Mat Pilates Core Workout With Danielle Acoff

By KellyWil

Feb 02

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Part two in our 3-part Mat Pilates video series… 

This post comes from our friend, yogi and dance veteran, Danielle Acoff

You may recognize Danielle from her breathtaking IG account. Today, we share the second in our three-part series of favorite mat Pilates moves — how to build a strong core.

“Core workouts are my absolute favorite! These are my go-tos for long, lean and strong abdominals, (that are not just pretty to look at but) enhance your balance and stability at the same time! So let’s get after that core burn! Try 5 to 10 reps on each exercise.”



Lie flat on your back, curl the head and shoulders off the mat, and bring both knees into the chest. Extend both legs straight to the ceiling. Place both hands onto the right calf, and lower the left leg to hover over the mat. Pulse the right leg towards the chest two times and scissor switch the legs, placing both hands on the left calf and lowering the right leg to hover over the mat. Make sure the lower back does not arch and remains pressed towards the mat, and keep gaze towards belly button. Do 5-10 reps.

Forearm Side Teaser


Start facing one side propped up on the elbow, both legs reaching long, slightly forward in front of the body. Press the bottom hand into the mat as you rotate the hips, engaging the core to lift the legs towards the ceiling. The top hand reaches towards the feet as the torso rotates towards the legs to find the ‘teaser’ position. Do 5- 10 reps.

Down Dog Abs


Come to Downward Dog, lift one leg and engage your core. Shift into plank position with your shoulders over wrists, with the elbow coming towards outer elbow with a rounded back. Come back to three legged dog. Lift your left leg up as your push your weight back into your heels. Shift again into plank but, this time, twist your core to bring your knee to the opposite elbow. This completes one set. Do 5-10 reps on each side.

+Check out part one of the series: Mat Pilates Leg Workout here

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