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Mar 23

The Perfect Green Workwear Pants

By Kelly Wilson

Scotch and Soda gifted me these pants. There was no obligation to write a blog post about them, I just simply wanted to because I really liked them.Enter your text here...
Vancouver Beauty and Style Blog

I remember when I got my first office job that I was so excited to finally be able to wear office-chic-outfits. I can recall getting my first pay cheque and going shopping for my new work-ready wardrobe. It was exciting – though, that excitement was shortlived.

The thing I realized quickly about office-styles is that a lot of them just aren’t that comfortable. The materials were often quite rigid, the shirts would be thin and therefore I was cold (like make thicker shirts, people! Office folk are subjected to sub 0 temperatures due to the AC), and overall I just was uncomfortable. 

Now, remember, this was almost 10 years ago and honestly, we have seen a shift in workwear. There are a lot more items that have a bit more stretch, and workwear, in general, has gotten a bit of a stylish (and comfortable) facelift in the last few years. 

Since I don’t head into an office day to day (I work from home), when I do have to go to a meeting, I tend to feel a bit stressed about what exactly to wear. It’s been quite a while since I worked in an office, many of my old office clothes have since been donated, and I tend to live in more casual basics nowadays – which don’t always dress up for professional moments.  Wait – Are my favourite ripped black jeans appropriate for a work meeting?   The Perfect Green Workwear Pants The Perfect Green Workwear Pants

Scotch and Soda reached out to me a number of weeks ago and asked if I liked any of their online styles, and these pants immediately caught my eye. Olive green is one of my favourite colours for clothing. In fact, after recently going all Marie Kondo on my wardrobe, I realized that like 90% of it is olive green – can’t stop, won’t stop buying and wearing olive green.

Also, did I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE paper bag style pants? 

Can we just get this out of the way: I’m a pear shape. No shame, no issue, but having bigger hips (and bum) and a smaller waist can make it somewhat of a challenge to find great comfortable pants – that is until I realized that paper-bag pants were the bees-knees. They are comfortable, they look professional, and I feel like they work great on all body shapes. 




Mar 31

11 Ways To Feel Beautiful That Will Cost Absolutely Nothing

By Kelly Wilson

Beauty is big business — which means as we continue to fill our cabinets with lotions, potions and products, we’re depleting our wallets of more and more money. While buying a tube of lipstick or mascara isn’t going to break the bank, we need to remind ourselves that sometimes the things that make us feel the most beautiful don’t always come in a bottle. Our editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington certainly agrees.

Her number one beauty tip is getting plenty of sleep. “The most important beauty decision of my day is getting eight hours of sleep. It changes how I feel and how I look. And in fact, modern science backs me up.” “For example, a study in UK tested the effects of sleep deprivation on a group of 30 women. Their skin was analyzed and photographed after they slept for eight hours and then again after sleeping six hours for five nights in a row. Fine lines and wrinkles increased by 45 percent, blemishes went up by 13 percent and redness increased by 8 percent,” Arianna explained. “In other words, we wear our lack of sleep on our faces. Who needs Botox, just get eight hours of sleep!” To that end, here are 11 more ways to feel beautiful — free of charge.

1. Call your mom or your best friend for a good catch-up.

2. Get super dressed up for a casual lunch or dinner.

3. Dance in the mirror before leaving the house each morning.

4. Make sure to laugh (real belly laughs) as much as possible.

5. Wear your hair in a style that you usually only wear for special occasions.

6. Commit random acts of kindness.

7. Go for a run or walk and admire nature’s beauty.

8. Compliment yourself or write yourself a love note.

9. Watch a movie that makes you smile. (“The First Wives Club” is always on that list.)

10. Take a few selfies, whether you share them on social media or not.

11. Wear your best underthings under your everyday clothes.

Read more: www.huffingtonpost.com

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Jul 11


By KellyWil


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Mar 11

Fast and Easy Beauty Tips Beneficial to the Face

By Kelly Wilson

Fast and Easy Beauty Tips to be Followed

Cleansing: Dab a rich, cleansing lotion or cream everywhere in the face and neck. Massage it lightly into the pores and skin in an upward movement. Make certain you hold your eyes closed in any respect time. Use a moist facial tissue or a cotton ball to take away the purifier, once more within the upward path.

Exfoliating: Exfoliating ought to be part of the weekly cleaning method. Daily exfoliating upsets the skin. It will assist remove lifeless skin cells that block the pores, inflicting acne and dull skin. Exfoliation is appropriate for every day and oily skin, while, dry skin ought to be scrubbed with facial scrubs which have the lesser quantity of granules and greater cream. Always use the scrub in a circular motion all around the face and neck and wash it out with water.

Toning: Toning allows to do away with traces of dust, makeup, or residual cleanser which have been left in the back of. It may also help to restore the herbal pH level of the pores and skin, and nearpores. Soak a cotton ball with the toner and practice it all around the face and neck. Pay more attention to the nostril and chin area, those places are greater at risk of blackhead deposits.

Moisturizing: Daily put on and tear of the pores and skin, depletes it of its natural softness and flexibility. Moisturizing it often with a terrific pleasant lotion or cream will refill the facial pores and skin making it easy. For the day, use a light cream or lotion with a sunscreen in it, even as at night time use a repair cream. Apply the moisturizer in circular motion everywhere in the face and neck. Reapply, if out inside the sun for extra than four hours.

Homemade Beauty Recipes


​Milk Cleanser: This is one element that forms the base of many cleansers. Take full cream milk in a small bowl. Dab a cotton pad in it and spread it everywhere in the face. Using easy palms, rub down the milk into the skin in upward and round motion. Take every other cotton pad, dip very bloodless water and eliminate the milk from the face and neck.

​Buttermilk and Fennel Cleanser: In the top part of a double boiler, warmness one-half cup buttermilk and tablespoons of crushed fennel seeds, for half of an hour. Remove from heat and allow it sit for a while. Strain and pour into the bottle and refrigerate. Cleanse the face with this concoction the usage of a cotton pad will help with this cleanse.

​Facial Toner

Cucumber Honey Toner: Puree one medium-sized cucumber in a blender and sieve it to get the juice. Add one teaspoon honey to it and blend well. Store covered, in the refrigerator. Smooth over face and neck two times in an afternoon.

Apple Toner: The juice of a well-wiped clean apple works as a wonderful astringent. Smooth over the face and permit it dry..


​Cream Moisturizer: Combine two tablespoons of butter cream and one tablespoon of honey with a half of mashed up banana. Put on to stand and let it rest on your face for 15 minutes before rinsing this with lukewarm water.

​Tomato Yogurt Moisturizer: Mix tablespoons of tomato juice with 4 teaspoons of complete cream clean yogurt. Smooth over face and neck for 20 mins and rinse with heated lukewarm water

Night Lotion: Mix two parts pure rose water with one component correct satisfactory glycerin. Massage into the facial skin in round movement every night.


Oatmeal: Take one tablespoon of oatmeal and almonds and crush the almonds to make powder with it. Add then add some whole full cream milk to mix in.. Smooth over the face and neck. In a round movement, lightly exfoliate the skin using it. After that rinse your face off with bloodless water.

Honey Scrub: Powder four almonds, mix it with two teaspoons of milk, a half teaspoon honey and flour to make a thick paste. Rub lightly into the skin and rinse with heated water.

Face Masks

Honey Mask: Soak a clean hand towel in warm water, squeeze out all of the water, and apply it in your face for a minute. This will open up the pores. Now, follow with honey applied to the face and neck and rinse it off, first with heated water, then with bloodless after 1/2 an hour. Make use of it as soon as a week after cleaning the face thoroughly.

Egg White Mask: Separate the egg yolk from the white and add a bit milk to it. Mix it all well, and make usage of a thick clean facial brush, follow it all over the face and neck in the upward path. Let it dry, let it truly expand the face. Rinse with bloodless water. This is a vintage natural beauty treatment made use of by Japanese girls.

Avocado Carrot Cream Mask: Combine one ripe avocado (mashed), one steamed and mashed up carrots, a half cup whole cream, one well-beaten egg, and three tablespoons of honey mix it in a bowl. Then mix it all together properly until all blended. Spread it all over your cleansed face and neck and then go relax or lie down for about 1/2 an hour before washing it off with bloodless water. It is perfectly ok to lie down when you have the mask on, else it may drip down.

Suitably, I prefer these kinds of home made fast and easy beauty tips, will certainly get you the intended consequences. Many of the important things that could enhance our skin care are very easily found in our kitchens. A crucial thing to comprehend in thoughts is, most of these homemade beauty recipes will work out nicely if you incorporate them with the exact steps and workout sessions.

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​Tips to be Followed Cleansing: Dab a rich, cleansing lotion or cream everywhere in the face and neck. Massage it lightly into the pores and skin in an upward movement. Make certain you hold your eyes closed for just a short time. Use a moist
facial tissue or a cotton ball to take away the purifier.

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Mar 05

Quick Beauty Tips For Fairness and Glowing Skin at Home

By Kelly Wilson

​Beauty Tips With Regards To Fairness

​Everyone desires to appear beautiful and young. Especially every women who are very mindful about their skin color and want total fairness. Fairness can be accomplished by following a number of diet measures and some basic home remedies.

It may be good to look fair but fairness can only be achieved by true time and effort. Beauty Tips For Fairness because beautiful and fair skin is the demand of every single man and woman. But it can be achieved with really true effort on your part.

Rub Your Face Dual:

Rinse your face twice daily even more so in the summer months, for the reason that the skin of our face requires more water. You may roughly wash your skin clean, it may be sensitive afterward, For all occasions that you wash your make-up off at night before going to sleep regularly, given that it may have some adverse effects on your skin, so help make it into a daily routine.

​Blueberry and Grape Seed Face Mask:

​Blueberry and grape seed face mask for the reason that Blueberry has a natural source of Vitamin C and contains an ingredient called anthocyan; which enhance collagen levels in the skin. Grape seed oil is non-oily,  more-over  it is highly nutritious. It is loaded with essential fatty acids, making it marvelous anti-aging oil. Mingle ¼ cup of blueberries and 1.5 tablespoons of grape seed oil. Puree in a food processor. Apply to skin with a facial brush and wash it all off after 15 minutes.


​Never skip exfoliation in any beauty and skin care routine, for the reasons that without this, it’s very hard for you to remove any of your dead skin cells and prevent dryness of the skin. Use a face scrub and if it’s homemade then it’s much more effective and beneficial for your overall skin care.

Turmeric With Tomato Juice:​

​Take a measure of turmeric 1/4 teaspoon with tomato juice use 2 tablespoons. Combine the two ingredients to make a paste of these two things and apply it on your face. Just leave it sit for up to 15 minutes then washes your face with tap
water. This mask has definitely work out and your skin glow naturally.

​Banana and Raw Milk:

​Banana has a lot of advantages so lets take a look. Bananas are helpful for you get a glowing skin. Smash ripe bananas and lubricate your skin with it. Keep it for some time and rinse it. You can also include raw milk to the mashed bananas to obtain a nice glow.




Beauty tips glowing skin

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​Joules Womens Wensley

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May 25

What Your Manicurist Probably Hasn’t Told You About Acrylic Nails

By Kelly Wilson

Acrylic nails have been around for ages. Whether you sat down for the lengthy process to look picture perfect for your prom or to flaunt the perfect mani in a wedding party, these artificial nail enhancements are a rite of passage for so many women. 

“Good-looking” nails aside, nail artist and industry expert Jessica Washick believes a lot of individuals still wear acrylics because they provide “a quick fix to achieve a temporary nail goal.” This may include increasing strength, adding length or repairing splits or gaps. But at what cost to the overall health and condition of your nails?

We asked Washick and board-certified dermatologist/nail specialist Dana Stern to break down the potential hazards of acrylic nails. Read on to find out what we learned, and why you should probably reconsider getting acrylics the next time you’re at the nail salon.

Miodrag Gajic via Getty Images
Acrylic nails are a combination of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer that creates a hard, protective layer over your natural nails.

What exactly are acrylic nails?

According to Stern, acrylic nails are a combination of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer that creates a hard protective layer over your natural nails. She adds, “The acrylics harden from exposure to air. The material is transparent and a nail polish is applied after.”

The acrylics will gradually grow out with your nails, and you will need to return to the salon or a nail professional in order to “fill” in the space. Keep in mind, this usually requires soaking your nails in acetone for 10-15 minutes in order to fully remove.

Are acrylics bad?

Dr. Stern told The Huffington Post that she generally isn’t a fan of nail enhancements such as acrylics for several reasons:

Allergies to chemicals (resins and formaldehydes) in the product can cause nail separation, burning, pain or swelling. Not to mention, you may inhale significant and potentially harmful fumes if the salon isn’t well-ventilated.

Acrylic nails are traditionally stiff, without any give. Nails are meant to have flexibility. Stern adds, “If the nail hits a hard object, it can more easily separate from the nail bed (onycholysis).”

Artificial nails may heighten risk of infection. “Bacteria that is not completely removed from a nail plate prior to the application of an enhancement can lead to Pseudomonas (bacteria that produces a green pigment, hence the term ‘greenies’) to grow in the space between the nail plate and the enhancement,” says Stern. “Also, damaged nails that have areas of separation can predispose a salon-goer to this issue.”

Are there healthier or safer alternatives to acrylic nails?

Stern believes there really are no healthy alternatives to adding a false “coat of armor” to your nails. Instead, she suggests taking a break from polish and acrylics in order to achieve strong, youthful nails.

When shopping for nail polishes that aren’t loaded with harmful chemicals, Washick recommends those that are are free of resins and formaldehydes. “You’ll usually be able to spot them because the product will boast something along the lines of “3-Free” or “5-Free.” That means that those polishes are free from known harmful chemicals,” she says.


 Read more: www.huffingtonpost.com



















Feb 04

People Are Going Crazy Over This Before-And-After Makeup Photo

By KellyWil

Posted From http://stylecaster.com/beauty/before-after-makeup-photo-reddit-emmaskies/

Makeup is a magical, wonderful, and seriously transformative thing (at least, you know, when done well by an incredibly excellent beauty enthusiast). Like, although we’re totally aware that Kim Kardashian’s contoured cheekbones and nose are not actually cut like marble IRL, we can’t say we’re not still weirdly fascinated by the fact that her entire face is carved out of makeup. Which is probably why we—and everyone else on the internet, apparently—is obsessed with this one woman’s before-and-after makeup photo that went viral this weekend.

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The photo was posted by user EmmaSkies on Reddit’s MakeupAddiction with the title, “Drastic before-and-afters are my favorite thing.” In the photo, the woman shows a side-by-side photo of herself, totally makeup-free and clean-faced, next to a photo of herself with gorgeous, dewy foundation, a golden smokey eye, long-as-hell lashes, and literally perfect brows. So, you know, the exact going-out makeup you always attempt.

Reddit / EmmaSkies

Reddit / EmmaSkies

Obviously, EmmaSkies’ skin tone, face, and existence was completely perfect without any makeup, but we’re still seriously impressed by how well she disguised the few zits and red marks she did have scattered around her cheeks and chin. And we’re not the only ones who noticed: “Wow, love this! I like how nice and fresh your skin looks, and the lipstick looks fantastic on you,” commented one user, while another wrote, “You’re amazing! Dying to try your foundation and concealer!”

Luckily, EmmaSkies nicely listed every single product she used on her face, which included mostly drugstore products (uh, thank you), like Wet ‘n’ Wild Photofocus Primer, L’Oreal Infallible Totally Coverage Foundation, and Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer on her skin, with ColourPop Brow Pencil in Dope Taupe on her brows, and, well, a zillion more products on her eyes and lips.

Clearly, EmmaSkies underestimated how much people love before-and-afters, seeing as she later wrote, “Wow, I was absolutely not expecting this to get any traction! I don’t think I was planning on this many people seeing me without makeup; woops.” Welp, too late, EmmaSkies—we’re all obsessed, and will promptly be trying this look out on ourselves tonight.

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