30+ Matching Tattoos For Men And Women

Matching Tattoos

For couples worldwide, it is a huge step towards their relationship commitment that they get matching tattoos as a couple. These tattoos are often very meaningful and romantic or are a funny take on their relationship.

Whatever it may be, the tattoos should have some link to your relationship equation and symbolizes that. So, if you are looking for the best matching tattoos for couples, here are a few great examples you can try.

Matching Tattoos for Men & Women

If you and your partner are looking for the best couples tattoo, here are a few designs that you might find interesting.

1. Small Couple Tattoos

Small Couple Tattoos

These are smaller tattoos for those couples who don’t want their tattoos to be a lot showy, these are more discreet and understated.

2. Matching Tattoos For Long-Distance Couples

Tattoos For Long-Distance Couples

Long-distance relationships can be tough, so getting matching tattoos is great for such couples to stay connected to each other no matter the distance.

3. Dinosaur Tattoos

Dinosaur Tattoos

These dino tattoos are cute and funny to look at, and if both of you are dino fans, then it’s two birds with one arrow.

4. Wine And Wine Glass Tattoos

Glass Tattoos

For all the wino couples out there, this is the best couples matching tattoos that you can get.

5. Tetris Tattoos

Tetris Tattoos

The two of you are a perfect fit, so what better game to show than Tetris? Then getting a Tetris tattoo is too cute.

6. Bees Tattoos

Bees Tattoos

If your relationship is like a bee, always buzzin, get the cutest bee matching couple tattoos.

7. Leaf Tattoos

Leaf Tattoos

If nature plays a big role in your relationship, get plant-based or leafy matching tattoos that go great with your relationship.

8. The Wave Of Love Tattoos

Love Tattoos

Your love for each other is endless, like the ocean waves. Show that exact sentiment through beautiful simple tattoos.

9. Initials Matching Tattoos For Couples

Tattoos For Couples

These initial tattoos for couples are common and one of the most simple and minimalistic.

 10. Pinky Promise Tattoos

Pinky Promise Tattoos

“A promise is a promise” can be between couples or the perfect best friend matching tattoos.

 11. “You’re My Better Half” Tattoos


Like any other romantic matching couple tattoos, this you’re my better half tattoo is really special and meaningful to both the man and the woman. This tattoo represents the special bond that they share together in their relationship.

 12. Birth Year Tattoos

Birth Year Tattoos

Tattooing each other’s birth year is really special. It is both simple and quite meaningful at the same time.

13. King & Queen Tattoos

King & Queen Tattoos

In a relationship, there is always a king and a queen. So tattooing such roles on your body is really strong and powerful.

14. The Moon And Sun Tattoos

Moon And Sun Tattoos

Like how the moon and sun are inseparable, you and your partner’s bond is also inseparable. So tattooing such symbols is exactly what it symbolizes.

15. Matching Crowns

Matching Crowns

The crowns of a king and queen are exactly what it denotes as the king and the queen in your relationship.

 16. Husband & Wife Ring Tattoos

Husband & Wife Ring Tattoos

Ring tattoos are very precious, for married couples, they can be an innovative alternative to wedding rings.

 17. Cheese King & Queen Tattoos

Cheese King & Queen Tattoos

The cheese pieces of a king and a queen are rather unique, yet, it is common among couples who are adventurous and committed.

18. Superman & Wonder Woman

Superman & Wonder Woman

For couples who are very much into comic books and are practically comic book nerds, these superman and wonder woman soulmate matching couple tattoos are a great tattoo for both of you.

 19. “Better Together” Tattoos

Together Tattoos

“Better together” is something every couple wants to think about their relationship at one point or another.

 20. Bird And Cage Tattoos

Bird And Cage Tattoos

The bird and the cage is a unique yet beautiful couple tattoo that can mean a lot of different things. Like a free bird finding a home or a caged bird finally set free.

More Matching Tattoos For Men And Women

Here are a few more matching tattoos you might find interesting.

 21. Infinity Tattoos

Infinity Tattoos

 22. Ship & Lighthouse Tattoos

Ship & Lighthouse Tattoos

 23. “Always By Your Side” Tattoos

Side Tattoos

 24. Beauty & The Beast Tattoos

Beauty & The Beast Tattoos

 25. Lock & Key Tattoos

Lock & Key Tattoos

 26. Simple Soulmate Tattoos

Simple Soulmate Tattoos

 27. Astronaut Tattoos

Astronaut Tattoos

 28. Tea & Teabag Tattoos

Tea & Teabag Tattoos

 29. The “Missing Puzzle” Tattoos

Missing Puzzle” Tattoos

 30. Emoji Tattoos

Emoji Tattoos

 31. Cupid Couple Tattoos

Cupid Couple Tattoos

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

If you have any more queries, then here are a few questions that might help you.

1. Why Do Couples Get Matching Tattoos?

There is no such reason why couples get matching tattoos, but if you and your partner are in a committed relationship, then getting something inked on your body to symbolize that commitment and love is a great thing.

2. Is Matching Tattoos A Good Idea?

If you are in a committed relationship, then getting couples matching tattoos is a great idea, but it might not be the best thing if you are in a relationship for a few months.

3. Does A Tattoo Affect Luck?

The lucky and unlucky factor of a tattoo depends upon the beliefs of the person getting the tattoo. If the person is superstitious, then their beliefs might interfere with the tattoo.

Wrapping Up!

Matching tattoos are great for couples who are in committed relationships. These matching couple tattoos are great for representing a committed relationship. These couples matching tattoos are great for any type of relationship, whether friendship, relationship or any other relationship.

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