20 Gel Short Nail Designs For Casual Wear

20 Gel Short Nail Designs For Casual Wear

Nail designs and nail arts are one of the most common fashion trends that have been going on for a few years now. So it is quite natural that you are looking for great nail art, but that too gel short nail designs.

Gel art for short nails and long nails is more about showing off on Instagram rather than anything necessary. So if you too wanna show off your beautiful nails, then here are a few great designs you might look into.

1. Simple Dots Gel Short Nail Designs

Simple Dots Gel Short Nail Designs

If someone says that you need to make nail art with elaborate nail designs, then they are wrong. Even a simple nail design with just dots of colors is great for short nails, they are enough to stand out from the crazy designs.

2. Tennis Ball Tips

Tennis Ball Tips

For all the tennis lovers out there, if you want to have a tennis-themed nail art design, then we have the best tennis ball-inspired French tips.

You can do such French tips with any color you want, the shape is what gave them the name, the tennis ball, like a swirly shape.

3. Negative Space

Negative Space

After getting a manicure, the most common and popular type of nail design you like to get is a French tip.

But if you think a common French tip is boring, then get a modern French tip to have a more creative take than your regular old French tip.

4. Minimal Dots Gel Short Nail Designs

Minimal Dots Gel Short Nail Designs

This is yet another minimalistic dot that you can get done on your nails to have more regular yet unique nail art. These dotted gel short nail designs are very simple and minimalistic and yet make your nails stand out from the crowd.

5. Dopamine Designs

Dopamine Designs

This blast of fun and funky color bombarded the fashion industry when funky shapes, smiley faces, and colored hearts were called dopamine nail design. These gel short nail designs are more than any casual wear nail designs.

6. Abstract Swirls With Glitter

Abstract Swirls With Glitter

To recreate the supposedly “Starry Night” on your fingers. You can create beautiful swirly and curvy lines with beautiful glitters along with a pop of gorgeous colors. The mix of these two colors will look great if mixed perfectly together.

7. Mult-Colored French

Mult-Colored French

If you don’t like the white French tips, then why just get the same old boring French tips when you can get them in bright colors?

 These colored tips can be of any color you want, and they can be bright and neon, or they can be muted and pastel shade.

8. Mix And Match Bright Patterns

Mix And Match Bright Patterns

What can be more fun than having brightly colored, funky shapes and designs? So if you want something like these nail designs, then it is easy to understand that you have a fun personality.

9. Abstract Black And White With Dots

Abstract Black And White With Dots

Black and white are very popular colors when it comes to abstract nail designs. And if you love the colors black and white, then you are going to love these abstract dotted designs with these colors. But if you want, you can get these nail designs in any color if you want.

 10. Color Block Swirls Gel Short Nail Designs

Color Block Swirls Gel Short Nail Designs

When it comes to swirling designs, you can do beautiful designs with color blocking. That is by using two crystal clear colors to create beautiful designs and swirls on your get short nail designs for most of your casual days.

11. Swirl French Tips

Swirl French Tips

By now, you can very well understand that swirly nail designs are going to be the trend this year. Then even for the common French tips, you can use the swirly nail designs to make the common tips into something interesting and unique.

12. Mix And Match French Tips

Mix And Match French Tips

The colored French tips are a bit older trend when it comes to nail designs, but it is still very popular among nail design enthusiasts. These pop of colors, as French tips, made the nails stand out even when they are quite simple.

13. Abstract Checkered Print

Abstract Checkered Print

The checkered abstract print effect is yet another very popular nail design that you might wanna get for a casual nail art design.

These prints are usually done on a nude nail base but with bright colors together, making them aesthetically pleasing for the eyes.

14. Pastel 3D Designs

Pastel 3D Designs

It is all about making things pop when it comes to making trendy nail designs. So in order to do that, the popular and upcoming trend in nail designs is 3D designs with pastel colors. You don’t have to have bright colors along with 3D add-ons.

15. Rainbow Chrome Corners

Rainbow Chrome Corners

The rainbow color trend is not going to go out of trend anytime soon. So when it comes to making the rainbow trend making your own, you can put your own twist on the rainbow colors. So add the twist of chrome rainbow colors which are becoming quite famous among celebrities like Rihanna and Zendaya.

More Gel Short Nail Designs That You Would Love To Have

If you wanna know more beautiful gel short nail designs, then I have a few more designs for you to check out. So scroll down to check them all out to pick the one you like.

Minimal Florals Gel Short Nail Designs

Minimal Florals Gel Short Nail Designs

Neutral French Reverse Corners

Neutral French Reverse Corners

White French Tips

White French Tips

Valentine’s Day Heart

Valentine’s Day Heart

Black Swirls With Pearls

Black Swirls With Pearls

Know These Things Before Getting Gel Short Nail Designs

The endless options in gel short nail designs may tempt you to wear one this season. However, you need to be sure of certain things before you visit the nail salon. So, let’s get ready for it!

Work On Your Design 

Do you know why people prefer gel nail designs and extensions over others? It’s because of the durability of these nails. Further, the nail designs get their gel finish from the use of LED or UV light. So, once you have a gel nail design, it is unlikely to lose its shine or break in a few days.

Despite the durability factor being a massive advantage, it compels you to be sure of the design. There is very little room for corrections and getting rid of the nails you don’t like. 

Gel Nail Design Is Done Using UV Rays

The process of wearing gel short nail designs is pretty similar to the installation of other nail designs. However, UV rays will be used to bring a polished or shiny effect. So, if you are worried about UV ray damage or have had any skin problems in the recent past, you must seek expert advice before opting for the service. 

Be Aware Of The Cost And Time Involved In Installing Gel Short Nail Designs

The installation of gel nail designs can take as long as a few hours. Further, because of the criticality involved in the process, gel nail designs cost more than the usual ones. The cost of the service will also depend on your nail condition and the criticality of the design. 

Further, if you have specific customization plans, you will need to devote more time and money to get the designs done. 

Gel Nail Designs Can Cause Damage To Your Original Nail 

Like all nail designs, gel nails can cause damage to your original nails. Your nail plate can become dehydrated and weak with time. So, if you have brittle nails or any fungal problems related to nails, talk to your dermatologist before getting cute nail designs. 

You Must Not Try Removing Gel Nail Designs At Home 

You have just done your favorite half moons on your nails, but you don’t like it anymore. No matter how much you dislike the design, you must not try removing it at home. The smallest mistake in the nail design removal process can cause major and long-lasting damage to your natural nails. 

You may even end up damaging the skin surrounding your nails. When you visit a professional nail artist, they will use acetone to remove the designs. 

Aftercare Is Important In Gel Nail Designs 

The best gel nail designs can get ruined if you are not particular with the aftercare regime. You must apply the recommended hand cream or cuticle oil before the application of the gel design. 

As you apply the gel nail design, your nails, and surrounding cuticles come in contact with acetone. Acetone can make your skin and nails dry. So, when you use a cream or cuticle oil, you add some moisture back to your skin and nails. 

Wrapping Up!

Now that I have given you a lot of options when it comes to gel short nail designs, then you can easily go through all the nail designs to pick your favorite. I am positive that you are going to like more than a few of these nail designs. And if you do like these, give this article a like and comment down below, stating which nail designs you loved the most.

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