30+ Wedding Hair Ideas For Every Bride

wedding hair
wedding hair

From taking the vows to cutting the cake and the dance moment, you will always be the center of attraction on your big day. Have you decided on your wedding gown or wedding hair?

When done right, wedding hairstyles become the celebration of femininity, and you can wear them in different ways. The waves give a dreamy and charming appearance, and when a bride wears her hair designed simply with floral adornments, it looks ethereal.

So, what’s your pick? You can explore some really cool ideas to get inspired.

Best Wedding Hair Styles

Best Wedding Hair Styles

You have to wear the wedding hair and makeup right. A glimpse of you must make your partner sing,

“How many girls in the world can make me feel like this?

Baby, I don’t ever plan to find out

The more I look, the more I find the reasons why

You’re the love of my life…”

Having said that, your wedding hairstyle will depend on the look you want to create, how your gown is designed, the length of your hair, etc. Now, let me share the ideas without making you wait for long.

  1. Loose Chignon With Floral Wedding Hair Accessories

Loose Chignon With Floral Wedding Hair Accessories

This is one of the best wedding hairstyles for long hair. It’s also very easy to create. You need to just backcomb your hair and create a loose bun near your nape.

Now let the tendrils caress your cheeks and face and offer you a softer appearance. The entire hairdo is very feminine and romantic.

Once you are done with the buns, use stone-studded floral hair accessories to finish the hairdo.

  1. Braid And Bun

Braid And Bun

Oh, this one is very romantic. Do you remember Daenerys Targaryen from the Game of Thrones? She wore braids and buns like no one else.

You can create a loose braid at the front and start braiding from the front just after you have left a few hair strands to fall over your face. These loose tresses will give much-needed movement to your hairstyle.

Don’t forget to add some floral pins around your bun to create the vibe. This hairstyle especially looks good with off-shoulder gowns.

  1. Elegant Chignon

Elegant Chignon

This is a slightly easier or elevated version of the Chignon hairdo. You need to tie the bun slightly above your nape in this hairstyle.

Leave some tresses at the front and comb your hair neatly to tie into the bun. This hairstyle looks very chic on blonde hair, and especially if you have deep roots, the natural texture of your hair will come through beautifully.

To enhance the hairstyle further, use some simple floral accessories or ones with vintage motifs.

  1. Curly Nape Bun

If you have long hair with good volume, you can tie a nape bun with your tresses converted into curled rolls. Once the bun is ready, carefully pull out some strands from your crown to create the right dimension or layering.

To define your face, leave some strands of hair at the front. A simple hairpin or dainty wedding hair piece will be just right to add some color to your hairstyle.

  1. Relaxed Bun With A Bohemian Vibe

Relaxed Bun With A Bohemian Vibe

Does your wedding have a boho theme? You can do complete justice to the theme and stand out with a relaxed bun hairstyle for your wedding.

It’s pretty simple. You just need to drape your hair on the sides and take the hair on your crown to tie into a loose bread. Now, take all the hair together and tie it into a very neat bun.

You can add tiny white pearl beads to your hair or go for a statement accessory.

However, the beauty of this hairstyle lies in its easy vibe. So, I think that your wedding veil is enough for the style.

  1. A High Bun With Bangs

Wedding hairstyles are vivid, and you can easily infuse your own twist into it. You can always go for a high bun if you have long and voluminous hair. It does not have to be very tight as then your hairstyle will lose the dimension you want.

Get the hair at the front and on the crown textured properly to complete the hairstyle. This hairstyle does not need much accessorizing.

  1. Vintage Plaiting Hairstyle

Vintage Plaiting Hairstyle

You can do a lot with simple braids and buns. All you need is some ideas and a stylist who knows the art well.

Nevertheless, you can braid your hair to create a woven effect and tie the loose hair ends into a bun. The bun can be on your nape or just a little above that.

You can add some fresh green leaves or flowers or leafy hair accessories to make the hairstyle more refreshing.

  1. Textured Hairstyle

Textured wedding hair style will look excellent on dyed hair. Especially if you have fine hair, you can bring some extra volume and texture to it with this hairstyle.

Start styling your hair from the front to create a crown-like effect, which is very vintage. Then roll your hair into a bun or French roll to garner compliments.

You can make the hairstyle more appealing with some dainty accessories or fresh flowers.

  1. Simple Up-Do With Accessories

Simple Up-Do With Accessories

Are you looking for “wedding hairstyles short hair?’ You can go for a simple up-do. Just fold your hair ends toward your nape to create a bun-like form and clip them or secure them with essential hair accessories.

This hairstyle gives your hair a longer look and adds volume to your hair at the same time.

  1. French Roll

Who said that your wedding hair needs to be neat and sprayed always? You can get something messy and beautiful.

If you have short hair, you can tie it into a messy French roll. Keep the strands at the front loose for the perfect vibe.

  1. Ponytail With Braids

Ponytail With Braids

Braids are just perfect when it comes to a wedding hair style. Also, you can experiment with braid styles. From classic French braids to fishtails and crochet braids, you can do a lot of things to add texture to your hair.

While keeping your hair braided to the end is fun and folding the braids into a bun is very elegant, you can also tie the loose ends of your braids into a high ponytail.

To further accentuate your hairstyle, you can add fun accessories to your braids and even secure your ponytail with a statement piece.

  1. Oversized Buns

If you want something different from your chignon or topknots, you can try oversized buns for your wedding hair style.

This hairstyle will perfectly complement an off-shoulder wedding gown or one with Bardot necklines. To make your hairstyle more appealing, you can add different types of braids at the front.

The braids will lend more texture to your hair and will make your hair look voluminous.

You can make the hairstyle more regal with a statement stone pin in the middle of your bun or putting small beads on your braids.

  1. Wispy Hairstyle

Wispy Hairstyle

If you want to keep it “carefully careless,” a wispy hairstyle will be your instant favorite. This hairstyle complements gowns of different styles and various wedding looks.

All you need to do is create some textures with your wispy layers and tie the tresses in a messy bun. The loose ends at the front and back will keep the vibe very spontaneous, and your face will be perfectly contoured.

Choose chic accessories for your hairstyle. You can pick a peach floral clip with beads and pearls or some minimalistic stone clips to fetch compliments.

  1. Messy Braid

How about some cowgirl or cottagecore vibe for your wedding day hairstyle? As I just said, braids can never go wrong for wedding hairstyles.

If you have the length and volume, you can tie your hair with ample fishtail braids and secure it with an elastic band or white ribbon at the end.

Keep the hair at the front a little textured or wispy to bring some softness to your appearance. To make the braid more aesthetic, you can adorn it with colorful beads, floral clips, or all-white pearl beads.

This hairstyle looks cool with boat neck or V-neck wedding gowns.

  1. Let Your Hair Fall Loose

Let Your Hair Fall Loose

This is undoubtedly the simplest and works for all hair types with different lengths. However, it looks best with long layered hair. If you want, you can use a styling tool to make the tresses at the front a little wavier.

Now, you just need to comb your hair and wear a headpiece adorned with stones or pearl beads for the perfect bridal vibe.

Loose hair on your wedding day can complement wedding gowns of different designs. But I feel it looks the best with wedding gowns featuring a lot of flares.

  1. Vintage Wedding Hair Style

If you have healthy and voluminous tresses, you can try a vintage hairstyle where your hair will fall loose like the waves of the ocean and caress your face. You can beautify the hairstyle with statement headpieces.

Exuding a retro-chic vibe, this hairstyle looks best on darker hair. You can also dye your hair with some dark brown or burgundy shades or go for balayage to do complete justice to this hairstyle.

Further, this hairstyle will look good with traditional wedding gowns with a lot of lace work and flare.

  1. Low Bun With Lots Of Accessories

Low Bun With Lots Of Accessories

Do you love everything our childhood and fairytales are made of? Then you must possess some fancy hair accessories.

Tie your hair into a low bun and keep the hair on your crown textured. Now, let the tresses at the front and the ones pulled out of your bun drop like waterfalls on your face and shoulders. Doesn’t the entire hairdo look very dreamy?

Now, it’s time to be the wild child. Add small floral pins or accessories to make your hair look beautiful.

Wear this hairstyle with an off-shoulder or backless wedding gown to bring all the highlights to your wedding hair.

  1. Neat Bun With Flowers

Are you a bride who loves everything prim and proper? You must go for a neat bun. This hairdo will accentuate your features, especially if you have a long neck and a chiseled face.

This hairstyle is suitable for all hair colors, and to make it more creative, you can add some cool highlights. Now tie all the strands into a neat bun and adorn it with a statement floral piece. You can keep the floral piece all-white or go for flowers with different and assorted shades.

If you wear this wedding hair style, keep your gown off-shoulder or backless.

  1. Bob Wedding Hair

Bob Wedding Hair

Short hair and a wedding do not go hand in hand. It’s time to break the myth. You can comb your hair and do a side parting. Now, all you need is some matching hair accessories to be pinned up on one side of your hair.

This hairstyle works well with a lot of wedding gown styles. However, if you have a broader silhouette and a bob hairstyle, go for gowns with long sleeves and ones that cover your shoulders. It will create the perfect balance.

  1. 3D Wedding Hair

3D and hair? Yes, you heard it right. However, this hairstyle is definitely not a do-it-yourself type. It needs expert hands.

Often women with fine hair opt for this hairstyle, and your hair will remain rolled upward. There will be layers on the sides and, in the middle, simple texturing with highlights or hairstyling tricks.

This hairstyle is the easiest for those with blonde hair with highlights or deep roots or highlights. It will look good with wedding gowns having a spaghetti neck.

  1. High Ponytail

High Ponytail

Do you want to keep it minimalistic? Try this simple high ponytail look for the wedding day. However, for this hairstyle, you will need long hair with healthy tresses. Now you can brush or comb your hair back and tie all the strands into a high ponytail. You can secure the ponytail with elastic bands or with your wedding veil.

Else, you can attach the wedding veil with clips just beneath your ponytail and let it fall. Keep the veil long so that it can create a beautiful trail and make everything very dreamy.

If you are wearing a high ponytail, keep your gown off-shoulder or with a high neck.

  1. Mermaid Waves

Mermaid waves are the coolest wedding hair styles for women with medium or shoulder-length hair. You can ask your stylist to add waves to your hair and then let it fall loose. You can also roll the edges upward or tie your strands into a low bun to complete your look.

This hairstyle is preferred by many because it makes hair look more voluminous without much effort. Wear the hair with off-shoulder or Bardot gowns to cast a spell on the groom and everyone else.

  1. Messy Half Updo

Messy Half Updo

This is a hairdo that’s vintage and has made a huge comeback in mainstream fashion thanks to the popular period pieces on OTT platforms. Be it Bridgerton or Game of Thrones and Vikings, you must have seen and loved this hairstyle.

This looks good for all hairstyles and is especially suitable for those with shorter hair. You just need to take hair stands on both sides of your crown and tie them into a thick braid.

Thus, the look at the front will be mess-free, and you can keep -the rest of your hair loose to enjoy some movement.

  1. Side Braid With Short Hair

If you have wavy short hair or can create waves in your tresses with styling tools, go for side braids. This hairstyle is the most suitable for someone with short or shoulder-length hair.

Comb your hair into a side parting and create a braid on one side. Keep the braid tight to add definition to your hairstyle, and beautify it with small floral or stone beads.

This hairstyle will look good with a wedding gown having a deep neck.

  1. Dream Braids

Dream Braids

If you want something very dreamy, or do you want to look like a fairy? You can pick dream braids for your special day. Get your hair intertwined into thick braids covering your head, and then create twists with the braids to create a woven form. The braids themselves will form a bun-like structure and add dimension to your hair.

This hairstyle needs long hair. Though there is no thumb rule for the suitable color for this hairstyle, it looks best on blonde or rose-blonde hair.

You can use pearl beads of different types and sizes for further adornments. However, pick the beads in white color to keep the overall charm chic.

  1. Top Knot

Do you really want to make a style statement? Try a Top knot on your wedding day. Gather all your hair barring the strands at the front, and create a top knot secured with elastic bands. You can even create a braid and roll it into a top knot to add texture to your hair.

Here is one suggestion. If you really want a top knot for your wedding day, get curtain bangs beforehand. These bangs will contour your face and accentuate your features as you tie your hair into a top knot.

Top knot hairstyles look good with off-shoulder or strappy neck gowns.

  1. Textured Braiding

Textured Braiding

Do you want your hair to look best without accessories? Does your hair have a high volume? Go for textured braiding.

You can create complex patterns with your hair tied into a thick single braid. Leave some part of your braid toward the end loose. It will offer much-needed movement for your hair.

  1. Decorated Braid

If you are going for braids at your wedding, but your hair does not have much volume, you can always use some classy accessories to make your braid beautiful.

Depending on the type of braids you create and how you leave the ends, you can try big statement pieces or small beads to earn appreciation.

Keep your wedding gown simple and sober if you heavily accessorize your hair.

  1. Thick Wavy Hair With Accent

Thick Wavy Hair With Accent

If you have thick hair of medium or short length, you can try this hairdo. Use styling to create curls or waves in your hair. Now, create a thick twist braid from one side to another. You can place the braid a little below the crown or wear it like a hairband.

Now, you need to add an accent to your hair with floral designs and stone adornments. If you are wearing the braid like a hairband, go for tiny studded beads instead of one chunky headpiece.

This hairstyle will look good with gowns having a more plunging neckline.

  1. Tousled Lob And Braid

If you are looking for something vintage or close to the countrycore vibe and have short-to-medium hair, this hairstyle will be ideal.

You can wear your hair tousled with thick braids on one side to create texture and dimension. You can experiment with various braiding styles and adorn your braid with small floral or stone accessories.

This hairstyle looks good on haircuts with choppy ends and complements almost every type of wedding gown.

  1. Wrap Your Hair Tight

Wrap Your Hair Tight

Neat and classic wedding hair styles are never out of fashion. In fact, sometimes, these neat hairstyles are like welcome reliefs amidst the abundance of boho hairstyles.

So, you can wear your wedding hair neatly following a conventional style. Just comb your hair neatly and create a neat chignon. This hairstyle looks good on straight and fine hair, as curls are meant to be a little wild.

Add a fresh flower or minimalistic floral accessory to your bun to complete the look. And yes, balayage makes this hairstyle look more appealing.

Wrapping Up

It does not matter whether you have long hair or your lasses are of small length. You have a lot of wedding hairstyles to explore. Keep your hair loose, tie it into a bun, or do skillful braiding with your hair.

However, while planning your wedding hairstyle, always consider the style of your gown or the kind of look you want. It’s important to maintain overall aesthetics in your appearance. Explore ideas, talk to your hairstylist, or take inspiration from this guide.

Wear your hair right, girl! Wish you all the best for your wedding day!

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