30+ Neck Tattoos Ideas For Women

30+ Neck Tattoos Ideas For Women

Like tattoos on your hand and or any other body part, neck tattoos are more out there; they are more visible and change your whole personality. And likely to say it is not for everyone either. 

But neck tattoos are becoming more and more popular nowadays among women. Women are exploring their personalities and true self through the tattoos they are making on their bodies.

So if you are thinking of getting neck tattoos, then I am going to show you some ideas for you to choose from. 

Neck Tattoo Ideas For Women

Here are a few ideas for really unique neck tattoos for women ideas for you to choose from. 

1. Fish Themed Tattoo

Fish Themed Tattoo

Fish designs for neck tattoos are very common, yet they are unique in their overall design and execution. It can either be a single fish or two fish swimming together. 

2. Cute Arrow-Themed Tattoo

Cute arrow theamed tatoo

Arrow tattoos are really cute, and most of the time, they are small neck tattoos for women. With pulled-up hair, they tend to highlight your neck. 

3. Eagle Themed Tattoo

Eagle Themed Tattoo

The Eagle symbolizes courage, immortality, and strength. So if these are the things you wanna embody in yourself, you can get an eagle side neck tattoo for women. 

4. Bow Themed Tattoo

Bow Themed Tattoo

The tying and the release of the knot of a bow is the symbolism of women’s liberation. It is a symbol of women in general. So this makes the bow neck tattoo a big hit among women as a neck tattoos idea. 

5. Love Themed Tattoo

Love Themed Tattoo

These love or heart-themed tattoos are very personal and always are very meaningful to the person. These tattoos are very sweet and feminine in their look. 

6. Star Themed Tattoo

Star Themed Tattoo

Star-themed tattoos are really popular among celebrities, which makes them popular among the masses as well. A cluster of stars is great neck tattoos; why not just ask Rihanna? 

7. Flower Themed Tattoo

Flowered theme tatoo

If you want to get a flower tattoo, then keep in mind that each flower represents something meaningful and special. So know the meaning of the flower you are getting before getting inked.

8. Lord Shiva Om Tattoo

Lord Shiva Om Tattoo

By the design of this tattoo, you can very well understand that this tattoo is a spiritual one. But that doesn’t mean you have to be very religious or spiritual to get one. 

9. Snow Flake-Themed Tattoo

Snow Flake-Themed Tattoo

The very meaning of a snowflake is the “fragility of life.”

10.  Butterfly Themed Tattoo

Butterfly Themed Tattoo

Butterfly neck tattoos mean the feeling of young love. Though there are different meanings of butterfly in different cultures. 

11.  Love Infinity Tattoo

Love Infinity Tattoo

The main definition of the love infinity sign is to have an unbreakable connection or bond and eternal love. 

12.  Bird Themed Tattoo

Bird Themed Tattoo

Birds mean freedom, liberation, or independence. Birds are a really good neck tattoos idea for women.

13.  Moon Tattoo

Moon Tattoo

The symbol of the moon is a sign of change or growth. The transformation of a person can be signified by the moon. 

14.  Dancing Girl Tattoo

Dancing Girl Tattoos

The dancing girl neck tattoos primarily embody grace and beauty and also a sense of free spirit and passion.

15.  Dog Paw Tattoo

Dog Paw Tattoo

The dog paw print tattoos are mainly done when you have your own furry little fluffball. It is a way to keep your baby with you always. 

16.  Harry Potter Themed Tattoo

Harry Potter Themed Tattoo

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, then getting a movie-related tattoo is not uncommon at all. On the contrary, the Harry Potter series has a lot of tattoo-worthy moments. 

17.  Lotus Themed Tattoo

Lotus Themed Tattoo

In different cultures, the lotus has many different symbolisms. The lotus signifies rising above your temptations and being a better person. In other cultures, it symbolizes purity, spiritual awakening, and beauty.

18.  Dragonfly Tattoo

Dragonfly Tattoo

In Chinese culture, a dragonfly symbolizes good luck. It is believed that on whomever the dragonfly land, that person will receive good fortune. 

19.  Plant Tattoo

Plant Tattoo

Vines or plants are a symbol of pride; it is a symbol of motivation and the entire life cycle. 

20.  Christmas Tree Tattoo

Christmas Tree Tattoo

If you love Christmas and the smell of pine trees, then why don’t you get a Christmas tree inked as neck tattoos.  

21.  Leaf Tattoos

Leaf Tattoos

The leaf tattoo mainly symbolizes life and the different stages of life. There are many ways you can incorporate leaves in your tattoo. 

22.  Wings Tattoo

Wings Tattoo

There are a lot of ways you can incorporate wings as neck tattoos. Wings represent freedom and also protection. You can either get angel wings or devil wings, whichever suits your personality best. 

23.  Roman Numerals Tattoo

Roman Numerals Tattoo

When you are getting neck tattoos of roman numerals, normally, the numbers mean something to you. Maybe a very special date for you or something like that. 

24.  Mandala Themed Tattoo

Mandala Themed Tattoo

The meaning behind a mandala tattoo is not definite. In general, it symbolizes balance, perfection, and eternity. 

25.  Sunflower Themed Tattoo

Sunflower Themed Tattoo

The sunflower is a very popular tattoo, it is a symbol of intelligence, good luck, and longevity. Sunflowers are very cheerful flowers that will brighten up your day. 

26.  Moth Themed Tattoo

Moth Themed Tattoo

One of the most popular front neck tattoos for women moths. They symbolize metamorphosis or transformation. 

27. Cat Themed Tattoo

Cat Themed Tattoo

For all the cat lovers out there, you can get any of these minimalistic cat neck tattoos. These tattoos can easily match your cat’s personality. 

28.  Rose Themed Tattoo

Rose Themed Tattoo

The rose signifies passion, a balance between different emotions, and a sense of regality and beauty that no one can match. The beauty of the rose is unmatched when it comes to flowers. 

29.  Feather Themed Tattoo

Feather Themed Tattoo

The feather tattoo is a symbol of trust, strength, and honor. No matter the size, it is a great minimalistic tattoo design. 

30.  Personalized Name Tattoo

Personalized Name Tattoo

One of the easiest tattoos is the one where you write the names of your special person on your neck. This shows how much you love that person. 

31.  Fairy Themed Tattoo

Fairy Themed Tattoo

The fairy is a very childish concept and imagination, so a fairy tattoo normally signifies a very child-like imagination or innocence. 

32.  Spider Tattoo Ideas

SpiderTattoo Ideas

If you have Arachnophobia, an extreme fear of spiders, maybe this is not the one for you. But spider tattoos are very sexy and embody mystery, power, growth, and bravery. 

33.  Snake Themed Tattoo

Snake Themed Tattoo

The snake-themed neck tattoos are iconic, it showcases power, temptation, and also rebirth. You can make a lot of designs using the snake tattoo. 

34.  Meaningful Words Themed Tattoo

Meaningful Words Themed Tattoo

These are very common types of neck tattoos for women or for anyone, for that matter. People love to get inks of some meaningful words and or phrases.

35. Ornamental Neck Tattoo For A Vintage Vibe

Ornamental Neck Tattoo For A Vintage Vibe

If you want something petite to adorn your neck, you can always go for “vintage ornamental tattoos.” These tattoos are aesthetic and allow you the freedom to be creative with the designs.

You can get it done like a small choker or something more elaborate with floral patterns and vines.

These tattoos are very feminine and look great when you tie your hair up. For more fun, add some colors and details to your ornamental neck tattoo. 

36. Constellation Tattoo

Constellation Tattoo

Stars for a diva! If you really find the night sky fascinating and watching the stars is your hobby, you can get a constellation tattoo for your neck. 

You will also find these constellation tattoos intriguing if you are interested in zodiacs and their ruling planets and stars. So, there are fun ways of flaunting your zodiac sign, you see!

Constellation tattoos look great with sleek lines and only black outlines. Do not clutter these tattoos with too many colors. 

37. Oriental Landscape Tattoo For Neck

Oriental Landscape Tattoo For Neck

You can put wind beneath the wings of your creativity by choosing oriental landscape tattoos for your neck. These neck tattoos can be inked vertically or horizontally, according to your preference. Personally, I feel that these tattoos look better when placed vertically.

The essential elements of oriental landscape tattoos are the rising Sun, flowers, flying birds, etc. You can ask your artist to create a black stripe on your neck as the canvas and then draw the designs with fine lines and colors. 

38. Evil Eye Tattoo

Evil Eye Tattoo

If you want to wonderfully fuse aesthetics with spirituality, evil eye tattoos are the best for you. These tattoos are known to protect the wearer from misfortune and negative energies. The designs of evil eye tattoos are vivid, and you can choose one according to the size and look you want.

From the most petite evil eye design inside a circle to a more elaborate Hamsa tattoo, you can make your pick. Evil eye tattoos are usually blue and black in color. But you can go for green, red, and purple evil eye tattoos, bearing different meanings. 

39. Infinity Symbol Tattoo

Infinity Symbol Tattoo

Getting an infinity tattoo for your neck can flaunt your spiritual beliefs. The infinity tattoo symbolizes unlimited potential, strength, and possibilities. So, these can actually bring positive changes in your life.

Similarly, if you place the infinity symbol vertically, it will become an expression of the number 8, which means ultimate justice. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

Here are a few of the queries that others have regarding neck tattoos. 

1. Is The Neck Painful For Tattoos?

Ans: The spine and the neck are a few of the most painful areas to get a tattoo on. Since they are sensitive, it hurts a lot. 

2. Are Neck Tattoos Attractive? 

Ans: The attractive level of neck tattoos among males and females is 17% and 10%, respectively. They are not the most attractive of all tattoos. 

3. Do Neck Tattoos Fade Faster?

Ans: With time all tattoos fade, but since the neck is already a sensitive part of the body, it is possible that a neck tattoo will fade faster than other tattoos. 

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know all the best neck tattoos for women, it should be easy for you to make a decision about the type of tattoo you wanna get. So if you have selected a particular style and design of tattoo for yourself, let me know in the comment section.

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