30+ Neck Tattoos For Men

neck tattoos for men

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Tattoos are a way of expressing your personality and even your inner self and feelings. Unfortunately, not everyone has an equal level of expressiveness and might find it difficult to convey their personality; this is when tattoos come in as a way to do it on your behalf.

Neck tattoos for men and women are more open and visible to all than in other parts. It’s a bold step, undoubtedly, to ink your neck. So if you are thinking of getting a suitable neck tattoo for men, scroll down the list below.

1. Devil

neck tattoos for menAmong men, Devil tattoos are quite popular; they symbolize dark humor, impatience, or mischievous attitude.

2. Owl

neck tattoos for menThe owl signifies a bright light in the darkness and the epitome of hope and vision in darker times.

3. Feathers

neck tattoos for menFeathers are a sign of trust, freedom, and honor; it is a great idea for a tattoo, no matter the size of it.

4. Bat

neck tattoos for menBat tattoos symbolize good luck, happiness, wealth, prosperity and long life. Bats signify good luck and fortune in many different parts of the world.

5. Spider

neck tattoos for menSpiders are a symbol of fertility, balance and harmony. They are beautiful and unique creatures.

6. Crown

neck tattoos for menWell, it is quite easy to determine what a crown tattoo symbolizes. It means power, victory, strength and triumph.

7. Mandala

neck tattoos for menThere is no particular design for a mandala tattoo; it can of many different designs. It symbolizes perfection, eternity and balance.

8. Words

neck tattoos for menThese single worded tattoos or phrases have a special meaning to the owners and that is why these are quite popular.

9. Wolf

neck tattoos for menA wolf represents loyalty, strength, and protection. They are a great neck tattoo for men idea, anywhere on the neck.

10. Sacred Heart

neck tattoos for menThe tattoo of a sacred heart is inked by those who devote themselves to religion after a rebirth from some troubled and dark times.

11. Heart and Dagger

neck tattoos for menThe heart and dagger are a tattooed representation of heartbreak or a devastating betrayal. It represents heartbreaking, and the dagger was the weapon used.

12. Angel wings

neck tattoos for menAngel wings mean protection, freedom and faith in your guardian angel. It signifies the belief in God.

13. Wings

neck tattoos for menWings mean the same as angel wings but without the whole religion stuff.

14. Tiger

neck tattoos for menAlthough a predator, tigers are signs of good luck, wisdom, prosperity and also strength.

15. Skull

neck tattoos for menSkulls are a representation of overcoming hard times and even cheating death. It even symbolizes the death or end of an old life.

16. Patterns

Neck Tattoos for menThese patterns don’t have a significant meaning to them. These are simply some cool looking designs and patterns.

17. Face

Neck tattoos for menThese faces can be of a real person in your life or even a fictional character form a book, movie or cartoon.

18. Creepy motifs

neck tattoos for menThese are just creepy designs that you found and thought would look good as a tattoo.

19. Lucky number

neck tattoos for menThese are just the numbers that you consider to be lucky for you. They have no other meaning to them.

20. Eagle

neck tattoos for menEagles are hugely popular neck tattoos for men idea in the United States, as it is the symbol of patriotism in the US.

More Ideas For Neck Tattoos For Men

To have a few more options for a neck tattoo, here are a few other options that you can check out before deciding on one.

21.  Roman numbers

neck tattoos for men

22.  Religion motifs

neck tattoos for men

23.  Anchor

neck tattoos for men

24.  Eye

neck tattoos for men

25.  Initials

neck tattoos for men

26.  Lion

neck tattoos for men

27.  Geometric shape

28.  Birth year

29.  Butterfly

30.  Flowers

31.  Rose

Frequently Asked Questions!

If you have any other questions, then here are a few of the queries that others have regarding neck tattoos for men.

1. Are Neck Tattoos Masculine?

Neck tattoos for men are a very bold and strong style statement, and they are very masculine.

2. Are Neck Tattoos Unprofessional?

For some jobs, your boss might frown upon your neck tattoo and would try to adapt to the way you look. While in other cases, neck tattoos are a big No.

3. Do Neck Tattoos Affect Jobs?

Yes, it has been seen that huge neck tattoos can affect your ability to get a job. But it primarily depends on the type of job you have or the type of clients you are dealing with.

Wrapping Up!

So here you go,  all the best neck tattoos for men; Now, it should be quite easier for you to choose the type of tattoo you wanna get. So once you have selected a particular idea and design of a tattoo for yourself, let me know in the comment section.

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