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Nov 15

How to Stay Hot This Winter: Top Must-Have Fashion Trends of the Year

By Kelly Wilson

As sad it may be, summer is coming to an end and, depending on where you live, winter may be just around the corner.  This means tanks, shorts, and flip-flops need to make way for your warm and cozy winter collection.

But what’s hot this upcoming winter?

If you are looking to stay on point this winter with the hottest fashion trends, read on to find out what pieces you will need to go out and buy in a hurry.

Ski Jackets

Colorful, waxy ski jackets are all the rage both on and off the slopes.  Not only do they keep you nice and warm when the blustery weather sets in, but they also make a stunning fashion statement as well.  Try pairing your favorite ski jacket with a pair of slacks and heels this winter, or even match your old pair of boyfriend jeans to that colorful coat you plan to wear snowboarding in a couple of weeks.

Red, Red, Red

It never fails.  Every winter the newest collections are released, fresh new looks hit the runways, and the famous prints and colors for the upcoming cold season are on full display.  And, it never ceases to amaze anyone that is the smoldering color red.

Plaid Style

And speaking of prints, the cloth is set to be the next big thing this upcoming 2018 winter.  Plaid dresses, overcoats, skirts, and more are destined to land in every fashionista’s closet because it’s merely the trendy thing to do.

winter fashion trends

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Plaid not your thing?  That’s okay.   and feels smoking hot, it is still making waves in all different ways so you are safe sticking with that if you just can’t jump on the plaid bandwagon.  In fact, going leopard your new go-to neutral will add an entirely new dynamic to your winter closet, making you stand out amongst those that can’t bear to wear anything but black all winter long.


Leggings have come and gone…and are back again.  And, despite their polarizing nature (we all know that one friend that refuses to give in and try them) leggings are here to stay.

Comfy, casual, and making you look good no matter what, the perfect pair of leggings work well under dresses and skirts proving that sometimes we just shouldn’t let some styles go no matter how outdated they seem.

Puffer Coats

Puffer coats are also another popular trend that seems to be sticking around.  With a variety of styles – from super metallic, to light and feathery – this jacket staple will instantly add style to your boring all-black winter wardrobe, making your hot once again.

winter fashion trends

Try this brightly colored and let everyone know that despite the age-old tale that everyone gets the winter blues, you are choosing to stay happy and bright this winter season.


Fringe, our old 1970’s BFF, is coming back with a bang this season, and for a good reason.  It dances to and fro, it’s fun to twirl around in, and it adds an old-fashioned, yet unique look to any outfit, especially in the winter when most people are covered from head to toe trying to stay warm.  Get a fringe jacket, poncho, skirt, or even a fringe winter bag and join in on the fun that fringe is bound to bring to your long, cold days.

Faux Fur

It’s not enough to stay warm and cozy during the cold winter months.  You have to do so in style.  One of the best ways to keep the cold out, but remain looking fabulous, is to invest in one of the winter’s hottest trends – faux fur coats.  Coming in playful candy colors such as bubblegum pink, or the classic go-to black, your faux fur coat is sure to steal the spotlight anywhere you go.  

If a faux coat is a little too trendy for you, but you just can’t give up the thought of wearing a brightly colored piece of fuzzy warmth this winter, be daring and go for a furry hat instead.  Coming in any color, you can think of; this funky accessory will make you stand out in amongs’t the crowd of people all opting for boring beanies and earmuffs.

Slouchy Boots

Last winter we were knee deep in tall boots for the winter.  But this year, women are trending more towards the low ankle, slouchy boot.  Complement your favorite pair of leggings or fitted jeans, or add a couple to match perfectly with your sultry midi dress.  No matter the occasion, this practical fashion item will easily top off your winter collection.

So there you have it.  Eight wintry pieces to get you headed into winter in style – hot as you come – despite the cold winter temperatures.

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