What Is Septum Piercing? How To Do It?

septum piercing


Fashions are like a running wheel, every old fashion comes again with a new package. Septum piercing is one of this kind. The tribal primitive people were styling these piercings. Now it is reentering the fashion world.

All of our favorite celebrities jumped into it to do something different with their looks. With 162,000 average monthly searches for septum piercing monthly over the internet and over 1 million Instagram users following Instagram hashtags. 

However, it is no surprise that this ancient look of the septum has a high fashion demand in the 21st century. The latest appearance of Florence Pugh, who arrived at the premier show of “Don’t worry darling” in Venice with her septum piercing look. 

So, let’s get into it in more detail. 

What Is Septum Piercing?

septum piercing

A septum piercing is a piercing that goes through your nasal section of the nose. For this, a.k.a nose would be appropriate for perfect looks. The needle goes through the thin flesh of the front of the nose. 

After it, the septum is put in place. It is normally a ring. Many refer to it as a bull nose ring when hoop shaped septum is used. 

If you think this small septum piercing jewelry invented the modern fashion trend, you will be wrong. Let’s explore the history of a septum piercing. 

History Of Septum Piercing

septum piercing
Learn the History of septum piercing

After researching the history of septum piercing,  I got to know that it actually came from primitive tribes. When they were piercing a ring on their nose, ear, brow, lips, and more places. 

It is actually the second most common pricing among the tribes. You can trace it from the history of Indians, native American Indians, and Bengalis. Plus, you can also trace it to African tribes. 

Besides them,  septum piercing is most probably well known among the Kangi tribes of New Guinea.

How Is It Done?

septum piercing

If you have done ear piercing, then septum piercing seems not so different. Yet, the septum follows some different methods. First, you need to sanitize the septum. Later, clean the nasal area where it would be pierced. 

Now, they will pass a cannula through the front of the nose before putting the septum through the new hole. Let’s check them; after the septum is secured, the piercing is complete. 

Does The Septum Piercing Hurt?


See, piercing can be hurt. After all, a needle through your front of the nose. Needles make a hole in the thin flesh of your nose. 

Pain tolerance depends on individuals. So therefore, how it can hurt you is the answer only; you will know. Generally speaking, the septum does not hurt more than a standard nose pin piercing. 

If you have already done a standard nose pin piercing, then a septum piercing doesn’t hurt much. Yet, it will be a strong pinch, watery eyes, and hopefully, you’ll not face much more than that. 

According to LibFemBlog, 

‘Compared to some piercings I’ve had, it wasn’t too bad at all, probably less painful than your standard nose piercing. As long as you go to a good piercer, they’ll get the soft spot right in the center.’

How Long Does It Take For A Septum Piercing To Recover?

If you ask me how long the septum takes to heal, it varies from person to person. In this case, you need to follow some tips. 

Clean your ]piercing area with warm salt water. It will be good to use saline solution sprays. For any piercing, the best option is to heal it. 

Do Septum Piercings Go Through Cartilage?

No, the septum does not go through the cartilage. Always take the service from a well-known piercer who should go through the septum in the front flesh area between your nose cartilage.  

Cost Of Septum Piercing

It will be better to buy a certified piercer to avoid the bad nose state and save a few dollars. It will probably extend your budget, but I always suggest to my readers to spend $30 on septum piercing. 

How much is a septum piercing? Usually, septum piercing is available for around $15 to $40. Make sure you take the service from a legit piercing studio by searching for septum piercing near me over the internet. 

Can You Stretch Your Septum Piercing?

If you ask this question to me, I recommend not doing this. Just hold on for 6 to 8 months to avoid unnecessarily damaging your nose. it automatically stretches. After six months, it will extend by 0.5 mm. 

Cautions: Things You Know Before Getting The Piercing Done

If you wear septum jewelry in the shape of a horseshoe, you should be able to conceal the piercing while attending to work or sleeping on a pillow. 

There are several techniques, so talk to your piercer, but often you just pull the skin around the piercing in your mouth down so it is more noticeable. 

Then you push the balls up till the jewelry enters your nose. The less bloated your nose is, and the older the piercing is, the easier this will be.

Speaking of stuffy noses, throughout the prolonged healing process, sickness may occur. If you frequently blow your nose, as I do, you’ll probably get irritated with this. Your after-care cleaning, or by removing the piercing and cleaning it with a solution, you may easily wash the ring in your nose.

Due to the level of aftercare I exercised to keep my nose clean, I avoided developing an infection. I haven’t personally encountered the copper taste in my tongue that is frequently a sign of infection, but it doesn’t sound nice.

How To Take Care Of Your Septum Piercing And Cleaning?

While septum piercings take about 6 to 8 months to fully heal, you can change the jewelry in 6 to 8 weeks as long as it’s well-healed, even though the most painful and uncomfortable part of the healing process should be over in just 1-3 weeks. But you ought to attempt to wait as long as you can.

On this note, fake septum piercing also needs to take care of them.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):-

You almost reached the end of this article. Before clicking the back button, you must read the below section. Here I jotted down some questions that people asked frequently. 

Q1. How Do I Remove My Piercing?

Depending on the jewelry you have in your nose piercings. Before sliding the bar out of your nose, you can either take out the balls or unhook the clicker using clean hands.

Q2. How Do I Change My Septum Piercing?

You might change your septum jewelry after 6–8 weeks (yes, really), perhaps from a horseshoe-style piece to a hoop that many people identify with the bull nose piercing look. 

It shouldn’t be too difficult to do this at home, but you might also think about coming back to your piercer and asking them to walk you through it.

Q3.  How Do I Flip My Septum Piercing Up?

If you wear septum jewelry in the shape of a horseshoe, you should be able to conceal the piercing while attending classes, working, or visiting your grandmother. 

There are several techniques, so talk to your piercer, but often you just pull the skin around the piercing in your mouth down, so it is more noticeable, then you push the balls up till the jewelry enters your nose. The less bloated your nose is, and the older the piercing is, the easier this will be.

Final words

This is all about the septum and its piercing. However, if you want septum piercing, then wait for the winter season. Winter is good for healing. I also did that. 

Make sure you maintain all three precautions to catch a cold. A nosy nose is not good for septum piercings. 

You can take septum always, as I do. It creates a different look. I always like to try different something new. This look will surely increase your Instagram followers. 

Please share your opinions, if you have already on it. Don’t forget to mention if I missed to point out in this article. 

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