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Mar 23

The Perfect Green Workwear Pants

By Kelly Wilson

Scotch and Soda gifted me these pants. There was no obligation to write a blog post about them, I just simply wanted to because I really liked them.Enter your text here...
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I remember when I got my first office job that I was so excited to finally be able to wear office-chic-outfits. I can recall getting my first pay cheque and going shopping for my new work-ready wardrobe. It was exciting – though, that excitement was shortlived.

The thing I realized quickly about office-styles is that a lot of them just aren’t that comfortable. The materials were often quite rigid, the shirts would be thin and therefore I was cold (like make thicker shirts, people! Office folk are subjected to sub 0 temperatures due to the AC), and overall I just was uncomfortable. 

Now, remember, this was almost 10 years ago and honestly, we have seen a shift in workwear. There are a lot more items that have a bit more stretch, and workwear, in general, has gotten a bit of a stylish (and comfortable) facelift in the last few years. 

Since I don’t head into an office day to day (I work from home), when I do have to go to a meeting, I tend to feel a bit stressed about what exactly to wear. It’s been quite a while since I worked in an office, many of my old office clothes have since been donated, and I tend to live in more casual basics nowadays – which don’t always dress up for professional moments.  Wait – Are my favourite ripped black jeans appropriate for a work meeting?   The Perfect Green Workwear Pants The Perfect Green Workwear Pants

Scotch and Soda reached out to me a number of weeks ago and asked if I liked any of their online styles, and these pants immediately caught my eye. Olive green is one of my favourite colours for clothing. In fact, after recently going all Marie Kondo on my wardrobe, I realized that like 90% of it is olive green – can’t stop, won’t stop buying and wearing olive green.

Also, did I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE paper bag style pants? 

Can we just get this out of the way: I’m a pear shape. No shame, no issue, but having bigger hips (and bum) and a smaller waist can make it somewhat of a challenge to find great comfortable pants – that is until I realized that paper-bag pants were the bees-knees. They are comfortable, they look professional, and I feel like they work great on all body shapes. 




Jan 29


By KellyWil


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Oct 09

Get in Style with This Season’s Fall Fashion

By Kelly Wilson

Get into flair using this season’s Fall fashion

Change of seasons also means a change of wardrobe.Ali on the Boulevard joined us in the studio with some suggestions for the most popular Fall looks this season!

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Fall Fashion: 25 Ways To Be Stylish And Comfy

Thanksgiving is hands down the most delicious of all holidays, but it can come with its set of challenges, specifically when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit for all your various holiday events…

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Sharon Mosley: To find out more about Sharon Mosley, and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at www.creators.com.

With the arrival of the fall season, our homes are brimming over with scented candles and fuzzy blankets, and now our closets are ready for a dose of friendly comfort, too. Think “Hygge.” It’s the trendy Scandinavian word that’s perfect for describing the way we all want to dress when leaves start to fall and fires start crackling.

The Oxford Dictionary defines hygge (pronounced HUE gah) as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).” And what better way to snuggle into a new season than to embrace the relaxed spirit of hygge?

Take a cue from Lands’ End, the Wisconsin-based retailer who recently launched “The Art of Cozy,” a new leisure collection that celebrates the hygge movement and features easy-to-wear clothes in the softest of fabrics.

Embrace the softer side of fall fashion

“As lifestyles continue to evolve, so does fashion,” says Chieh Tsai, senior vice president of design for Lands’ End. “Today, women want to look stylish while being comfortable and have truly embraced a cozy, carefree approach to getting dressed each day,” she adds. Here’s how you can get comfy and put some hygge into your own wardrobe this fall:

>> Start at the top. The plush life begins with soft sweaters. The hottest fashion statements are the chunky turtlenecks, but cowl neck pull-overs, tunics and long cable-knit cardigans are all vying for attention. These knit tops can be the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe easily mixing with casual jeans, leggings and even tailored trousers for the office. Swap out a traditional blazer for a boucle drape front “waterfall” cardigan to bring a little hygge to your workplace.

>> Invest in a fleece vest. The down “puffer” vest is still a fall favorite that warms up the coldest of days without the bulk of a coat. But this fall, the softer side to take is the soft quilted fleece vest. A little lighter, but much more comfortable, especially on those autumn days when chilly mornings turn into warmer afternoons. Fleece pullovers are other cozy options that can be layered under down vests when extra warmth is needed.

>> Add a lightweight jacket. Yes, even outerwear has gone soft this fall. French terry hoodies and bomber jackets are cozy favorites for men; and for women, the latest pea coats feature brushed wool fabrics that have a velvety feel to them. In mint green, they’re a delicious treat for the lighter side of fall.

>> Sweater “coats” are other third-layer alternatives to heavy jackets – the longer the better this fall. In luxurious cashmere, these kimono-inspired knits will provide plenty of those special hygge moments from the minute you put them on.

>> Pull on your pajama pants. But not just any pajama pants. This fall, the comfort factor extends to all kinds of easy-to-wear pants that are anything but sloppy. Meant-to-be-seen joggers, sweatpants, jeggings and of course, leggings, are all basic must-haves in the cozy hygge wardrobe.

>> Dress to impress. You don’t have to worry about leaving the plush life behind at home, either. Slip into a merino wool cable knit sweater dress that you can rock day and night. Then wrap up in an oversized plaid blanket scarf for even more style out on the street. When you get to the office, light a pumpkin spice candle, relax and breathe in all the comfort of a new fall day.


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Apr 30

Find Out All About Beauty and Fashion Style Within This One Post

By Kelly Wilson

Discover Details On Beauty and Fashion Style Within The Following Content

A lot of people think that they have to follow the ‘stars’ when it comes to being beautiful. However, it is wise to remember that often times these images are not real. Each person should develop their own definition of beauty. The tips in this article can help you to learn the skills you need to create your own brand of beauty.

Try filling an empty lip gloss pot with your moisturizer. This small and portable container fits nicely in your pocketbook, briefcase or desk drawer. A tiny drop of moisturizer to the face when your skin starts feeling dry is all you need.

Invest in an eyelash curler. Lots of people don’t realize just how wonderful their eyelashes appear when using eyelash curlers. Curling eyelashes brightens and enlarges the eyes. If you want the curl to last longer, get a heated eyelash curler.

beauty and fashion style

Beauty is different things for different people. Things exude their own beauty. You may think someone is beautiful or simply that nature is beautiful! Keeping an open mind to beauty means your heart can be filled with warmth whenever you find it. Optimists that always see beauty in the world tend to be among the happiest folks.

Wear colors that will bring out the color of your eyes. These type of colors include silver pewter, pale shimmery lavender, light brown and even deep purple.

Your hair color and style can help your face look thinner. A haircut with long streaks can help create a slender look for your appearance. You can also make use of both face-framing lowlights and highlights. These look good and will make your face more attractive.

Consume copious amounts of water on a daily basis if you want to achieve glowing skin on a budget. Water cleanses the body naturally by flushing toxins out of the body. This helps produce skin that is clear and gorgeous.

Keep some of your beauty products in the fridge. In summertime, this can be extra helpful. By storing your toners, oils, lotions and other beauty products in the fridge, your skin will enjoy the feeling of them during the warmer seasons. It also feels nice to put on some nice cool products when it’s hot outside.

Add honey to your beauty treatments. Honey has multiple benefits to your skin, and some of these happen when you eat it. Use honey as a natural exfoliant, by mixing it up with a bit of sugar. Using honey in with your skin lotion will aid in moisture retention. Adding honey in with your regular shampoo will leave it shiny, manageable and touch-ably soft.

Make-up artists have long relied on pink power to draw attention away from problem areas. Tired, red eyes and acne outbreaks are just two of the problems that a set of pink lips can keep people from noticing.

Do not define what is beautiful by the images you see in the media. Your ideas of beauty should be ones you define for yourself. Try these tips to boost your inner beauty without blindly following the beauty habits of another person.

Herbs You Can Grow To Help With Skin Care

Real beauty comes from the heart, but it never hurts to know a few tricks about physical beauty. Tons of people are wishing to make their natural beauty shine! You can find ways to bring out the best in your appearance!

Fill an empty lip gloss pot or a miniscule sample jar with your preferred moisturizer. This teensy container is easy to stash in your handbag, glove box, overnight bag or your desk drawer. When your face starts getting dry, add a small amount of moisturizer to it.

See if you have allergies prior to using false eyelashes. Try placing a little glue somewhere on your arm to determine if you’re allergic to it or not. Cover the part of your skin that you tested.

Apply a light-weight moisturizer before your makeup. This helps your makeup apply more evenly. It will increase your skin tone. Your makeup will last for much longer, and your face will appear fresher.

Enhance your gray or blue eyes by utilizing eyeshadows in shades of copper, apricot and yellowish golds. Look for mascara and eyeliners that are dark brown with hints of brick, deep purple, or maroon. Colors in this range highlight the blues and cause them to stand out.

If you want the vibrant looking skin you see on magazine covers, make sure you are always carrying a moisturizing lotion. This is necessary, especially in the winter, when the air is dry and skin cracks and breaks; that is not so attractive! You will prevent this dryness and cracking by moisturizing well.

Your follicles will not close properly, and you will cause severe problems. It can cause extreme irritation. This goes for using scented skin products as well. These products interact with open follicles in a way that causes extreme irritation.

You can adjust your hair’s style and color to better accentuate the shape of your face. Choose a cut with sleek, elongated lines, with the longest layers reaching somewhere between your jawline and shoulders. You can even add lowlights and highlights that help frame the face. These are extremely flattering on almost all facial types.

Make sure that the eyeliner and lip liners that you are using are sharp. Sharpening them will help you to keep them clean. For best results when sharpening, use the freezer or refrigerator to cool them for around 10 minutes, then proceed to sharpen them.

It is important to get at least a little bit of exercise in everyday. Daily exercise will help your body to stay looking young, fit, and healthy. Movement is a requirement in any beauty plan. You should set aside at least 15 minutes each day for physical exercise. You could vacuum your home, walk around the block or whatever is exciting to you and gets you moving.

Most people want to improve their outer appearance. Accentuating your assets can really help to draw attention away from your flaws. The piece you have just read is great for emphasizing the good and downplaying the bad. Use the suggestions you have just read to help enhance your own beauty.

By Couleur from Pixabay















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