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May 25

Flawless Skincare Routine – Simple Measures to a Exquisite Face

By KellyWil


Hello Gorgeous!

Great skin is smooth, even toned, and dewy. To get those results, you need an effective daily skincare routine in place.

My journey to flawless skin is an evolving process. People ask me often what products I use so I thought I would share my current routine and products with you.

Everyone’s skin type and concerns are different and I know that I probably put a lot of products on my skin (I am a total product junkie), but I am really loving my current results from my nightly routine and I hope you will too.

Nightly Skincare Routine – Simple Steps to a Flawless Face:

Makeup remover

  • To deep clean and improve skin texture and prepare for product absorption, I use Ulta’s Dual Action Cleansing System (I bought this instead of the Clarisonic cleansing system to save some money and I LOVE it–highly recommend it). This little gadget really minimizes pores and helps to improve so many other skin concerns.


  • You want to use a gentle face wash/cleanser with the cleansing system. You can use any product you like as long as it is gentle (you do not want to use an exfoliating face product with the cleansing system because it will be too harsh when paired together). I am currently using Soap & Glory’s Peaches and Clean 4-in-1 wash off deep cleansing milk.


  • I wash off the extra product from my face by using an extra gentle cleansing sponge (the cleansing system tends to get messy and the face sponge really comes in handy).


Now it’s time for the fun stuff… Skincare products! My new favorite line for face care is Kiehl’s!

  • Once my face is squeaky clean, I apply two products together.

First I add Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate to my face


Second, directly after I apply the above concentrate, I apply Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate


When I pair these two products together, I achieve amazing results! It feels great on my skin and the next morning my face always looks flawless!

Travel Size StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles

And there you have it, my flawless skincare routine. Just stick with it and the results will be well worth the extra five minutes each day.


Your beauty addict,


















Mar 20

The Natural Beauty Tips You Will Need To Truly Stand out

By KellyWil

Beauty Guide You Need To Really Shine

A large amount of men and women believe being beautiful consists of what they see on television or in publications. However, most of the photos displayed there are actually altered, this can be a hazardous undertaking. You need to create your own definition of natural beauty. The tips and suggestions in this post can enable you to educate yourself on the knowledge you need to develop your own version of beauty.

Ensure that your skin cells are turning over by using exfoliation for good skin care. Dry or sensitive skin ought to be exfoliated between one and three occasions a week in order to uncover the healthy skin hiding underneath. You are going to ensure that your face appears to be healthier and you will probably eliminate any dirt or maybe oil build up.

It is best to eliminate unwanted hair a couple of days prior to using a suntanning spray. Eitherwaxing or shaving is going to be efficient but make certain it's not closer than one day prior tomaking use of the sun tanning products. This will keep your tan looking its greatest.

Best Natural Skin Care Advice

Coconut oil is a great substitute for expensive moisturizing products; it is a great natural facial moisturizer Virgin coconut oil moisturizes skin just as well as the name brand stuff, as well as reduces the physical appearance of lines and wrinkles. It also helps treat skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis because of its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

If you feel your face is just too square, soften the angles with a creamy coral or rose blush, used lightly and blended well. Make use of your fingers to apply blush to the center of the cheeks. You may then rub the color outward, toward each temple to complete the process.

Help to make health and fitness an integral part of your everyday lifestyle activity. A daily exercise workout will allow you to remain healthy and look fresh and young. It is just a important part of any beauty regimen. You must be physically active for about twenty or so minutes each day. You might get this activity by cleaning up your home or perhaps taking a walk.

If you work with shimmer, highlight the locations where any available lighting will hit. This will give your skin a pleasant glow. When you use a highlighter, strive for showcasing your cheekbones,brows and nose, then choose to set it up with loose powder.

To help stop your hair from turning gray, have a teaspoon of chutney made using curry leaves each day.This product contains essential nutrients for hair care and wellness as well as should help retain pigmentation within your hair. You can also apply rosemary essential oil (ideally perfumed) to your hair each day to keep your hair strong and healthy.

Tips for healthy skin; to help enhance healthier skin, try using a soft, dry brush on your skin before taking a shower, which stimulates oil glands helping keep the skin moisturized. Move it in a spherical fashion or motion, working upwards from your feet, after finish off with a shower by using a gentle soap.

Honey ought to be in your beauty kit; additional tips for beautiful skin. It has numerous advantages when applied topically and then eaten. Honey combined with sugar is a great natural way to exfoliate your skin.A touch honey in your own lotion will help you retain moisture. Add honey to your hair shampoo for maximum softness along with a nice shine.

Honey ought to be in your beauty kit; additional tips for beautiful skin. It has numerous advantages when applied topically and then eaten. Honey combined with sugar is a great natural way to exfoliate your skin.A touch honey in your own lotion will help you retain moisture. Add honey to your hair shampoo for maximum softness along with a nice shine.

Please do not let television or any media determine the way you understand beauty. You have to look within yourself in order to see what natural beauty really indicates. Look at these tips and guide so that you can begin to show off your inner beauty.



Mar 02

This Natural-Beauty Guru Wants to Give You the Best Skin of Your Life

By KellyWil

Posted From http://stylecaster.com/beauty/cindy-diprima-cap-beauty/

Think back to the last time you and your best friend made a pact to get “healthier.” Maybe you actually made it to yoga three times that week, or you bought a vegan lipstick and silently patted yourself on the back, or maybe you even lasted the full four weeks of Whole30. Hey, every little bit counts, right? But that also means your best friend definitely isn’t Cindy DiPrima, co-founder of CAP Beauty, because the last time DiPrima and her best friend decided to live a healthier life, they created one of the coolest natural beauty shops in New York City, and ever so swiftly established themselves as the new leaders of the beauty and wellness community.

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Unlike you and your best friend, though, DiPrima and her business partner, Kerrilynn Pamer, didn’t just randomly decide to jump on the wellness train after finishing off a bottle of merlot and a bag of pita chips. “I’ve always been into natural beauty and holistic health, but all of those interests were really amplified when I had kids,” says DiPrima, whose two children are ages five and seven. “Babies lick you and kiss you, and I realized I didn’t even know what they were ingesting, because I didn’t know what was in my skin-care products. And that was kind of when I realized I needed to take ownership over my health and what I was putting on my body.”

Photo: CAP Beauty

Photo: CAP Beauty

So when Pamer, who was already the owner of the fashion and jewelry boutique Castor and Pollux, which already carried a small collection of natural products, asked DiPrima in 2014 if she wanted to help her create a store solely devoted to natural beauty, her answer was easy. Within a year, the duo founded CAP Beauty (“it stands for clean and pure, though my very French husband pointed out that it also means destination, which is fitting”), an all-natural beauty website with a hyper-curated stock of hand-picked products, and in 2015, they opened their first brick-and-mortar store in the West Village in New York City.

“Kerrilynn and I decided early on that we were going to have high standards and a really tight edit with our selection of products,” says DiPrima. “Every product we carry has been tested by someone on our staff, and even then, we’ll only include it if it’s really, really excellent and is also filling some sort of void. Like, we’re not going to bewilder you with 20 choices of the same type of product—we’re going to give you the best ones at different price points, so you know you’re going home with the right product for you and your skin.”

Photo: CAP Beauty

Photo: CAP Beauty

The rigorous vetting process, though, is somewhat necessary in a world of miscommunication about natural beauty. “People either think that natural beauty products are the less-effective stepsisters of mass-market products, or that they’re over-priced DIY recipes they could make in their own kitchen,” says DiPrima. “But a really excellent natural face oil, for example, wasn’t just slapped together; it’s been intelligently formulated to treat different skin types and issues using truly effective ingredients.”

And those ingredients really do make a difference. “99-percent of the time, synthetic ingredients in mass-market products aren’t actually making the product more effective—they’re generally just preserving the formula so it can sit on shelves for years without spoiling,” she says. “So maybe only 20-percent of the ingredients in your anti-aging cream are benefiting your skin, while the other 80-percent are fillers used to stabilize the product—all of which can be awful for your face in the long run.”

The ingredients in natural products, however, all serve a purpose: to better your skin. “Every single ingredient in the natural products we carry is there for a reason—whether it’s radish root ferment, which is both a natural preservative and an anti-inflammatory, or a botanical active that stabilizes the formula, while producing collagen in your skin,” says DiPrima. “Some of the best ingredients in the world are natural because they’re loaded with excellent nutrients, which makes them wonderful products on their own merit, even when stacked against drugstore favorites.”

Photo: CAP Beauty

Photo: CAP Beauty

And if none of that sways you to try the natural-beauty life, maybe the fact that DiPrima’s own skin and hair now shine with the light of a thousand moons will entice you. “I have honestly never looked better since using all natural beauty products,” she says. “I’ve been using an oil treatment that turned my frizzy hair into this shiniest, silkiest hair I’ve ever had, and despite the fact that I’m always trying out new products, my skin-tone has totally evened out, my complexion is brighter, and I just look way glowier overall.”

Still, if you’re skeptical about sweeping your entire vanity into the trash can, DiPrima recommends starting small, but staying consistent. “The best way to adopt a natural lifestyle is to just be mindful and doing little things every day,” she says. “You don’t have to do a 21-day juice cleanse, but maybe try to have a green juice each morning. And you don’t need to abandon all of your favorite beauty products, but maybe try to swap two of them out for natural options.” In the end, though, DiPrima acknowledges that everyone needs to find a system that works best for her—“though I’m biased and think that system should be natural,” she says with a laugh.

Luckily, we got DiPrima to tell us her absolute favorite, holy-grail natural products, so you can test the natural life without feeling completely overwhelmed by the choices (or without buying a plane ticket to fly to New York and ask the CAP Beauty founders yourself). Click through to see her MVPs, and then get slathering. Your ridiculously perfect hair and skin will thank you.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

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natural beauty products
Dec 29

Searching For The Real Natural Beauty Products And Natural Skin Care

By KellyWil

Looking around For The Real Natural Beauty Products

Just like most consumers, perhaps you are also searching for natural beauty products and natural skin care. Or maybe you are already using one rather than those products that are rich with fake or artificial components. This is mainly because you are worried about the many synthetic chemicals found in lotions and creams that can damage your skin or worse affect your general wellness. However,did you have any idea that at times even the professed natural beauty products can give you negative effects?

So, why can your natural lotion or face cream be bad for you? This has happened over and over again to most individuals- they purchase a beauty skin care items that is hypothetically formulated particularly for those with sensitive skins, however find their skins having rashes or suffers from skin irritation after using it.

Why does it have to happen especially if the lotion or eye creams have natural ingredients that are believed to heal and not to harm? Actually, there are two important reasons for that:It might be because you have an allergic reaction to some natural components.

For instance, you have an allergy with tea tree oil. Undoubtedly, tea tree oil offers numerous skin benefits. It can help heal wounds faster and it is used in many products to treat acne. But, to those with sensitive skin, such natural ingredient can cause irritation and redness.

This ingredient has been tested for cosmetic use although it is subject for restrictions. But, there is also an issue that concerns its neurotoxin effect on people.

vitatily nourishing facial oil

So, how will truly find natural beauty products that you can safely use for your natural skin care?

First, search for a skin care or an anti-aging product that contains natural substances that can cause the least harm of rooting side effects. One great example of a natural substance is the jojoba oil. Since its chemical formulation is much the same as the natural oil of the skin, it can be safely used for all types of skin without having to worry about allergic reactions.

Secondly, ensure that the product you will use holds enough concentrations of helpful ingredients. Majority of beauty product manufacturers mislead consumers in such manner, they will surely include natural components in their beauty products, but in quantities that are mere too little to give any actual benefit.

Thirdly, determine which components to prevent in natural beauty products and natural skin care. For your security, try to identify why you must not utilize a body lotion or a face cream that holds components like mineral or perfume oil. By acquiring yourself with this know-how, you can actually find the better natural beauty products you will never have doubts using and will recommend to others.

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Beauty tips for women
Dec 10

Take The Stress Out Of Skin Care Tips For Women

By KellyWil

A Crash Course In The Most Important Beauty Tips

Many people will advise you that beauty and best skin care tips are undoubtedly subjective. With that being said, there are lots of actions you can take to look far better. If you wish to make yourself more beautiful, this information is the place to start out.

Try coconut oil on your face, as opposed to those pricey facial moisturizers. Coconut oil is easily soaked up by the skin and can help get rid of wrinkles. Coconut oil can also, as a result of its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, be used to treat bothersome skin disorders such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Beauty tips for women

Rub Vaseline on your own cuticles once per week. This makes your finger nails grow quicker because it feeds your nails. Your cuticles and nails are usually likely to appear healthier. It does not take long to improve the look of your nails. You will realize the difference right away.

hair dryer

When using heated hair drying devices, make use of hair products which are made especially for use with these types of devices. Using these tools daily may damage your hair. Making use of hair products that contain heat protectants can help to eliminate the amount of harm that the devices can cause to your hair and then make it look shiny, too; to keep your hair healthy

To help continue to keep your skin in great condition, try to use luke-warm water while bathing and taking a shower. The opening of skin pores caused by hot water makes it possible for oil to escape, leading to dry skin on your face and body. It is then washed away. Bathe and shower with warm or tepid water to help keep the gentle and beautiful appearance of your skin. By using this methods, it can help to lower your electric bill.

Pink lip stick is a perfect concealer for imperfections. A nice warm pink lipstick is simply not to be used on the flaw, but alternatively as a tool to draw the attention away from the any imperfection on your face and put the focus on your lips. In case your lips look luscious and appealing, your current slight defects will be unnoticed.

If your budget allows, buy an additional set of your standard beauty items, such as foundation, cream or lip stick, to keep available on the job. Keep them handy inside your bathroom or at the job. This can be a way to stay prepared so you may not neglect to put on your makeup.

Swap your beauty products for inexpensive natural skin products. These kinds of products are fantastic for just about anytype of skin. Any time aloe does not cut it, add vitamin E oil, too. If you prefer a medicated skin toner, try adding some tea tree oil

Filtered water along with a bit of peppermint oil will produce a wonderful mouth wash for your use. Simply use a small amount of the oil for every ounce of water. To get started, bring the water to a boil. Measure the peppermint oil into a ceramic or glass container. Add boiling water for the next step. Cover the container using a clean cloth and allow it to cool. Pour into a clean bottle and cover it tightly. Then simply, use your mouthwash at any time you need.

Several facets of tips for beautiful skin are really are a case of discussion for most of us, yet others are common guidelines. Now that you know a bit about the basics of beauty care, you'll want to start making use of that understanding.

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