15 Protective Hairstyles For Curly Hair In 2024


It is not easy to maintain curly hair. If you have short hair, then probably or maybe, but if you have long and curly hair, and if they have volume…oh my god! One of the most complicated things to understand and do. In this article, we will talk about some protective hairstyles for curly hair.  

When you have naturally curly hair, you must think that there are only a couple of options that you can do. But this is not the case. Here are some easy protective styles ideas that will help you get some.  

Protective Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Here, we will talk about some protective styles that will help you wash and go your naturally curly hair. So, let’s start.  

  • Bantu Knots (4b Hair)

Bantu Knots (4b Hair)

So, these Marley twists will give you a nice look. First, this hairstyle will protect your hair, as there is no wavy hair to catch dust. You can also do this hair and go for a straight two to three days without washing it.  

  • Bantu Knot Takedown (Type 4 Hair)

Bantu Knot Takedown (Type 4 Hair)

There are reasons that most curly-haired women love the Bantu knot. First, there is no requirement for time and effort. Secondly, this style protects the hair more than any other style. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a wide tooth comb and hydrating oil, then let’s make your hair beautiful.

  • Two-Starnd Twists

Two-Starnd Twists

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If you want to give your hair two styles by giving only one, then this two-strand twist is one of the best. And with style, if you can add some gold accessories, then gorgeous will be the term that people will think of after seeing you. 

  • Wash and Go

Wash and Go

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When you have type 4 hair and don’t want to waste any time or effort on your hair, then this style is perfectly suited for you. First, this style is quick and ultimate, and one of the most important reasons is that it will keep your hair healthy. 

  • Bobby Pin Hairstyle

Bobby Pin Hairstyle

There are a lot of women who spend their time very wisely and patiently to make their hair the best looking. If you are one of them and have a lot of high volume of hair, then this style will not only give your hair some extra protection, but you will look smart.

  • Double Buns

Double Buns

When you have a couple of minutes extra in your hand to give you a new look, then why not put effort into making not one but two buns? This will give you a cute look. All you need is to have a lightweight styling gel, and that’s it. 

  • Half Down Half Up Twist

Half Down Half Up Twist

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This style is only for women who have a high density of hair. And the crucial thing is that you need a lot of time to get ready with this style. But, when you are going to a party, this look will attract everyone’s eyes. 

  • Box-Braid Bob

Box-Braid Bob

This style is excellent for braid protective hairstyles for curly hair. When you have no time at all, you need to get ready for a party or anything. Then this is the best hairstyle that you can do. Also, this hairstyle will protect your hair.  

  • Scarf Hairstyle

Scarf Hairstyle

What about a hairstyle that will need a scarf? Suppose you are going to visit your granny’s house in the outskirt area. In that case, this hairstyle is perfect for keeping your long and curly hair protected. And this doesn’t need a lot of effort to make this hair look as in the picture.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Here are some interesting questions and answers that are worth a read. 

Q1. Which Decade Had Big Curls? 

There was a time when big natural curls were popular trends. If I talk about a decade, then the 1980s was the decade when people used to see the onset of huge and voluminous locks on women and men. There was mostly curly and long hair.

I think you have a pretty good sense of where the trend came from, yes, heavy metal was the primary influencer. This is why the trend is also called Hair Bands. At that time, huge hair was everywhere. 

Q2. What Is the Easiest Protective Hairstyle? 

When you have curly hair and you also want a protective hairstyle, then there are a couple of options that you can try. Here are some easy protective hairstyles that will not take a lot of time and effort to maintain. 

  • All The Buns 
  • Two Strand Twists 
  • Bantu Knots 
  • Flat Twists 
  • Braids (Not Micro) 
  • Faux Ponytail 
  • Marley Twists 
  • Wigs 
  • Hair Wraps 
  • Crochet Braids 
  • Halo Braid 
  • Ghana Braids 

Q3. What Should You Avoid with Curly Hair? 

There are people who want curly hair, but they have not, and there are people who have it naturally but don’t know how to protect them. Here are a couple of things that you must avoid when you have curly hair. 

  • There are people who use a lot of water while refreshing curls. Do not do that. 
  • While sleeping, do not forget to protect your curls. You can check the list of protective hairstyles for curly hair at night. 
  • Do not over wash your hair or over-exfoliate your scalp. 
  • Never brush your hair when it is dry. 
  • When your curls are dry, do not try to style them. 
  • And most importantly, do forget haircuts.  

Your Weekly Curly Hair Routine   

Since childhood, every curly headed child has been told to tame that mane. Or, to straighten it to make it better, or more “manageable”. Overall, this prevents many from understanding how to embrace their curly hair. I was never a believer that changing something about yourself completely can make you feel any better about yourself.  

So, rather than try to “manage” those curls by straightening them, we should make our curls more beautiful and manageable with a solid curly hair care routine.  

Not only to embrace our inner beauty but also to please that little child within us who always had to hear backhanded comments about her beautiful mane.  

We asked salon curly hair experts and women who had curly hair routines themselves, and this was how we managed to get the “perfect” routine!  

Tools You Will Need  

Although it is unnecessary to buy an array of tools and spend too much money to beautify your locks, you will need a diffusor.  

Say goodbye to your hair dryer or straightener because they are doing more damage to your curly locks than you can imagine.  

Step 1: Pre-Wash  

Your pre-wash is as important as your post-wash routine. Your curly hair looks the best when it looks thoroughly moisturized with that glassy sheen. Your roots are not greasy, and your ends are silky.  

Therefore, applying a generous amount of oil can help moisturize your roots right before washing.  

Two hours before your wash, comb your hair lightly and massage your scalp to get the blood flowing.  

Then massage the oil from your scalp to your ends. Yes, drench your hair in oil because every part of it requires the right moisturizer. Afterall, you will be washing your hair.  

Step 2: Wash Time  

During your wash time, try to be as gentle as possible. It is okay to lose a few strands of hair when you are washing it. It is not the end of the world, and yes, it happens to everyone.  

Keep a big tooth comb in your wash area (preferably a bamboo one since they are good for your hair).  

Wash your hair twice and try to scrub your scalp too much as it can leave it dry.  

Step 3: Condition or Mask  

Every alternate week, you will need to condition or wear a hair mask. Ensure that your hair mask is curly hair friendly.  

For conditioning, take a bowl with cold water. Pour the conditioner directly into the water and mix it. Then dunk your entire hair in the solution and within interval scrunch it to define your curls. This is known as the dunk & scrunch method.  

If this is your mask day, then generously apply the mask all over your locks. Then twirl the curls with the product in to define your curls a little. You can also use the comb to detangle and do the same.  

Step 4: After Wash  

After thoroughly washing your hair, do not try to comb it immediately. This can mess up your curls.  

Scrunch your hair to get most of the water out, and then define your curls with your fingers.  

Let it airdry a little, and then apply a generous amount of heat protecting serum all over your locks.  

Step 5: Diffusor Time  

Turn the diffusor to its lowest heat intensity, and then diffuse your hair from the ends to the roots.  

This will help you define your curls better and give you that effortlessly beautiful and messy look. Once it is quite dry, it is time to apply some shine serum, and you will be left with gorgeous, manageable curls. 

Final Words 

So, when you have beautiful curly hair, never ever exploit them. Because some people just crave natural curly hair, and some people have them. But the problem occurs when they have no idea how to maintain them in a proper way.

And in your case, I don’t want them to be destroyed. I hope the list of protective hairstyles for curly hair will be helpful for you in maintaining and protecting your hair

Please give your valuable feedback and if you have any questions, then feel free to ask in the comment section below. 

Thank you. 

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