30+ Ship Tattoos For Men And Women

30+ Ship Tattoos For Men And Women

Normally when we see cool ship tattoos, we associate them with navy, pirate, or ghost ships. If you are looking for great old-school design shops for your tattoo, then keep on scrolling down for some great designs. 

If you are looking for a few colorful and wildcard ship tattoo designs, then also keep on scrolling. I can guarantee that you will find a few ship-related wildcard tattoo designs in the mix down below, so keep scrolling. 

Ship Tattoos For Men & Women

So if you are dead set on getting a ship-themed tattoo, then we have the best collection here for you. But I must tell you in advance that most ship tattoos are larger tattoos; they are not smaller tattoos most of the time. 

So if you are comfortable with getting a big ship tattoo inked on your body, then continue to scroll down. 

  • Black Ink Ship Tattoos

Black Ink Ship Tattoos

Most ship tattoos that you do are black in color, these are the most famous shade of ship tattoos. These tattoos have a gothic and dark vibe to them.

  • Bright Pirate Ship Tattoos

Bright Pirate Ship Tattoos

But if you are not into black ink, then inking your tattoo with bright colors is always a way to go. Pirate ship tattoos don’t have to be dark and gloomy. 

  • Black Ink Viking Ship Tattoos

Black Ink Viking Ship Tattoos

Viking ships are like a symbol of heroism and adventure, so inking them in the colors of black and grey is great. 

  • Ghost Ship Tattoos

Ghost Ship Tattoos

If you are a fan of the movie the Ghost Ship, then tattoo a ghost ship with a skull-shaped base of the ship. 

  • Giant Ship Tattoos On Shoulder

Giant Ship Tattoos On Shoulder

A great place to get a ship tattoo is on your shoulder, where you can sail the ship off the horizon. 

  • Ship Tattoos On Arm

Ship Tattoos On Arm

If you want a full-sleeve tattoo of a ship, then let me tell you, your tattoos gonna look majestic and lively. 

  • Sailing Ship Body Art

Sailing Ship Body Art

Beautiful tattoos of sailships or sailboats are very beautiful to look at, and the size and design can also depend on your preference. 

  • Old Ship Tattoo On Leg

Old Ship Tattoo On Leg

If you love American traditional ship tattoos, then get the ink done on your leg, especially on your calf muscles. 

  • Small Ship Tattoo On Forearm 

Small Ship Tattoo On Forearm

The forearm ship tattoos can be smaller in size if you want. And the design can also be quite simple and delicate. 

  •  Ship Tattoo Designs, Colorful Ink

Ship Tattoo Designs, Colorful Ink

If you want to add colors to your ship tattoo but not too much, then you can add a few bits of color here and there. 

  •  Black & White Sea Tattoo Sailboat Tattoo

Black & White Sea Tattoo Sailboat Tattoo

If you are someone who loves a black-and-white color combination, then inking ship tattoos with this combination is great. 

  •  Pirate Ship Tattoo, Water Splash Tattoo

Pirate Ship Tattoo, Water Splash Tattoo

Water splashing is a great technique for adding splashes of color to your tattoo. This way, your tattoo looks like watercolor art. 

  •  Ship… I Mean Sheep Tattoos

Ship… I Mean Sheep Tattoos

This is a wild card ship, I mean Sheep tattoo, that you might like to look at. These sheep tattoos are great for a fun tattoo idea. 

  •  Funny Sheep Tattoos

Funny Sheep Tattoos

If you are someone who is into funny tattoos, then here are a few funny sheep tattoos that might seem interesting and funny to you. 

  •  Bright Ship Tattoos On Calf

Bright Ship Tattoos On Calf

Another great place to ink ship tattoos is on your calf muscles. On the calf muscles, tattooing is also painless so you may like this for ship tattoos. 

  •  Paper Boat Tattoo

Paper Boat Tattoo

Paper boat tattoos are rather cute and sweet tattoo designs. If you are someone who doesn’t like gigantic ship tattoos, then these paper boats are a great alternative. 

  •  Ship In A Storm Tattoo

Ship In A Storm Tattoo

If you are in love with dark-themed and terrifying stormy ship tattoos, then these are a few ship tattoos that would go great with your personality. 

  •  Ship Arm Tattoo

Ship Arm Tattoo

Arm ship tattoos are great for people who are enthusiasts of huge tattoos, then these are great for your personality. 

  •  Pirate Ship Tattoo

Pirate Ship Tattoo

Pirate ship tattoos are not always dark and have a ghostly appearance to them. These pirate tattoos can be rather beautiful and delicately drawn. 

  •  Common Ship Tattoos

Common Ship Tattoos

You should know by now that ship tattoos are not always so unique in their design. So if you are not able to find a unique ship design, then get these common ship tattoos on your body. 

More Ship Tattoos for Men & Women

If you want more great ideas for ship tattoos for yourself, then here are a few great designs for you to get inspired by. 

  •  Tall Ships Tattoos

Tall Ships Tattoos

  •  Spaceship Tattoos

Spaceship Tattoos

  •  Simple Ship Tattoo

Simple Ship Tattoo

  •  Ship Tattoo For Women

Ship Tattoo For Women

  •  Modern Ship Tattoo

Modern Ship Tattoo

  •  Japanese Ship Tattoos

Japanese Ship Tattoos

  •  Colorful Ship

Colorful Ship

  •  Small Ship On The Back

Small Ship On The Back

  •  Funny Friendship Tattoo

Funny Friendship Tattoo

  •  Stomach Ship Tattoos

Stomach Ship Tattoos

  •  Boat Tattoos For Women 

Boat Tattoos For Women

Wrapping Up!

Now that we have displayed more than 30 great ship tattoos for you to get, then you can take your pick from the collection we have spread out for you here. 

So if you liked this article, then leave a like and comment down below to let us know which ship tattoo you are sailing towards. 

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