’s exactly what went down over at a Halloween store in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

A woman by the name of Jaymi Simmons revealed she was on her way to Chuck E. Cheese with her daughter, when they called into the Halloween store.

What happened next was utterly terrifying:

A Haunting We Go


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Sep 10

Revolutionary New Anti Aging Hair Tips

By Kelly Wilson

​Best Anti Aging Hair Tips | Jen Atkin

anti aging hair care

It’s no secret that as we age, our hair changes in color and texture (hello, frizzy grays!). And while we’re constantly bombarded with ways to prevent our skin from aging (Moisturizer! Diet! Sunscreen!), we’re left wondering: Is there anything we can do to stop our hair from aging? To answer all our anti-aging hair care questions, we caught up with the stylist behind the most famous and luscious heads of hair, celebrity hair guru Jen Atkin.

There’s no better expert to chat hair with than Jen. Not only does she travel the world primping and priming the tresses of Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen, she also has her own successful hair care range called OUAI (pronounced way) sold through Sephora. That is, if you can get your hands on it; it sells out as soon as it’s restocked. From tips for achieving youthful-looking hair to why your shampoo and conditioner shouldn’t always match, read on as we pick the brain of the best hairstylist in the business.

How does our hair change as we age?

Your hair can lose elasticity so it breaks easier, which is caused by a dip in keratin levels. Hair can also
start to grow in slower, the texture can change, and tresses can become drier as well. All are normal factors
of aging, so I wouldn’t get too worried since there’s anti aging supplemental changes, with anti aging hair care you
can make to slow or prevent these things from happening.

How can we stop our hair from aging?

I really strongly believe that you will not see changes in your hair by just doing external remedies — you
need to do internal as well. For years, I was sending clients to the health food store to get biotin and fish
oil pills!

Haircuts and styles that make us look more youthful?

youthful hair styles

Haircuts and hair styles can make all the difference
in your appearance. Make sure to consult with your
stylist on what looks best on you given your lifestyle,
age, etc. You want to wear something that complements
you; and never want your hair wearing you.​

I always say it all depends on you; every cut is
different for everyone. I’m loving a short, chic bob
or even a lob [long bob], which looks flattering on
just about anyone, and is easy to manage.

​Biggest Mistakes​ Women ​Make Anti Aging ​Hair ​Care and ​Styling?

Most people buy their shampoo and conditioner from the same product line (volume, repair, clean, etc.) and do
not realize that you usually need a different shampoo and conditioner variety for each. Fixing this common
mistake can be the key to achieving your anti aging hair goals and care.

Aside from the right shampoo and conditioner, what 3 hair products should every woman own?

Use OUAI Treatment Masque at least once a week for deep restoration. If you’re crunched for time, apply to your
strands pre-workout and braid in to let the nourishing ingredients absorb into the hair with the added heat from
your workout exercise.

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt is a game changer. I love using this a couple times a week
for a nice deep cleaning. It exfoliates the scalp and leaves you feeling refreshed.

The Dyson Supersonic Blow dryer is super lightweight, quiet, and chic, with a powerful engine. This is the ultimate
luxe blow-dryer. It’s so small and easy to travel with, and dries the hair so much faster than any traditional brand

This article source by Bettina Tyrrell.
​Source: http://firstforwomen.com/posts/jen-atkin-hair-anti-aging-tips-160827

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Aug 10

Best Skin Care Anti Aging Before and After

By Kelly Wilson

anti-aging foods

Best Skin Care Anti Aging Before and After

​Anti-aging before and after is the hottest trend in health and beauty today. It is much more than good
skin care, right eating habit,constant exercise, and proper health care. When it comes to anti-aging we
always refer to spas, and anti-aging treatments and retail hinge on quality products. Good health and
slow aging is of interest to everyone. It’s much comfortable to read your favorite Joan Didion “At the Dam”
when you feel young and healthy.

our essential skin care anti aging remedies and remove wrinkles. Your skin takes a lot of abuse.
This really starts to show as you get older, which is why natural skin care anti-aging becomes
so important as we age. Most anti-aging cream products contain retinol which has been shown to
give a rejuvenating appearance to the skin and it works by stimulating the renewal of skin cells
and help reducing dark spots.

Skin Care Anti Aging

Skin care anti aging

​​​Antioxidants are also important because they can repair
damaged skin cells and help to create new cells to take
place. Make sure you get enough sleep because if you do
not skin will not renew itself and will start looking
dull especially as you age. The diet you consume and
the lifestyle you live will show on your skin, so
remember to eat as you want to appear.

​There are treatments that remove wrinkles instantly, for example, Botox can visibly smooth and soften
moderate to severe frown lines between your brows. Collagen replacement injections are considered as
a safe and effective method in the treatment of facial lines and wrinkles. Some wrinkle treatments such
as creams can be applied for a period of time at home, and there are other treatments that are applied
by specialists at luxurious salons and spas. One of the best ways to slow aging is to apply sunblock
daily. The tips, treatments, and techniques for anti-aging supplements lare in great demand!

The biggest fight against aging is, of course, our daily diet and nutrition. After you start eating healthy
your body will balance out and forces the aging process to slow down. The diet should contain a variety of
fruits, vegetables, and other plant foods. Therefore, people need more variety in their diet to ensure that
they get everything their body needs for effective anti-aging. Diet, exercise and stress reduction are anti-
aging to increase well being. This lifestyle involves making choices about what goes in and what goes on
our bodies.

To conclude, if best skin care anti aging is your goal then start today. living a simple lifestyle is the true
fountain of youth. The anti aging before and after is to maintain a good health, eat a balanced diet, have the
proper amount of sleep, a positive mood, and avoid extreme stimulation from the outside environment. But
remember this is about personal choice and continued action to a more healthy way of living.

The post Anti-Aging and Good Health appeared first on Kelly,s Thoughts On Things.

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