How To Remove Tan from Your Face and Skin? Top 10 Easy Tips

how to remove tan from face

I know you can’t wait to learn how to remove tan from face at home once you are back from vacation.

“Here comes the Sun.” Is it shining too bright this summer?

The annoying tan comes back as you flaunt your curves in a bikini. Your regular Sunscreen is not enough to protect your skin from the harsh UVA and UVB rays.

So, how to remove tan from face and get rid of the ugly spots and burns?

It’s time to bask in the glory of radiant and tan-free skin.

Tan Removal Remedies for You

Amidst all the fun times at the beach and your perfect vacay mood, your skin demands some love and care.

Our skin has its natural healing properties. It’s a matter of a few weeks, and your tan will be gone. But if you want quick results, you can try the following simple yet effective tricks.

1. Apply Honey and Lemon Juice to Remove the Tan on Face

Apply Honey and Lemon Juice to Remove the Tan on Face

Do you want to learn how to remove tan from face naturally without making your skin dry? Try this combination of honey and lemon juice.

Lemon juice is great for exfoliating the upper layer of your skin. It functions as a natural bleacher with all the goodness of glycolic, ascorbic, and alpha-hydroxy acids.

Honey, on the other hand, will bind moisture to your skin and make it look glowing.

2. Honey and Papaya for Removing Tan

Honey and Papaya for Removing Tan
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Papaya, especially the ripe ones, comes with the goodness of various natural enzymes. So, it will naturally exfoliate and bleach the upper layer of skin damaged by Suntan.

Honey in this mixture will impart a soothing effect to your skin. It will also keep the skin moisturized.

To make the mix, take 4/5 cubes of ripe papaya and form a smooth paste with 1 teaspoon of honey. You can apply the mixture to the tanned area and keep it for around 30 minutes before washing.

3. Mix Yogurt and Tomato

Mix Yogurt and Tomato

If you want to learn how to remove Sun tan from face, a tomato with some yogurt will be the perfect mixture.

Peel off the skin of the tomatoes and give it a good mix in your grinder with a few spoons of yogurt. Lycopene present in the tomatoes will naturally protect your skin from the ravages of the Sunrays. Tomatoes are also great for fighting blackheads.

Yogurt, on the other hand, will make your skin supple because of the presence of lactic acid.

4. Turmeric and Yogurt for a Tan-Free Skin

Turmeric and Yogurt for a Tan-Free Skin
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Ask your mom or granny about how to remove tan from face. They will agree unanimously about the goodness of turmeric and yogurt.

You can apply the mixture of cold yogurt and turmeric on your face and hands for tan removal. Use it every day before 20 minutes of taking a bath for the best result.

5. Make a Pack of Tomatoes, Red Lentils, and Aloe Vera

Make a Pack of Tomatoes, Red Lentils, and Aloe Vera

In this pack, you will get a combination of two bleaching elements with a hydrating agent. Tomatoes and lycopene in it will exfoliate and bleach the superficial layer of the skin. Red lentil paste is also a great choice as a natural bleacher for your skin.

Once you add aloe vera to this mixture, the pack will have a soothing effect on your skin.

Want to know how to make the mixture? Mix two tablespoons of soaked red lentils with two teaspoons of tomato juice and 1 teaspoon of aloe vera.

6. Honey and Pineapple Pulp Mix

Honey and Pineapple Pulp Mix

Bromelain in pineapple protects your skin from radical damage. Also, antioxidants and vitamins A and C make pineapple a powerful agent to eliminate Sun damage.

Honey, as a moisturizing and healing agent, makes your skin supple.

You will need 5/6 cubes of pineapple slices with one teaspoon of honey to make the mix.

7. Make a Mixture of Turmeric and Bengal Gram Flour

Make a Mixture of Turmeric and Bengal Gram Flour

It’s a combination of skin-brightening and skin-lightening agents. You can apply this mixture to your face and other parts of the body.

You need 1 cup of Bengal gram flour and 1 teaspoon of turmeric to make the mixture. Add milk or water to transform the dry mix into a thin paste.

Now, all you need to do is apply on the tanned areas and keep for 15-20 minutes. After that, you can wash off the mixture with lukewarm water.

8. Potato Juice Removes Dark Circles, and Tan

Potato Juice Removes Dark Circles, and Tan

Bunk French fries and crisps. Potatoes are the next big thing in your skincare regime.

The juice or extract of potatoes has a soothing effect. It can also bleach your skin to remove tan and dark spots.

You can put small pieces of peeled potatoes in a mixer grinder and stain the paste to get potato juice. This juice is suitable for direct application on the skin.

There is also a simpler way to get rid of tan using potatoes. You can cut thin slices of potatoes and apply the slices directly to your eyes and skin. It is an effective way to fight dark spots, dark circles, and tan.

Whichever method you follow, you need to keep the juice or slice on your skin for 15-20 minutes before cleaning.

9. Mix Strawberries and Milk Cream

Mix Strawberries and Milk Cream

No, I am not talking about your favorite smoothie. Strawberries and milk cream can make your skin and tummy happy at the same time.

This combination strikes the perfect balance when it comes to tan removal or overall skin care.

Strawberries have all the goodness of vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids or AHA. So, it is one of the best skin-brightening elements you will get naturally.

Milk cream has the most soothing effect on the skin and locks moisture. Your skin will look supple and hydrated with its application.

Making the mix is very easy. All you need to do is mash a few ripe strawberries and whisk them well using fresh cream.

Once the mixture is ready, apply it to the skin and wait 15-20 minutes. Then, you can use cold water to clean the mixture.

10. Apply Rosewater and Sandalwood Mix

Apply Rosewater and Sandalwood Mix
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Sandalwood has been an integral part of skincare, beauty, and religious rituals since ancient times. It’s indeed a great ingredient to get rid of tan and improve your skin tone.

It has skin-exfoliating properties. So, it can remove tan and dark spots from the upper layer of your skin most effectively.

You need two teaspoons of sandalwood powder and rosewater to make the mix. The paste should be thin and easy to apply on your tanned face and neck.

Once the paste has dried up, you can clean it using cold water.

Final Words:

Many people prefer to get tanned skin to bring a touch of sensuality to their looks. However, skin tanning can cause a lot of harm to us, including premature aging of the skin and a weak immunity system.

So, it is obvious that people keep asking “how to remove tan from face.” You can try the tips I have shared to get rid of skin tan if you want quick and effective results.

It’s time to make everyone swoon over your glowing and bright skin tone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Does Tomato Remove Tan?

Ans: Yes, tomatoes are great for removing tan. You can use only tomato extract or mix yogurt and tomatoes for skin removal.

Tomatoes have lycopene that will make your tanned skin look lighter. Also, the antioxidants in tomatoes are great for preventing skin damage.

2. Why is My Tan Not Going Away?

Ans: You must consult an expert dermatologist if your skin tan is not going away. The cause of stubborn or permanent tan is too much exposure to the Sun or other artificial factors.

Usually, tanned skin can get back to its natural tone within one or a few weeks. It’s the natural coping mechanism of the skin. However, tan refuses to go away when pigmentation damages the cells.

So, make sure to use protective measures like Sunscreen, shades, face covers, or umbrellas if your daily activities demand too much exposure to the Sun. Also, include some natural anti-tan remedies in your skincare regime to avoid severe tanning issues.

3. How Can I Remove Tan from My Face Naturally?

Ans: There are many ways to remove tan from your face naturally. You can use tomatoes and potatoes as the simplest tan-removing agents.

You can even mix various elements like lemon juice and honey, sandalwood powder and rosewater, strawberries and milk cream, etc., to get the best results.

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