What Is The Best Tattoo Tiger Japanese Style? Know The Meaning And Explore 17+ Ideas


A tattoo tiger Japanese style stands out thanks to the presence of bright colors and defined lines. Further, these tattoos have an elaborate nature, and you will notice the presence of many secondary elements like flowers, leaves, and traditional patterns. 

Japanese tiger tattoos also flaunt vividity in postures. In some tattoos, you will find the animal sitting, and in others, it may be lying, standing, or attacking. Further, the expression or aggression of the animal in different tattoos changes the overall aesthetics. 

There is also a lot of variety in the composition of Japanese tiger tattoos. The most common ones come with well-defined black outlines and a riot of colors. You will even find some gray Japanese tiger tattoos with clean outlines and a minimalistic touch.

Do you want to know more about Japanese tattoos with tiger designs? Here is a complete guide for you. 

What Does A Tattoo Tiger Japanese Style Mean?

Do you want to know the meaning of “a tattoo tiger Japanese style?” This royal creature has a strong association with virility. In Japanese culture, tigers are one of the controllers of the wind. These beasts protect the West, and they represent autumn. 

Further, these courageous animals protect humankind from sickness, negative energy, and obstacles in their lives. In addition, in the history of Samurai warriors and the Japanese military, these animals have a significant role to play.

However, the meaning of tigers becomes negative when we club the beast with a dragon. The tiger in the tattoo then represents sickness and negativity, while the dragon symbolizes protection from these evils.

Is The Tattoo Tiger Japanese Style Lucky?

Yes, a tattoo tiger Japanese style is lucky. According to Japanese beliefs, tigers can bring good health and luck, and they offer protection from negative energies

Tigers are closely associated with Japanese, Chinese, and Oriental cultures. Japanese Samurai warriors even used to flaunt tiger motifs on their crest as a mark of bravery and strength. 

This regal animal of the forest also depicts some strong emotional aspects like passion. They are often related to noble qualities like agility, intelligence, heightened awareness, and wisdom

What Are The Best Body Parts For Having A Tattoo Tiger Japanese Style? Can Everyone Wear It? 

You can have a Japanese-style tiger tattoo on almost any body part. However, tiger tattoos are illustrative in nature and you will see the presence of a lot of colors and patterns in these tattoos.

So, for the perfect depiction of the tiger design in full glory, you must consider getting a tiger tattoo on your chest or shoulder. Women can consider the more sensual placement of these tattoos by picking the lower back or sternum as the tattoo location. 

If you are unsure about the ideal location of the placement of tiger tattoos, you can talk to your tattoo artist before getting inked. 

Traditionally, tiger tattoos represent masculine vigor and strength. However, gender and age are no perils in getting a beautiful Japanese-style tiger tattoo on your body.

So, it does not matter whether you are a man, woman, or a non-binary person. You can always get a tiger tattoo inked on any body part of your choice. 

What Is The Best Tattoo Tiger Japanese Style? (Explore The Ideas)

You can be as creative as you want while looking for the best Japanese tiger tattoo ideas. You can choose a simple line drawing in black, and you can also opt for the most illustrative ones with a lot of colours. 

Here, I have curated 17+ design ideas for you, and it’s time to explore them!

1. Japanese-Style Tiger Tattoo With Watch Backdrop

In Japanese tradition, tigers are known as the protector of humankind. It fights with the evil forces and negative energies to restore positivity in your life. So, tiger tattoos are designs to manifest good times.

Why not make the theme more obvious by combining a tiger tattoo with a clock backdrop? The concept is visually interesting, and you can use a grayscale or colorful depiction of your choice. 

2. Arm Sleeve Tiger Tattoos

Japanese tiger tattoos look excellent on the forearms of men. As symbols of courage and masculinity, these tattoos can indeed be bodyart that you can be proud of. 

3. Full Back Tiger Tattoo

Are you looking for the most aesthetic tattoo design for your back? Choose a tiger tattoo with a lot of supporting elements to cover your back fully. 

4. Geisha And Tiger Tattoos

We all are familiar with the concept of beauty and the beast. Depict the same concept in your Japanese tiger tattoo by pairing it with beautiful Geisha drawings. 

5. Abstract Japanese Tiger Tattoo

It’s time to get creative and chalk out a design that encourages an abstract portrayal of tigers. You don’t have to go for a defined drawing and can only choose lines or graphical elements that represent the spirit of the regal animal. 

6. Japanese Tiger Tattoo With Floral Designs

Complement the vigor and strength of tigers with dainty floral motifs. It will be an aesthetically appealing tattoo with contrasting elements. 

7. Black And White Tiger Tattoo

Do you want to avoid too much use of colors in your tattoos? It’s time you choose a tiger tattoo, inked with black and white shades. 

The black outlines will give the tattoo designs the required clarity, while the touches of white will be ideal for adding dimension to the designs. 

8. Grayscale Tiger Tattoo

A grayscale tiger tattoo looks stylish. Also, thanks to the use of black and gray, these tattoos exude a quaint charm that you will always love.

You can have a grayscale tiger tattoo on your back or forearm to have a unique bodyart. 

9. Tiger Roaring Tattoo On Back

Do you want to have the most powerful tiger tattoo on your back? Choose a roaring one. It perfectly symbolizes strength and virility.

You can also consider getting the same tattoo on your chest or shoulders. It will even look better on your arm sleeves and on your biceps. 

10. Japanese Tiger Face Tattoo

If you want a prominent tiger tattoo on your body without much fuss, you can always have a Japanese tiger face tattoo. You can choose the expression of the tiger according to your preference.

It can be a roaring tiger, showing its prowess and strength or a serene one, denoting inner awakening and heightened wisdom. 

11. Japanese Tiger Tattoo Without Backdrop

Japanese tattoos are known for their illustrative nature. The contrast between the backdrop and foreground design of the tattoos is one of the most prominent features of Japanese tattoos.

However, if you have a penchant for a minimalistic design, you can always choose a tiger tattoo without any backdrop. This tattoo will look cute on your wrist or neck. 

12. Dragon And Tiger Japanese Tattoo On Chest

Despite having a lot of positive meanings attached to them, tigers denote negative energies when they are placed with dragons in a single frame.

So, when you choose a tattoo with dragons and tigers, the tigers denote evil forces and diseases. The dragon, in such designs, shows up as the benevolent protector. 

13. Koi Carp And Tiger Tattoo

Are you facing a lot of hardships these days? You can consider getting a tattoo with koi carp and tigers.

Here, the koi carp will be the symbol of perseverance, and the tiger will give you the courage and strength to fight against the odds. Tigers are also known to protect us against negative energies. 

14. Samurai Tiger Tattoo

You cannot avoid the honor, bravery, and loyalty of Samurai warriors when you are trying to get a bodyart inspired by Japanese traditions. Further, for the depiction of these brave warriors, tigers can be the best animal you can think of.

These tattoos can be the most colorful, with shades like red, yellow, and green in abundance. You can even have a distinct background for these tattoos, portraying Sunrise or clouds. 

15. Tiger And Rose Japanese Tattoo

A tiger and rose tattoo can be the perfect depiction of two opposite energies. Tigers are associated with virility, while the vivaciousness of roses denotes feminine charm.

Having said that, roses and tigers both symbolize grace and beauty. So, by fusing these two elements, you can truly have a meaningful Japanese tattoo for yourself. 

16. Tiger In Warrior Disguise Japanese Tattoo

Tigers are associated with strength and valor. So, they are very popular as warrior beasts. In many Japanese tattoos, you will find tigers all geared up in the ensemble of a warrior.

The overall aesthetic is surreal, and you can add an air of intrigue to the design through the personification of a tiger as a warrior. 

17. Tiger And Skull Japanese Tattoo

Do you want the perfect juxtaposition of good and evil in your tattoos? How about incorporating skulls and tigers in one tattoo? The skulls represent evil forces or negative energies, and the tigers denote protection from them. 

It is best to go for only black or black and white for these tattoos. However, if you want, you can also add some touches of red to the design. 

18. Japanese Tiger Tattoos On Thighs 

If you want to get inked on your thighs, you can choose a colorful Japanese tiger tattoo. A Japanese tiger tattoo with a lot of colors and bold outlines will look wonderful, and you can even fuse it with other elements like flowers and leaves to create a perfect depiction. 

Tiger tattoos on thighs look sexy, and your partner will swoon over them during the most intimate moments. 

19. Red And Black Tattoo Tiger Japanese Style

Do you want to have a vibrant and bold depiction of a Japanese-style tiger tattoo? Choose red and black as the colors for your tiger tattoo. This color combination looks aesthetic, and they complement each other to create the perfect dimension of the design. 

20. Blue Japanese Style Tiger Tattoo

Do you want to give your tattoo a serene appeal? You can go for a tiger tattoo done with blue ink. Based on your preference, you can choose a tattoo with only outlines. You can even go for a tattoo filled with the color blue. 

However, if you want some dimension and character in your tattoo designs, you can use the color black to outline and define the design. 

21. Ornamental Tiger Tattoo

Japanese Tattoos are known for their illustrative nature. If you have a penchant for opulent designs and detailing, you can always pick tattoos that are detailed in many colors and sometimes adorned with glitters or stones. 

You can add many elements to these tattoo designs and experiment with the background design. Koi carp, roses, different flowers, and sunrise scenarios are some of the most common elements used to complete these tattoos. 

22. Tiger And Butterfly Tattoo

Tigers and butterflies both have powerful meanings. While tigers represent protection from evil, butterflies denote transformation and beauty. So, when you put both these elements in a single tattoo, you truly have a bodyart that symbolizes positive things. 

You can make this tattoo as colorful as you want. However, the best idea will be to have a black or blue outlined tiger motif with colorful butterflies. 

23. Tiger Tattoo With Only Outline 

Are you someone with a penchant for minimalistic designs? Why don’t you go for a tiger tattoo done only with outlines? You can get the outline done in black or blue. To be more creative, you can even choose the color red for outlines. 

These tattoos are versatile, and they can be placed on any part of your body. So, from a petite tiger tattoo on the wrist to the most elaborate design on the back, you have a lot of options to explore. 

Final Words  

The best tattoo tiger Japanese style is packed with symbolism. Tiger tattoos also look brilliant with the choice of bold colors and clean outlining. Opulent in nature, tiger tattoos look excellent on the chest, shoulders, lower back, and arms. 

So, it’s time to ensure protection from negative forces in your daily life and welcome prosperity with beautiful tiger body art in Japanese style. You can explore the design ideas I have shared for some inspiration. You can even conceive a unique idea to get a statement bodyart this season.

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