How To Do Celebrity Makeup? When To Do It?

How To Do Celebrity Makeup? When To Do It?

Today we are going to talk about celebrity makeup, but what does celebrity makeup even means? If we talk about the literal meaning, then the type of makeup look celebrities wear.

But there’s a slight problem in that, in the sense that not two celebrities have the same makeup looks, so how are we distinguishing celebrity makeup under one category? Although there are few similar characteristics to celebrity makeup are the same for all.

In this article, we are going to talk about these exact similarities that celebrity makeup looks usually have in common. So keep on scrolling to find them out.

Secrets Of Celebrity Makeup Looks

Here are the secrets to celebrity makeup looks that you should be well-versed in. There is a lot that goes into celebrity makeup, so here are a few industry secrets that you should know about.

1. When Shopping For Foundations, What You See Is Not What You Get 

When Shopping For Foundations, What You See Is Not What You Get
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Has this ever happened to you that you picked the perfect shade of foundation at the store only to find that it doesn’t match when you return home? Well, for me, who has an Indian complexion, finding the right shade of foundation is quite tricky.

The shade of the foundation looks very different under natural light and fluorescent lighting.

So according to celebrity makeup artist Tanvi Chemburkar, “When picking a foundation, it is ideal to step out and click a few pictures in natural daylight as well as other lighting conditions before you finalize your shade. This will offer you complete assurance that the shade you’ve finally picked will work for you under any kind of lighting.”

2. Don’t Skip Moisturization For Oily Skin

Don’t Skip Moisturization For Oily Skin
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According to Daniel Bauer, “If you think oily skin gives you a free pass when it comes to moisturizing, you’re wrong. I find that for oilier skin, applying a setting spray before the base helps the foundation sit in place much longer. This also hydrates your face and removes any excess oils.”

Based on different skin types, the type or amount of moisturizing that you should consider are also very different.

3. Sheer Makeup Doesn’t Mean No Makeup At All 

Sheer Makeup Doesn’t Mean No Makeup At All
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Have you heard about the no-makeup makeup look? And do you know that it is quite difficult to achieve such a look, many people take years to perfect that celebrity makeup look.

According to celebrity makeup artist Mitali Vakil, “One of the things that I like to do is adding a touch of Vaseline to my base for a sheer, natural finish. It gives me the power to blend in the makeup till it disappears into the skin.”

4. Think Cream Before Concealer

Think Cream Before Concealer
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People with melanin-rich skin are very prone to skin pigmentation and dark circles, but Namrata Soni, Makeup moghul, believes with the right formula, you can take of such a problem.

According to her, “The most important thing to do before using any concealer on your face is to make sure your skin is prepped correctly. Use a good eye cream that will allow your concealer to stay in place without creasing.”

She also added, “Once you have applied the concealer, set it with loose translucent powder. Use a puff to apply the powder. Not a brush! When you use a brush, it doesn’t set the creamy consistency of the concealer correctly. That’s why you need to press it in very gently with a powder puff.”

5. Wing It Right

Wing It Right
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When you are just learning how to do your own makeup, it can be hard to get the winged eyeliner just perfect. But celebrity makeup artist Sandhya Shekhar has a trick for us.

She said, “An easy trick I use with a lot of the celebrities I work with is to keep the eyes open, staring straight ahead into the mirror. First, draw the angular wing on both sides, and then shut the eyes to connect the wings to the lash line before repeating the same on the other side.”

6. Layer Your Liner

Layer Your Liner
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After getting our winged eyeliner exactly right, she has a few tricks when it comes to creating the perfect eyeliner.

She said, “If you’re looking to intensify the effect of your eyeliner, it helps to use a kohl pencil first and then top that with a liquid or cream eyeliner. Since the tip of the pencil is chubbier, it tends to glide very easily, cover a lot of areas, and allows you to go very close to the lash line, as opposed to liquid which makes it harder to get that perfect finish if you’re not doing it every day. Anytime I want to do an intense look for the red carpet, I start by applying a pencil, smudging it with my fingers, and then finishing off with a cream or liquid liner for maximum impact.”

7. Good Riddance To Glitter Fallout

Good Riddance To Glitter Fallout
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For most celebrity makeup looks, it is very important to use glitter eye shadow, so don’t be afraid of glitter fallout. So to make us understand how to deal with glitter fallout while you are creating a celebrity makeup look.

According to Marianna Mukuchyan said, “Glitter eyes are trending right now, but it can be a tricky texture to work with. Apply an eye shadow base before applying the eye shadow so that the glitter sets better. Also, glitter flecks meant for the eyes can often fall on the cheeks and spoil the entire look. It helps to use some tape to remove the errant glitter particles that fly on the cheeks.”

Wrapping Up!

Now that I have explained to you in this article what celebrity makeup is and what the secrets are to achieving that perfect celebrity makeup look. So you can check out the step to know more about celebrity makeup. And if you think that this article was helpful for you, then give us a like and comment down below.

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