15 Mac Lipstick Shades For The Indian Brown And Wheatish Skin Tone

Mac Lipstick Shades

While talking down the street, it is quite common for women to sometimes look at or even stare at other women, but that doesn’t mean we are judging them or making fun of them. Trust us that we about more about observing what they are wearing than being judgmental about it.

Actually, it’s a great way to break the ice and start a conversation, you know to complement their clothes, makeup, or hairstyle. So take my word for it when I say that there are certain MAC lipstick shades that can really start a conversation.

Now the question is, there are a lot of MAC lipstick shades in the market, but not all are going to suit the Wheatish Indian skin tone. In this article, we are going to talk about those shades that will look great on your skin tone, so keep on scrolling.

Russian Red (Rs. 1450)

Russian Red

Well, the color red is something that looks good on every skin tone, but finding the perfect shade of red can be a pain in the ass. But don’t you worry, with MAC shade Russian Red, you are going to get the perfect shade of red that you were hoping for.

Ruby Woo (Rs. 1500)

Ruby Woo

If you are looking forward to make a statement with your lips, then dress it up with our statement-creating Ruby Woo shade of MAC lipstick. This is a classic shade of ruby red colored lipstick.

Relentlessly Red (Rs. 1500)

Relentlessly Red

If you don’t want that statement creating red lipstick, then this Relentlessly Red shade of MAC lipstick is the best option for you. This shade is more of a cooler tone of red, giving a more neo-ish shade to it, making it pop in the dark as well.

Chili (Rs. 1500)


This is another reddish shade but with a brownish overtone to it. It looks a bit orangish red on the lips and is great for a fall event. This lipstick is for the day when even a pinkish red won’t be a match. This color suits the Indian skin tone perfectly.

Vegas Volt (Rs. 1500)

Vegas Volt

These coral MAC lipstick shades are of a different formula than that of the others mentioned here. The Vegas Volt has a creamier texture to it that gives a very refreshing outlook to your lips.

At the same time, giving them a beautiful shade, the lipstick moisturizes your lips as well. If you pair this lipstick with a beautiful pearl finish eyeshadow, then you are all set for summer.

Lady Danger (Rs. 1500)

Lady Danger

For ladies with a medium to a darker skin complexion, if you want a little spice and danger in your life, then these Lady Danger MAC lipstick shades are just perfect for you. The color is gonna pop on your skin tone and will be the showstopper.

Morange (Rs. 1500)


For a more whimsically orange lipstick for the summer, you can try out the Morange shade. This lipstick is going to stain your lips with a beautiful neon orange color. This summer season, orange lipsticks will be the trend, so before it starts, be the first one to kick off the trend.

Impassioned (Rs. 1500)


If you are looking for a bright in your face kinda pink fuchsia color, then the Impassioned Mac shades lipstick is the one for you. The color is a lot on the bolder side of lipsticks, so this is not the color for all the faint-hearted gals out there.

You have to unleash your baddie side to pull off such a magnetic color on your lips. The colors have a warmer undertone with slight hints of reddish tones that make it look great in all skin tones.

Girl About Town (Rs. 1500)

Girl About Town

If you like fuchsia, then you are going to love the shade Girl About Town, which has a beautiful blue tone but fuchsia lipstick. This is the lipstick you wear when you go out in the town and want to be seen.

The lipstick looks like a light everyday wearing pink, but that is only in the daytime, but at night you are going to shine.

Pink Nouveau (Rs. 1500)

Pink Nouveau

If you are looking for stunning cool pink-toned lipsticks, then the Pink Nouveau is the shade that you want to wear on a daily basis. This pink shade is beautiful for medium-complexioned gals. The pink is more about a chilled out look that goes great from a boardroom to a bar.

Candy Yum Yum (Rs. 1500)

Candy Yum Yum

If you are looking for a mac matte lipstick shade, it is of the same formula as the Ruby Woo shade of lipstick. This is another legendary MAC lipstick with the Candy Yum Yum shade.

It has a very blue undertone with a pink matte overtone lipstick. It is a great lipstick that will definitely be a showstopper if you have light or subtle eye makeup.

Up The Amp (Rs. 1500)

Up The Amp

I love it when a makeup product elevates my whole look, that is exactly what the Up the amp lipstick shade does to your whole look. The shade is more leaning towards a purple shade. The purple is not a very striking purple but a very subtle shade of purple.

Rebel (Rs. 1500)


Leaning more toward the plum shade of lipstick, the mac lipstick shade Rebel is great for the everyday woman. The color is more authoritarian than the fun-loving pink color.

The shade is all about asserting themselves as a boss position. The lipstick gives a very satin and silky finish to your lips, making it great for all complexions.

Smoked Purple (Rs. 1500)

Smoked Purple

If you wanna know why you should wear the mac lipstick shades of Smoked purple, then the best reason is that Rihanna has worn this lipstick before. There you go, that is all the reason you need to have. You will look incredible and beautiful wearing this lipstick in the winter.

Cyber (Rs. 1500)


For the goth girls out there, the perfect mac lipstick shades that you are looking for are the color Cyber. This color is the older sister of the color smoked purple.

This color, too, gives you a satin and silky finish, you can give the lipstick a bit of layering and shading when wearing it.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know what are the beautiful mac lipstick shades, then you can wear them at your different events that will best suit your outfits. So if you think that this article was helpful for you, then you should definitely give this article a like and comment down below, to let us know which color you liked the most.

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