Heatless Curls And Waves: 10+ Hacks And Everything You Need To Know In 2024

Heatless Curls And Waves

Heatless curls became a household name since it became huge on TikTok in 2021. Two years down the time, these are equally popular.

We all apply those heat protectant sprays or serums before using a heat curler. But if we need to style our hair regularly, even these protective measures can be inadequate.

So, why not go for some safer methods that can give much-needed curls and wavy bounce to hair with minimal effort?

While trying the hacks, I was really impressed with them because they will not interfere with your chores at home. Thank God! These do not keep me couped on my couch for hours. I can even sleep in them.

Want to know more about heatless curls and how to get them? Here’s your complete guide.

Heatless Curls: Is It Possible?

Yes, heatless curls are a reality, even if they sound like an oxymoron. Gone are the days when you had to use flat irons or heat curlers regularly for styling your hair. Thanks to the people who keep trying different styles, we now have some cool methods to get some curls and waves in our hair.

You can now use as basic as your leggings, socks, or scrunchies to get your hair’s desired bounce or movement. However, if you find the creative hacks a little tricky to follow, you can always go for the simpler methods. This way, you can avoid damaging your hair and prevent having a thinning hairline.

Again, if the recent TikTok hacks or social media tricks for getting heat curls seem tricky for you, you can keep it as basic as braiding or using hair rollers.

Do Heatless Curls Cause Hair Damage?

The methods of getting heatless curls are way safer than the heating tools. Excessive heat and frequent use of these styling tools can damage your hair cuticles and affect the elasticity of your hair.

So, when you use these hacks for heatless curls, you can indeed prevent some severe damage.

However, like everything related to beauty and fashion, moderation is the key to these hacks.

If you are trying these hacks regularly, there will be a pull at your hair roots. In other words, you may have a thinning hairline with hair strands prone to breakage with daily use of these hacks.

Again, some people use various hair styling products while creating heatless curls. Uncontrolled use of these products can call for unnecessary buildups on the scalp, coarseness of hair, and many other problems.

These hacks are creative and safe unless you don’t overdo them.

How To Do Heatless Curls?

Curls and waves add a lot of volume and texture to your hair. Or sometimes you may just want something different to style your hair. So, when this “heatless curls” trend happened, we all found some cool ways to get those aesthetic and wild ringlets, z-shaped coils, or some beachy waves in our hair.

Here, I am sharing the hacks I have tried myself. Let’s check out.

But before that, you want to make a note of something essential for every hack you are going to try.

If your hair is wet or has too much serum/oil, it will be definitely difficult to style using these methods. It’s difficult to give wet or oily hair a proper structure.

So, all these hacks are meant for damp or dried hair. You can spritz some serum or oil on your hair, but always in moderation.

Heatless Curls With Leggings

Fail/Success: Success

Execution Time: 5 Minutes

Ease Of Execution: 7/10

This is undoubtedly the most popular or tried hack for getting heatless curls. It’s simple yet effective. However, some of my friends trying the hack initially found it a little tricky.

  • I created a middle parting and placed the leggings on my crown.
  • I took the hair on each side of my parting and twisted that with a part of the leggings.
  • When both sides were done, I folded them up by tying knots with the end of the leggings.
  • Finally, I used the waist of the leggings to cover my head like a cap.

This hack is really cool and comfortable, and there is no problem with sleeping with your hair like this.

I forgot to apply an anti-frizz serum while trying this style. So, when I removed the leggings, I faced some problems with detangling my hair. So, while combing your hair, use some leave-in serum.

You can also spritz some oil on your hair before getting started with the process. But remember that too much oil can weigh your hair down, and you may not get the desired texture or bounciness. Also, if your hair becomes slippery with oil, you will definitely find it difficult to keep the twisted hair tight with the leggings.

Heatless Curls with Chopsticks

Fail/Success: Success

Execution Time: 10 Minutes

Ease Of Execution: 5/10

I am not a great fan of this hack, and the method I tried gave me a lot of trouble. Especially, it’s uncomfortable to rest your head wearing your hair like this. I am sharing the process I have tried, and I have seen some people trying the hack in a different way.

  • I did a middle parting and tied each section into ponytails.
  • Then, I took two chopsticks and twisted each of my ponytails around the sticks.
  • I held the chopstick upside down, and when all the hair in my ponytail was curled up, I pushed the sharper edge of the chopstick into the other ponytail (where the hair is secured with an elastic band).
  • Thus, the chopsticks in my hair created a bridge-like formation.

You can try this hack in a different way. If you have fine hair, you can try all your hair into a single ponytail and fold it around the chopstick. Keep it for five to eight hours and unfold it. This is a little more comfortable compared to the method I tried.

But this is not an overnight hack, and your hands may get strained while rolling your hair on the chopsticks. And forget sleeping with your hair rolled around chopsticks.

Heatless Curls With Socks

Fail/Success: Success

Execution Time: 6 Minutes

Ease Of Execution: 6.5/10

A pair of socks can help you get the most stylish heatless curls. However, I initially faced some hiccups as the socks were falling over. Also, the twists were not very tight.

But I could do it on my third attempt.

  • I simply combed my hair with a middle parting.
  • Then, I twisted the hair on both sides using socks.
  • I secured the twisted hair by creating a loop with the socks.
  • I kept it like this for around seven hours.

This is the most comfortable hack to try if you want heatless curls for you. You can easily sleep throughout the night wearing your hair like this.

Heatless Curls With Scrunchies

Fail/Success: Success

Execution Time: 5/6 Minutes

Ease Of Execution: 8/10

The scrunchies in your hair accessory box can be a game-changer if you know some simple tricks. There are multiple ways to get heatless curls using scrunchies. This is how I did it.

  • I divided my hair into different sections and then twisted each part with a scrunchie.
  • I wore my hair like this overnight and had some really nice-looking waves.

There is another method to get heatless curls with scrunchies. You just need to take all your hair and tie it with a scrunchie. Once your hair is secured with a scrunchy, keep twisting it around that scrunchie so it’s entirely covered. Leave your hair like this for the entire night, and you will have nice waves in your hair.

The hair waves and curls created in this method are a little shaggy and inconsistent. I like the inconsistency, though!

Heatless Curls With Buns

Fail/Success: Success

Execution Time: 2-4 Minutes

Ease Of Execution: 10/10

This is one of the easiest hacks to get the best heatless curls. This is how I did it.

  • I washed my hair, applied a frizz-control serum, detangled it, and let my hair dry.
  • Now, I took all of my hair and created a ponytail-like formation.
  • Then, I twisted all of my hair upward and tied it into a bun.
  • I kept it for 6 hours, and I loved the waves I got.

Do not pull your hair much while creating an upward twisted bun. It will strain your hairline and may even cause a headache if you have tied it very tightly.

Heatless Curls With Satin Tools

Fail Success: Success

Execution Time: 5-6 Minutes

Ease Of Execution: 6/10

Oops! This is a tricky one. The slippery texture of satin made things really difficult for me. Still, if you want to try it once, here’s what I did.

  • I parted my hair into two halves.
  • Then, I created formations similar to French braiding and then secured them with the inbuilt band.
  • I rolled the twisted formations up and left them for around six hours.
  • I took off the tools, and my hair had more waves.

I had to try multiple times before I could actually achieve the result.  

Heatless Curls With Robes

Fail/Success: Success

Execution Time: 7-8 Minutes

Ease Of Execution: 7/10

Did you know that the tie of your robe could be very useful in giving you a classy hairstyle? I never tried it before, but I found it quite easy while trying different hacks.

  • I combed my hair with a middle parting and applied hair serum.
  • Then, I placed the tie of my bathrobe on the crown and used a clip to keep it secure.
  • I twisted the hair on both sides of the parting with the robe, and you will need to twist it till the end. You can use an elastic band to secure the twisted hair sections if you have shorter hair.
  • Next, I rolled up the twisted parts and left them overnight.

You can try different techniques for rolling up your hair upward. But if you are going to sleep wearing it, try something that’s comfortable and does not mess with your sleep.

Heatless Curls With Hair Rollers

Fail/Success: Success

Execution Time: 6-10 Minutes

Ease Of Execution: 7/10

Do you want the perfect Blake Lively or Nichole Kidman waves and curls in your hair? It’s time to give your hair rollers a try.

These sponge rollers are the go-to tools for me and my bestie whenever we need to create something unique for our hair.

Let me tell you how I use them to get some extra bounce.

  • I comb my hair properly and apply leave-in serum for this style.
  • Now, I separate my hair into sections and roll those upward, placing the roller in the middle of each section.
  • I keep all the sections covered with a bonnet when they are rolled up.
  • I usually wear the rollers for 6-8 hours, but you can even wear them for the entire night.

If I am running short on time, I prefer the Velcro rollers as they come off easily. Usually, these take around 20 minutes to create the curls or waves.

Also, if you want the most mess-free and effective results with the Velcro rollers, you can keep your head covered with a head cap.

Hair rollers are very effective, and you can easily use them irrespective of your hair type, style, and length.

However, the type and texture of your hair will be different from others. So, a hack working for anyone else may be a complete disaster for you. And always keep your expectations realistic.

You may have fewer intricate curls with the heatless curlers if you have fine and straight hair. Similarly, the results will be more visible if you use these curlers on wavy hair.

Heatless Curls With Wave Formers

Fail/Success: Success

Execution Time: 15+ Minutes

Ease Of Execution: 6.5/10

This hack is a little tricky, but it actually gives results within less than an hour. And you can choose the number of curl formers you want to use based on the type of waves or curls you want.

  • I divided my hair into sections and then pushed the hook of the wave former to my hair roots.
  • A slight pinching is needed for the release.
  • And I left the curl formers in my hair for around 45 minutes.

These curls stay for quite long hours, and the curl formers do not hurt the hair or scalp. So, I just love them.

Heatless Curls With Bantu Knots

Fail/Success: Success

Execution Time: 10+ Minutes

Ease Of Execution: 7/10

Do you want to follow the “heatless curls short hair” trend? Bantu knots can be the trick for you. This hairstyle also has been there since much before the TikTok trend happened. African or African American women commonly go for this hairstyle as a protective measure.

  • I tried this hack on my damp hair and used a curl mousse before creating the knots.
  • Then, I divided my hair into several sections and again separated these sections into two parts.
  • I twisted those two parts to the hair end until a knot was created. Then, I transformed those knots into tiny buns and pushed the knot ends inside to make the small buns stay.
  • I left the knots for around 4 hours and opened them to get the most beautiful curls.

Do not keep Bantu knots for the entire night, as this style may hamper blood circulation in your scalp.

Heatless Curls With Braiding

Fail/Success: Success

Execution Time: 3-4 Minutes

Ease Of Execution: 10/10

Heatless Curls With Braiding

We all know it! And long before this TikTok craze happened, I have been trying this hack as my granny taught me this when I was a child.

Just tie your hair into a proper braid. Keeping it loose will give you very mild waves. So, keep it tight, and if you don’t want curls on your crown, secure your hair with an elastic band before braiding your hair.

Leave the braids for at least 5-6 hours or overnight to see the results.

The intensity of the waves or curls will depend on the braid you create. For simple braids, you will get fine waves. You can try fishtail or French braiding if you want more defined results. And cornrows will always help you get intricate curls.

However, cornrows on a regular basis can damage your hair roots. So, try this style sparingly.

Heatless Curls With French Twist

Fail/Success: Success

Execution Time: 6-8 Minutes

Ease Of Execution: 8/10

French Twists are great for having some waves and curls in your hair. It took me a few minutes to create the twists and turn them into a bun.

I left it overnight, and I was happy with the result. I especially loved how my hair ends were tapered, adding definition to the overall hairstyle.

Heatless Curls With Plopping Your Hair

Fail/Success: Success

Execution Time: 1.5-2 Hours

Ease Of Execution: 9/10

Styling your curls can be very easy with this simple plopping technique. I tried it, and it worked for me. The only disadvantage with this method is that it takes a few hours for execution.

  • I washed my hair, detangled it properly, and used a wave spray.
  • Next, I flipped my hair upside down and used a microfiber towel to secure my hair tightly. Do not go for harsh towels, as those cause hair fall.
  • I left my hair for around two hours in the towel and then took off the towel. It may take a little less if you have shorter or fine hair.
  • My hair took some more time to get completely dried. I did not use any blow dryer.
  • Once my hair became dry, I used my regular hair serum to get the perfect look.

How to Maintain Your Heatless Curls  

It is important to maintain the heatless curls to hold their shape and influence their longevity.   

To achieve this, only a few straightforward measures are required. They will retain a natural bounce of curls without using harmful heat stylers.  

Proper Washing Techniques  

While washing your hair, apply a sulfate-free shampoo and turn to a specialized conditioner for curly hair. Add the conditioner to your hair from middle length to the ends, leaving the scalp alone so that you don’t confuse your hair from being weighed down on it.  

Towel Drying Process  

Once you have washed your hair, place a clean, soft microfiber towel on top of your head and, using the same method, squeeze out any excess water. Try not to have your hair rough with messy hair, causing it to become frizzy and disturb your curly pattern.  

Apply Curl-Enhancing Product  

Subsequently, apply the curl-forming product of your choice, such as mousse or gel, or leave in conditioner from roots to ends of hair.   

Girls should not refrain from running regardless of their hair because curls suit them. This will uphold and even emphasize the looks of curls, so they will always look well-groomed and slick.  

Finger Combing Technique  

Instead of employing a brush or a comb, use your hand to carefully part and distinguish the curls using your fingers. This practice will be excellent because you will also maintain the hair’s natural curls.  

Air Drying Method  

Follow the rule: do not use blow dryers and let your hair dry naturally. This will make sure that your curls stand the test of time and never have anything tarnishing or damaging.  

Sleep on Silk Pillowcases  

To cure frizz and prevent curl strain at night, sleep in a silk pillowcase. This will considerably decrease friction, and some stray hair will be saved without affecting your hairstyle when you awake.  

Pineapple Technique  

Before sleeping, create a front-top ponytail using a silk scrunchie on top of your head. This is called the method of pinnacling.  

 This ” pineappling ” method would lift your waves and give them more volume at the end.  

Refresh Your Curls  

Refresh your curl pattern between washes with a light over-the-counter pick-me-up spray for curls. Misting it throughout your hair and scrunching it can help hydrate and naturally add natural spring.  

Keeps Your Hands Away  

It is important to attempt not to mess with your hair all day long unless necessary. Because you might ultimately disturb your pattern of curls at the end of the day.  

No, do not try to do this. Instead, be thankful for your naturally curled hair, and it should be set free.  

Regular Trims  

Perfect frequent trims for proper maintenance of your heatless curls.   

To prevent splitting or breaking off your curls, schedule a haircut every 8-12 weeks (about three months). The result will be a great hairdo that will maintain its look for longer. 

Final Words

Heatless curls, a popular trend for two years and more have a fangirl in me. I can ditch those heat curlers and all the hassles of curling my hair with them.

My hair has a mild wavy texture, and whenever I feel like having some extra curls, I keep my hair tightly braided for a few hours and get the desired look. The sock method also works for me.

But I don’t try these every day as I cannot hurt my hairline.

Nevertheless, if you are a “lazy girl’ like me, these hacks are fun and great for party looks.

Have you tried these hacks yet?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Get Heatless Overnight Curls?

You can easily get heatless curls overnight by using the most famous leggings hack. TikTok is overflooded with these hack videos. Nonetheless, it’s easy to try.

First, apply some hair mist to dampen your hair. Place a pair of leggings on your hair crown and secure it with a clutch clip. Divide your hair into two parts and twist and roll each part with a part of the legging. Don’t forget to roll your hair up with the leggings.
Once you are done twisting and rolling two parts of your hair, wrap up the entire thing and wear the leggings’ part sitting on your crown as a cap.

Sleep comfortably throughout the night and see the results in the morning.

How Long Do Curls Last Without Heat?

Heatless curls will last a few hours to a day or two, depending on how much time you leave your hair in with the curling rollers or other tools you use.

You will get the best heatless curls if you leave your hair with the curlers or the tool you are using overnight.

Can Heatless Curls Cause Hair Fall?

Heatless methods for getting curls are considered much safer than heat-styling tools. However, if you twist or turn your hair frequently for heatless curling or use the hair rollers regularly for curling, your hair roots may get strained. In such cases, you will face hair breakage.

So, curls are beautiful but don’t try these hacks regularly. Also, some people use a lot of hair styling products to keep their heatless curls structured for longer. Overuse of these solutions can cause coarseness, damage or hair fall.

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