NARS Liquid Blush Review And Swatches You Must Know

NARS Liquid Blush Review And Swatches You Must Know

If you love doing your own makeup, then you should know that to give your cheeks a pop of color, it is important to use blush. And If you are a lover of liquid blush then why don’t you try out the NARS liquid blush?

Suppose you haven’t tried out the NARS liquid blush, and don’t know whether you should buy it or not. Then I am here to help you with that. Here in this article is a detailed review of NARS liquid blush, and whether you should buy it or not.

Product Name:  ➼ NARS Liquid Blush
Product Brand:➼ NARS Cosmetics
Active Ingredients:➼ Tamanu Oils and Monoi 
Price: ➼ $30  
Shade Range:➼ There are about 5 official shades- Orgasm, Luster, Dolce Vita, Sex Appeal, and Torrid. 
About The Brand:➼ “Francois NARS, a French makeup artist and photographer, established NARS Cosmetics in 1994. The brand is notable for its fashionable color ranges, sumptuous textures, and refined designs.”

Product Details  

Product Details

There are three types of people in the world, one who loves powder blush, another one who loves cream blush, and lastly, the one who loves liquid blush. And if you are one of those who loves liquid blush, then this is the article for you.

Today we are going to talk about the NARS liquid blush. If you haven’t used the product yet, then stick around and find out whether the blush is worth the money or not.

The Shades  

The NARS liquid blush has about 5 different shades of blush. The different shades are.

  • Torrid (a warm coral with a gold sheen)
  • Orgasm (a soft pink with a gold sheen)
  • Luster (a sheer golden apricot)
  • Dolce Vita (a muted dusty rose)

Price & Bottle  

The price of the NARS liquid blush is $30, and in each bottle, the quantity is about 1.5 oz. The amount you get for the money you spend is quite much.

The bottle is made of glass which is quite sturdy and heavy, with a pump. A little bit of the product goes a long way, even though that won’t overpower your whole makeup look.


The consistency is quite liquid and watery. The blush actually applies quite easily and seamlessly, even over powder and foundation. When it comes to liquid blush, the finish application doesn’t leave a patchy finish on your cheeks, unlike most powder blush products.

Customer Review Of NARS Liquid Blush  

Customer Review of NARS Liquid Blush

Now that you have a proper understanding of the NARS liquid blush as a product before you buy the product, you need to check out these customer reviews about the product.

Best Blush Yet!!  

Orgasm – sheer peachy pink with golden shimmer

Love, I love this color, and the formula is so pigmented. Probably the best blush I’ve used in terms of blending. Giving one less star, though, because I find it doesn’t last long, after a couple of hours of wear, it looks quite faded, and it doesn’t take long before it’s totally gone. I Haven’t had the same issues with the packaging leaking as some, but I also haven’t tried traveling with it yet. Overall great liquid blush. I have bought it again and would recommend it.

2. Worst Packaging I’ve Ever Experienced  

Orgasm – sheer peachy pink with golden shimmer  

The blush itself is actually quite lovely. Good color as always, long wear, etc. But the packaging is the worst in the world. First, the applicator is a sharp-tipped plastic bit. A dropper would have done the same job and not stabbed my skin. Second, far more important, my jar doesn’t close. I bought this item out of town, and when I opened my luggage, it leaked all over everything. I’m missing a third of my bottle, and the lid absolutely cannot seal shut. The screw top has no visible damage, but it will not screw, heck, it won’t even spin. Once it’s on the bottle, the corners lid from twisting. For such a pricey product, especially one that requires you to shake it periodically, this is entirely unacceptable.

3. Messy And Hard To Use.  

Dolce Vita – matte dusty rose

The blush itself is good, not my favorite, and honestly too pigmented for the container, it pumps WAY too much, and you’re left scraping the rest of the blush off, or you’ll look like a clown. The packaging is also AWFUL. I’m a girl on the go, and I need something I can put in a makeup pouch, this stuff comes untwisted super easily, and leaks all over the place, and the nozzle of the pump gets clogged with the dry product and squirts it all over the place. It always gets all over my other products and my hands. Ew.

Torrid – Warm Coral With Golden Shimmer

Got this in the ‘Torrid’ shade. I love how shimmery and pigmented this liquid blush is. I tend to get quite oily over the course of the day (unfortunately, not just the t-zone), yet this blush somehow stays put no matter what! I use just 1/4 of a pea-sized amount on each cheek, and I’m good to go. The consistency of Nars Liquid Blush is somewhere between watery and gel-like, which makes it very easy to apply – with a sponge, brush, or with fingertips (I prefer fingertips). My only very slight issue is I only need the tiniest amount, yet no matter how lightly and carefully I press down on the pump, I seem to end up with far too much product. It’s also not very travel friendly and ends up leaking everywhere, so I now just put a tiny amount in a tiny travel pot to take with me and leave the full-size product at home. Despite the minor issues, I do love this blush.

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Face Scrub:‘Sisley’ – Botanical Gentle Buffing Cream
Lip Balm:‘Nuxe’ – Reve De Miel Lip Balm
Lip Liner:‘Sephora Collection – Rouge Gel Lip Liner

Love The Blush – Container Not So Much  

Orgasm – sheer peachy pink with golden shimmer

The blush is powerfully perfect. The color payoff is amazing. Blending and the ability to build are wonderful. The container pumps out the watery liquid, so you shake it up. Great, now it pumps out well-mixed blush. But the container leaks – never lay it sideways, or it will leak out everywhere! Lovely product … a disastrous container. I don’t notice any shimmer in my blush, just a natural flush on my fair but aged skin. 5 stars for blush and 0 stars for the container. I suggest filling a small container for ease of use.

Wrapping Up!  

Now that you know all about the NARS liquid blush, then you can decide whether you wanna buy the product or not.

So if you think this article was helpful for you to make a decision, then surely don’t forget to give us a like and comment down below on whether you wanna buy the product or not.

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