Egypt Tattoos Spirituality: Unfurling The Untold Stories Of Egyptian Tattoo Designs


For a tattoo enthusiast with a spiritual soul, a tattoo design is never skin deep. Even the simplest and most petite design they wear has a deep significance. If you are one of them, you will also feel an urge to delve deeper into Egypt tattoos spirituality.

Egyptian tattoos unfurl a world of esoteric symbols and mysticism in front of you. Aesthetic in design, these tattoos are like talismans for positive manifestations, sources of inspiration, and a reminder to lead life mindfully. 

These tattoos also inspire us to make the most of our present and have gratitude. Further, with a deep meaning, they become instrumental in our emotional intelligence and well-being and in improving our mindset.

So, are you eager to know more about fascinating Egyptian tattoos and their religious significance? Here is a comprehensive guide for you!

Exploring Egypt Tattoos Spirituality And History 

You cannot deny Egyptian tattoos’ connection to religion, history, and spirituality. A never-ending enigma about Egyptian civilization continues to attract the brightest minds. Who does not want to travel to the wonderful world of Pharaos, pyramids, and cryptic symbols? 

Further, an Egyptian tattoo helps you connect to the higher realm, and it acts as a protection against negative energy. 

Though tattooing was not widespread in ancient Egypt, mummies of various periods show the presence of tattooing. Esoteric symbols and geometric patterns were popular in those tattoos. The Eye of Horus was a common symbol in this regard.

Nonetheless, tattoos on mummies were seen as instruments of connecting the physical bodies with the superior force. Tattooing on mummies was also a religious practice, and it was a ritual of passage

The ink used for drawing Egyptian tattoos was also made using a special formula. Carbon, soot, and metal oxides were widely used in drawing these designs. These materials were mixed with oil or water to prepare the tattooing solution. 

Sharpened bones and metal needles were the tools for inking the symbols and figurative tattoos

Tattooed Mummy: A Fascinating Story To Understand Egypt Tattoos Spirituality

A few years back, two Egyptian mummies were found to be with tattoos. Those mummies were around 5000 years old. Today, they are seen as the earliest found examples of “figurative tattoos.”

The mummies have an origin between 3351 B.C. to 3017 B.C. Preserved in the British Museum, these mummies are of a male in his early 20s and a middle-aged woman. The male mummy bears tattoos depicting a Barbary sheep and a bull. The female mummy, on the other hand, has “S-shaped” motifs on its shoulder and upper arm

Daniel Antoine, the curator of physical anthropology at the British Museum, says, “The symbols being tattooed are quite extraordinary.” He further added that these Egyptian tattoos can be “referencing status, maybe bravery in the case of the animals, but also maybe something more complex, like cult or magical knowledge or protection.”

These mummies with tattoos, along with being an important highlight in the history of tattooing, also talk about the spiritual, historical, and cultural significance of tattooing in ancient Egypt. They even discuss the gender roles of men and women in the society.

What Do These Tattooed Mummies Tell Us? 

These mummies with tattoos can be an interesting point of study for those who want to know how Egyptian tattoos are always connected to something superior. However, these mummies and the tattoos on them also give us insights into more tangible things, such as how women had a role to play in the religious practices of Egypt. 

So, let’s have a look at the takeaway points from these wonderful discoveries. 

Presents A Different Take On Women’s Religious Roles In Egypt 

The female tattooed mummy challenged some of the earlier notions of Egyptology, which denied any active participation of women in religious practices. The female mummy was considered to be a woman who had active connections to religious practices. 

It was not clear whether the woman was conferred a title or not. However, it definitely highlighted that the relationship of women with religion was more complex than we could think of. Some even associated the female mummy with a woman who had magico-medical skills. 

Keeping the possibilities wide open, Daniel Antoine said, “I don’t think there’s a good explanation at the moment. It’s meant to emphasize things, but I’m not sure why. It was maybe to draw attention to a crooked stave below. It’s an era before writing, so we can only draw parallels.” (Source)

However, the project paper of which Antonie is one of the lead researchers admitted that the female mummy was of a woman with a high religious status. So, it definitely showed how Egyptian tattoo spirituality is a matter to cultivate and how there has been a deep connection since times unknown. 

Shows Status And Magical Power Depicted Through Bodyart 

Despite a little lack of clarity about the exact meaning of the tattoos on the mummies, Antonie acknowledged that these tattoos had deep significance. On the sheep and bull tattoos on the male mummy, he said, 

“The sheep is quite commonly used in the predynastic [Egyptian period] and its significance is not well understood, whereas the bull is specifically to do with male virility and status.”

It is fascinating to know that these mummies were even older than the Egyptian hieroglyphs era. So, these symbols may have meanings that we cannot think of today. Parallel imageries found in contemporary cultures and a further study of these symbols may be able to portray the complete picture before us.

Having made a journey to the historical, spiritual, and cultural significance of Egyptian tattoos, it’s time to know which symbol is the most popular among Egyptian spiritual tattoos. I will also share some meaningful spiritual Egyptian tattoo ideas to inspire your next body art.  

Ankh Tattoo And Egypt Tattoos Spirituality 

You have to study the significance of the Ankh tattoo if you are interested in Egypt tattoos spirituality. The symbol consists of a cross with a loop at the top. 

You can see it as a representative of life and immortality or as a connection between mortal beings and the divine. You can even interpret it as the eternal cycle of life. 

Further, the Ankh symbol is worshipped as the key to life or the key to the river Nile. It also has a connection with Ra, Isis, Osiris, and other prominent Egyptian gods. One of the most popular hieroglyphs, the Ankh symbol additionally represents the important elements of the physical world: the Sun, air, and water. 

Moreover, many people find this symbol to be a marriage of male and female elements.

An Egyptian Ankh tattoo is beautiful and scalable. So, if you want a small Egyptian spiritual tattoo, you can always get a petite design on your wrist or nape. However, for a more elaborate design, you can choose the chest or back to be the canvas. You can even combine it with other elements like roses and traditional motifs. 

Egypt Tattoos Spirituality: Inspiring Your Next Body Art

If you are someone inclined to spirituality and have a deep interest in Egyptian culture, your choice of Egyptian spiritual tattoos will be endless. Let’s explore some of the most meaningful design ideas

Eye Of Horus Tattoo and Egypt Tattoos Spirituality 

You already know of the Ankh tattoo, which is the most popular Egyptian spiritual tattoo. The Eye of Horus is another great spiritual tattoo inspiration, thanks to its profound symbolism.

This symbol is associated with Horus, the Egyptian god of the sky. You can wear the tattoo on your hand or wrist to seek protection from evil and promote healing. 

An Eye of Horus tattoo can be the most versatile thanks to its adaptability to various designs and its scalability. You can wear it as a standalone design on your wrist or nape. Further, you can detail it with other elements and traditional motifs to have a unique Egyptian tattoo design. 

Anubis Tattoo And Egypt Tattoos Spirituality

Anubis is the deity or the guardian of the afterlife in ancient Egyptian culture. Anubis has the head of a jackal and the body of a human (most likely a pharaoh), and it also has a direct association with mummification. 

Egyptian culture has always had this intrigue or focus on life after death. So, there is no wonder that Anubis rose in popularity as a spiritual symbol. Human souls make an unknown journey after death, and it is Anubis who protects them as a guardian throughout the journey

Further, as a design, an Anubis tattoo is the most versatile and you can always have your own interpretation. So, choose this design packed with symbolism and wear it on your arm sleeve or chest for some spiritual guidance and connecting to a superior force. You can even get the design inked on your back. 

Scarab Beetle Tattoo 

Scarab beetles were associated with Ra, or the Egyptian Sun god. These creatures were harbingers of new beginnings. So, in ancient Egypt, many people used to wear amulets depicting these creatures.

Further, scarab beetles are chosen in many designs because of their distinct aesthetic appeal. Overall, an Egyptian scarab beetle tattoo can be a beautiful design, inspiring you for personal growth and teaching you about the cyclical nature of life. 

Scorpion Tattoo

Scorpions were used as key elements in many traditional religious or spiritual rituals in Egypt. Further, these creatures stood as the symbols of transformation and resilience. These even symbolized adaptability. 

In your personal life, you can see a scorpion tattoo as an instrument for personal development, transformation, and an ability to face adversities. 

Scorpion tattoos look great on hands or nape. 

Lotus Flower Tattoo 

Many traditional Egyptian symbols have a connection with enlightenment and rebirth. The Lotus flower, a beautiful design, also means the same. 

Further, being born in mud but keeping its beauty adulterated, this flower also symbolizes a journey toward spiritual awakening.

With uncountable petals, these pristine flowers also stand for transformation and endless possibilities. So, if you are someone seeking personal growth or positive changes, it’s time to get an Egyptian lotus tattoo.

An Egyptian lotus tattoo will look cool on your hand. You can even consider getting it inked on your back or spine.  

Goddess Bastet Tattoo

Cats are worshipped in Egyptian culture as they represent Goddess Bastet. Bastet protects our homes from negative energy and danger. She is also the deity of fertility, childbirth, and domesticity. 

A cat tattoo also highlights the coexistence of aggression and nurturing qualities, which are crucial for existence. So, if you are seeking a balance in your life or want to build a strong family life, a feline or Goddess Bastet tattoo will be the best choice. 

Egyptian Snake Tattoo 

Do you seek positive transformation in your life? Are you seeking healing? An Egyptian snake tattoo will be the perfect body art for you. In Egyptian culture, a snake is also associated with the goddess Wadjet, the deity of the serpents.

Further, many perceive the snake symbol as the duality of life because it both stands for venomous power and procreation. It is even a profound reminder of the cyclical nature of life, death, and afterlife. 

So, consider getting this tattoo on your arm sleeve or biceps.

Final Words 

Delving deeper into Egypt tattoo spirituality once again tells us why and how tattoos are much beyond beautiful designs. The simplest of designs can reveal the deepest significance and open up a world of symbolism and mystery in front of our eyes. 

Further, thanks to the deepest meaning attached, these tattoos become an extension of our life stories. They depict our sincerest desires, and for many, these intuitive and symbolic tattoos work as instruments for spiritual guidance.

From the perspective of aesthetics, these designs are versatile and they are scalable for inking on your different body parts. 

So, do you want to have a beautiful Egyptian tattoo as your next body art? You can explore the designs I have discussed. Also, do you have other insights about Egyptian tattoos? Don’t forget to share them with us!

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