How To Do Editorial Makeup? When To Do It?

Editorial Makeup

Have you seen magazine covers with overly exaggerated photoshoots with larger than life makeup and outfits? These photoshoots are known as editorial photoshoots, and the makeup is editorial makeup.

But are you a makeup enthusiast and wanna know how you can create beautiful editorial looks like these because we are here to show you exactly that.

There are many different ways you can create these editorial makeup looks, so if you wanna know what they are, then keep on scrolling through this article.

What Is Editorial Makeup Look?

Editorial Makeup Look

These editorial makeup looks are more about creativity, storytelling, angular, and, most of all, stylish in every way possible. The editorial makeup looks are more for magazine photoshoots and even runway shows, so you can’t expect to wear these makeup looks on a daily basis at certain events.

You will get to see these editorial makeup looks in fashion photography, billboards, beauty articles, magazines, and ad covers. But still, if you wanna try out these looks for your own creativity, then here is a step by step guide to make this editorial makeup look.

What Are The Characteristics Of An Editorial Makeup Look?

Editorial Makeup Look

There are a few ways you can create beautiful editorial makeup looks, so if you wanna know these different characteristics of editorial makeup looks, then keep on reading this article.


When it comes to editorial makeup looks then, you will see that they are absolutely gorgeous and flawless. Not even a single hair is out of its place, if you have some flaws, then they are absolutely intentional.

Precision and perfection is the key to editorial makeup looks, everything is pre-planned and precise to a T. So you have to be very careful when you are creating such a look.


You should never confuse an editorial makeup look with an avant-garde look. These editorial makeup looks are very creative in nature and are completely out of the box.

With these looks, you have total freedom to do anything with your creative talent. The look is fully complete with an equally creative hairstyle and outfit of choice.

Not Everyday

If you think that you can wear these looks for a regular office lunch or even a Sunday brunch with your friends, then you are totally wrong. That won’t work at all.

These editorial looks are all about turning heads when you walk in the street. When it comes to editorial makeup looks, you are not thinking of a regular streetwear look, it is more of an event look or a photoshoot makeup look.

From The Shoulders Up

There are many editorial makeup looks that are all about the face and from the shoulder above. So in cases like these, you won’t have to bother about your outfit from shoulder down.

Then in these cases, you have to make great editorial makeup looks along with great editorial hairstyles that will create stunning and breathtaking looks.

5 Rules For An Editorial Makeup Look

Editorial Makeup Look

If you wanna create this beautiful editorial makeup look, then you can plan a beautiful editorial makeup look for yourself, but there are 5 main rules you need to understand and follow.

Make It Clean

When you are attempting an editorial makeup look, then the one thing you should understand is to make it as clean as possible. This is not the makeup look you can fluke on. So editorial makeup is all about making clean makeup looks.

Plan It Out

As I said before, editorial makeup looks are all about making your looks as creative as possible. So if you are attempting an editorial makeup look, then you need to have a proper plan for that.

Like planning out a concept, creating a mood board of the look, and doing practice look for your ultimate editorial look.

Tell A Story

The one thing about editorial makeup looks is that you are telling a story with your looks. These looks are all about saying something about your whole look. So having a story in mind is very important if you want to tell a story with your editorial makeup look.

Use Professional Editing

Editorial makeup looks are all about making the perfect looks. So after the photo shoot is done, you should hire a professional photo editor to edit all your editorial photos.

The pictures should be absolutely surreal and something that is out of the world. So professional photo editing is very important.

Use Filters

Even if you are someone who doesn’t like to edit or use filters in your photos or videos, but for editorial makeup photos, you need to add filters to them. It is a must for these types of photos to have filters, which will take them to a whole new level.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you have a proper understanding of what editorial makeup looks like and even how to create them in a proper way. So if you think you liked this article, then give it a like and comment down below whether you would want to create such an editorial look or not.

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