How To Make Sugar Wax At Home: A Step-By-Step Guide For Smooth Skin.

Make Sugar Wax At Home

The hassle of going to the technician for a waxing and grooming trip is burdensome! If you have been looking up “how to make sugar wax,” you have reached the right place! 

Research has suggested that ancient Egypt recorded the use of sugaring as the early waxing method. Shocking, right!? I was in the same place as you after learning about this nugget of wisdom. Let’s explore how this came into use. People used it waaaay before TikTok showed you several videos on this hack.

So, everyone say “Thank You, Cleopatra” for this ‘art’ (it was referred to as that during the ancient Egyptian rule.)

Sugaring is way safer than waxing due to the science behind it! The molten sugar mixture only sticks to the dead cells instead of the protective barrier, which is the case in traditional waxes. Thus, it is necessary to try it at least once before you make up your mind about it. 

Why should you do it? 

Why should we make sugar wax at home

Consider the following points before you dismiss the idea of a sugar wax for traditional waxing: 

  • If you are someone who is looking to save money and time on the whole waxing experience, this DIY wax is for you! 
  • If synthetic wax irritates your skin and leaves a lot of rashes
  • If you have a sensitive skin
  • If you are allergic to the synthetic wax that is used by technicians
  • If you don’t like the sticky feeling that comes with traditional wax

No matter if you want to hop on the sugaring trend or save those extra bucks. This can be a great alternative to traditional waxing. You can either do this wholly or occasionally start waxing at home, depending on your preference. 

Pre-Wax Care For Skin

The pre-wax care for your skin ensures that the skin is ready for the process. This prepares your skin for the method ahead so you do not face hindrances while waxing. It is essential to wash your skin before starting the sugar wax. This is because clean skin reduces the chances of an infection. Tips for cleaning the skin before waxing:

  • Use warm water to clean the skin, which helps open the pores. 
  • Opening up the pores makes the process painless.
  • This trick enables you to prevent those nasty ingrown hairs that are so annoying! 

Next, exfoliate your skin at least two days before waxing. This lets the sugar wax stick to the skin, lifting up the dead skin cells. However, I noticed the hair removal process was smoother when I exfoliated my skin. The hair strands were better available for the sugar wax. 

The next step is to ensure that you moisturize your skin the night before you plan to wax. This will help your skin lock the moisture and keep the follicles healthy. There is no point in moisturizing the skin on the day you wax, as the skin has to be clean for it to stick better. 

Post-Wax Care For Skin

Just as much as the pre-wax process, the post-wax process is equally important. The post-wax care ensures that you calm the irritated skin, even though it is comparatively lower than traditional waxing. You should also avoid using scented lotions, roll-on deodorants, or makeup over the waxed skin. 

The process starts with cleaning the waxed skin with water and following it with moisturization. This ensures that the skin is smooth and free of ingrown hair. I usually use an astringent after waxing, as I see less inflammation. You can skip this if your skin becomes inflamed infrequently. 

A go-to for estheticians is a post-depilatory lotion. This helps reduce the rashes I usually see after traditional waxing. So, I looked online and found one that works best even after sugar waxing. The review for this product will be coming soon! 

The science behind this lotion is that different ingredients soothe the skin and protect it from infectious agents. After even sugar wax, the skin is sensitive and vulnerable. This requires protection from germs that can also be present at our fingertips. 

So, I usually rely on an astringent after waxing, followed by a chemical-free lotion or the pre-depilatory lotion. 

Other Ways Of Moisturizing: 

You can use natural oils, body butter, or serums. Nowadays, many skincare brands have post-wax care lines as well. If you want to try a post-wax serum or cream that prevents ingrown hair, you may opt for them, readily available online. Or else, using the traditional body butter you usually go for will also work fine.

Remember not to use a chemical-laden, scented variant, as its components can hurt your newly-waxed skin. Moisturizing after waxing helps soothe your skin and keeps the skin supple. 

What will you need? 

what will you need to make sugar wax

Following is the sugar wax recipe: 

  • 1 cup white sugar
  • ⅛ cup lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
  • ⅛ cup warm water
  • A large or medium pot
  • Spoon
  • These are optional: Popsicle sticks or paper strips 

How to make sugar wax? 

Simple steps of making sugar wax

The way to make a sugar wax is relatively easy. You will not need supervision if you know how to use most utensils. However, if you are a teenager and may need help with stirring, ask for help from your sibling or parents. 

Following the simple steps will give you the perfect golden wax at the end: 

  1. Place a medium/large pot on the stove. You may think the small amount of wax prepared at the end will need a small pot. However, the mixture requires bubbling over heat, which may spill over. 
  2. Add the measured sugar, lemon juice, and slightly warm water to the utensil. Stir the mixture for it to be combined evenly. Do not use powdered sugar, as it will not provide the same results. 
  3. Let the mixture come to a boil by turning the stove on high. Ensure you are stirring the mixture frequently. That will help you control it when it boils. Be careful not to burn the mixture, as it will render it unusable by the end of the process. 
  4. As the mixture bubbles up, reduce the heat to medium while you continue stirring. At this point, the sugar must have dissolved completely. 
  5. Once the combination changes color, keep stirring until it reaches a smooth consistency. Remove the pot from heat once you see the color turning to a deep golden brown. 
  6. The thickness of the mixture should resemble a hot syrup (not honey). If you find the consistency free-flowing, let the mixture simmer for a few minutes while you stir it occasionally. 
  7. Cool the mixture by transferring it to a bowl or jar. If the mixture feels hot, let it cool for a few more minutes before using it. 

Applying The Sugar Wax

Applying The Sugar Wax

After the mixture has cooled, roll up a small amount with your fingers (make sure they are clean). If you prefer, use a butter knife or a wooden popsicle stick to scoop up the mixture. 

Next, apply the wax to a small strip of the skin and spread it evenly. Ensure you use the wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Once the wax has spread evenly, rest for a few seconds before pulling it off. 

Take a deep breath and pull off the wax like a bandage. A piece of advice from someone who has been there done that- remove the wax quickly instead of rolling it off your skin. That hurts so bad when ripping it off like a bandage does not hurt at all. 

Continue this till your desired area is clean. You can use the same piece of wax thrice or four times. It is also okay to use an entirely new ball of wax for each section. You will need a bigger batch of the sugar wax in that case. 

Lastly, if you have any leftover wax after cleaning the desired areas, you can store the rest in an airtight container. Keeping it in the refrigerator will make the mixture last longer. 


This was all on the DIY sugar wax and the benefits that it can provide. You may be wondering if you should go ahead with this waxing. Trust me, you will ditch traditional waxing! I have been using this technique for two years and have seen great results for my skin. In case you are under medication or have a skin concern, surely consult your doctor before making the wax. 


When Can I Exfoliate Again? 

You can start exfoliation within 2-3 days post-waxing. Using a gentle exfoliator will be better than a hard scrub as the dead skin cells have already been stripped away. 

Avoid brushing the skin and instead use a sugar or coffee scrub. 

What If I Do Not Have A Waxing Strip? 

Strips are not mandatory, and you may use your hands to use the sugar wax. Popsicle sticks and strips are only needed if you are not comfortable using the wax with your bare hands. 

Where Can I Use The Sugar Wax? 

As the ingredients used in the wax are safe and organic, it is safe for use in almost all areas of the body that are usually waxed. So, you can use the mixture for underarm and bikini line waxing along with the traditionally waxed areas (arms, legs, etc.). 

Can Guys Use Sugar Wax? 

Yes, even men can use this technique without fearing any side effects. As it is less painful, it is safe to use on delicate skin as there is no risk. 

How Long Does The Results Last? 

It depends on your hair growth. However, you can enjoy hairless skin for at least three weeks. The hair will eventually start growing back slower. 

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