How To Clean Septum Piercing? Things You Should Know

how to clean septum piercing

Septum piercing is when you pierce the connecting area between your two nostrils. It sits at a prime location on your face. This is the reason why it is even more important to know how to clean septum piercing so that it doesn’t get infected and cause any health problems.

So keep on scrolling to find out how exactly you should clean septum piercings.

How To Clean Septum Piercing?

How To Clean Septum Piercing

After doing any type of piercing, it is very important to know how you clean and take proper care of these piercings. The aftercare of any piercing is very important. 

So the most commonly used aftercare method is soaking in a sea salt solution on a regular basis. 

How To Make The Saline Solution?

How To Make The Saline Solution

There are certain ways how you can make this saline solution, but the stove method is the best way.

👉🏻 Put the pot on the stove and add two cups of tap water.

👉🏻 Boil the water for about 15 minutes.

👉🏻 Let it cool down.

👉🏻 Add only 1 teaspoon of salt to the water.

👉🏻 Add only a pinch of baking soda to it. 

👉🏻 Stir the solution properly to dissolve the salt properly.

👉🏻 Refrigerate the solution for about 24 hours in an air-tight container. 

How To Use The Saline Solution?

How To Use The Saline Solution

Now that your solution is ready to use, how to clean septum piercing now?

👉🏻 Put the solution in a spray bottle or pour the solution on your septum piercing. 

👉🏻 Use soaked cotton balls or q-tips to clean the area. 

Do I Need To Clean It Every Day?

After a septum piercing, you have to daily clean that area till the day it heals completely. It is always advised to clean your septum piercing with a saline soak at least twice a day. And if you see it is getting crusty, then clean it as often as you can. 

But don’t overdo it; clean it as much as it is needed, or the surrounding area of the skin can become very dry and may cause irritation as well. 

How Long Should I Keep On Cleaning It?

After your septum piercing, you have to clean it forever, until and unless your piercing professional says otherwise. But once it is fully healed, you can dial down your daily cleaning, and you can use plain water instead of saline solution. 

Before your professional say anything, keep on cleaning the area for about 4 to 8 weeks. 

What Happens If It Crusts Over?

What Happens If It Crusts Over

Crusting around your septum piercing is a totally normal occurrence. Crusty skin usually occurs during the first week of a septum piercing. Well, the crusty skin is less, and it is more like boogers surrounding the piercing. 

You can easily clean the crusting off your septum piercing. To do that, you should know how to clean septum piercing with a q-tip. Soak the q-tip in warm plain water and gently clean the area, it will easily clean the crust off. 

After cleaning it properly, gently dry the area using a paper towel while still in the healing process. But if you are already healed, then you can use a clean towel. 

What To Do If I Notice Signs Of Infection?

What To Do If I Notice Signs Of Infection

If you notice any type of infection happening around your nose, then the first thing you should do is connect with a doctor. 

How will you know the signs of infection? Here are the signs to look for.

👉🏻 Swelling, redness, worsening or severe pain

👉🏻 Foul or a bad smell coming from your septum piercing.

👉🏻 Thick pus or a smelly discharge coming from the piercing.

👉🏻 Fever.

👉🏻 Abscess formation.

What Things To Avoid During While It’s Healing?

What Things To Avoid During While It’s Healing

It is obvious that you should avoid any bacterial infection and irritation during the healing process. Along with that, there are a few more things you need to avoid, and they are.

👉🏻 Do not touch the septum piercing until and unless you are cleaning it. 

👉🏻 Do not touch the piercing with dirty hands. 

👉🏻 Don’t go swimming, or in a tub or any type of water body while it’s healing.

👉🏻 Avoid any type of contact and friction with the septum piercing.

👉🏻 Don’t come into contact with anyone’s body fluids like semen or saliva. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Here are a few things you should have knowledge about how to clean septum piercing if you have one. 

1. How Soon After Septum Piercing Should I Clean It? 

Ans: Like any other piercings, you should start cleaning it from the net day to avoid any dirt formation. And make it a habit of cleaning it once or twice a day during the healing process. And for a septum piercing, saline soak is the best way of cleaning it to avoid aunty infection or crusting. 

2. Do Septum Piercings Get Infected Easily?

Ans: Though the risk of getting infected is low, there is no guarantee that septum piercings won’t get infected. So it is better to take precautions beforehand.  

3. Should I Clean My Septum Before Or After I Shower? 

Ans: It is preferable that you clean your septum piercing while you are in the shower. Use a saline solution to clean your piercing while showering with a cotton ball. 

Wrapping Up!

Once you get a septum piercing, it is important to know how to clean septum piercing so that your piercing doesn’t get infected. If you know how to clean your piercings, it is both healthy for you and prevents you from any infections. 

If you find this article helpful, then let me know in the comment section how many piercings you have. To know more about then visit this blog site beautyandstyleguide.


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