Dark Elegance Unveiled: 45 Enchanting Goth Makeup Looks to Embrace

Goth Makeup Looks

Goth makeup is all about expressing your unique style and embracing darker, edgier aesthetics.

Popular goth looks often evolve and change with trends and individual creativity. Here are some popular goth makeup looks you might want to try out based on styles that have gained traction in the gothic community:

  1. Modern Minimalist Goth:  

A minimalistic approach using neutral tones, emphasizing flawless, pale skin and bold, well-defined brows.

  1. Glowing Goth:  

Subtle and ethereal makeup with a focus on glowing, radiant skin, minimal eye makeup, and a bold lip.

  1. Pastel Goth Revival:  

Pastel shades in eyeshadows, lips, and cheeks combined with traditional gothic elements create a soft and unique goth look.

  1. Grunge Goth:  
Grunge Goth

A fusion of grunge and goth styles featuring messy eyeshadows, dark lips, and disheveled hair for a rebellious, edgy vibe.

  1. Punk-inspired Goth:  

Incorporating elements of punk, such as bold eyeliner, studded accessories, and vibrant hair colors, alongside traditional gothic makeup.

  1. Romantic Goth:  
Romantic Goth

Soft, romantic makeup with dark eyeshadows, emphasized lashes, and dark or red lipstick for a delicate, mysterious look.

  1. Cyber Goth:  

Bright, neon eyeshadows, vibrant hair colors, and futuristic makeup elements blend cyberpunk with gothic aesthetics.

  1. Nu-Goth:  

A modern and updated version of traditional goth makeup, focusing on defined brows, dark eyeshadows, and bold lips, often incorporating modern fashion elements.

  1. Victorian Goth:  

Drawing inspiration from Victorian-era fashion and makeup, with pale skin, dark eyes, and deep, rich lipstick colors.

  1. Witchy Goth:  
Witchy Goth

Dark, mystical makeup with smoky eyes, defined brows, and dark, bold lipstick, often paired with witchy accessories.

  1. Mystical Moonlit Goth:  

Iridescent and shimmery makeup that mimics the look of moonlight, incorporating silver and cool-toned hues.

  1. Bauhaus-inspired Goth:  

Minimalistic and geometric designs inspired by the Bauhaus movement, with bold lines and contrasting colors.

  1. Gothic Lolita Revival:  

A resurgence of the Gothic Lolita style, characterized by doll-like makeup, elaborate hairstyles, and elegant, Gothic-inspired fashion.

  1. Vampire Goth:  
Vampire Goth

Dark, alluring makeup with a focus on red or deep burgundy lips, intense black eyeliner, and a pale complexion.

  1. Corporate Goth:  

Dark, polished makeup suitable for a professional setting, incorporating gothic elements like dark lips and defined eyes.

  1. Classic Goth Look:  
Classic Goth Look

Dark matte foundation, black eyeliner, intense black eyeshadow, and deep red lipstick.

  1. Vampy Red Lips:  

Bold red lipstick, pale foundation, black eyeliner, and minimal eyeshadow.

  1. Smoky Eyes:

Deep smoky eye with black, gray, and silver eyeshadows paired with a nude lip.

  1. Gothic Glam:  
Gothic Glam

Dark, metallic eyeshadows, dramatic winged eyeliner, bold mascara, and deep red lipstick.

  1. Dramatic Winged Liner:  

Sharp, exaggerated winged eyeliner with a nude or dark lip.

  1. Blood-Red Lips:  
Blood-Red Lips

Deep, blood-red lipstick with pale skin and minimal eye makeup.

  1. Glittery Goth:  

Dark eyeshadow with a touch of glitter, bold mascara, and dark lipstick.

  1. Gothic Lolita:  

Light, porcelain skin with soft pink blush, dark eyeshadows, and a doll-like aesthetic.

  1. Metallic Accents:  

Dark eyeshadows with metallic accents on the eyes and lips.

  1. Dark Ombré Lips:  
Dark Ombré Lips

Dark lip liner blended into a lighter shade towards the center of the lips.

  1. Graphic Liner:  

Bold, graphic eyeliner designs in black or dark colors.

  1. Gothic Mermaid:  
Gothic Mermaid

Dark, ocean-inspired eyeshadows, shimmering highlights, and dark lipstick.

  1. Velvet Lips:  

Deep, velvety-textured lipstick in rich, dark colors.

  1. Gothic Bride:  
Gothic Bride

Pale foundation, dark, smoky eyes, and deep red or black lipstick.

  1. Skull Makeup:  

Create a skull face using black and white face paints for a spooky look.

  1. Glitter Tears:  

Dark eye makeup with tear-like streaks of glitter beneath the eyes.

  1. Gothic Punk:  
Gothic Punk:  

Combine elements of punk style with gothic makeup, like bold eyeliners and dark lips.

  1. Pastel Goth:  

Incorporate pastel colors into your gothic look, such as pastel eyeshadows and lips.

  1. Starry Night:  

Dark, starry eyeshadow look with a bold, dark lip.

  1. Gothic Fairy:  
Gothic Fairy

Dark, ethereal makeup with hints of glitter and a mystical vibe.

  1. Spider Web Eyes:  

Use eyeliner to create a spider web pattern around the eyes.

  1. Witchy Vibes:  

Dark eyeshadows, bold brows, and dark lipstick for a witchy aesthetic.

  1. Gothic Vampire:  

Pale foundation, deep red eyeshadows, and blood-red lips for a vampiric look.

  1. Gothic Doll:  
Gothic Doll:  

Porcelain skin, rosy cheeks, and dark, defined eyes for a doll-like appearance.

  1. Gothic Grunge:  

Messy, smudged eyeshadow with a grungy, edgy vibe.

  1. Holographic Goth:  

Dark eyeshadows paired with holographic accents on the eyes and lips.

  1. Gothic Royalty:  

Deep, rich colors like burgundy and royal purple with bold eyeliner and lipstick.

  1. Edgy Glamour:  

Sharp, bold lines and deep, dramatic colors for a glamorous gothic look.

  1. Cemetery Chic:  

Dark eyeshadows, pale foundation, and black lipstick inspired by cemetery aesthetics.

  1. Gothic Cyberpunk:  

Incorporate cyberpunk elements into your gothic makeup, such as metallic accents and bold lines.

Best Goth Makeup Brands For A Bold And Mysterious Look  

  1. KVD Vegan Beauty  

“Formerly known as Kat von D Beauty, it claims to be an entirely new thing after its notorious founder, renowned tattoo artist, and reality TV personality Kat von D (Katherine von Drachenberg) sold her shares and stepped away from the brand in early 2020.”

“However, the brand’s aesthetics, heavily influenced by Kat von D’s personal style and love for dark and unconventional beauty, Goth and Punk subculture aesthetics, remained unchanged, for better or for worse.”

“KVD Vegan Beauty products incorporate elements like rich, dark colors and edgy, tattoo-inspired packaging—everything that fascinates us about the Goth subculture image in the first place.”

“As you may understand from the brand`s name, it is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, which does not prevent it from offering us an extensive range of bold and highly pigmented makeup products, particularly a vibrant and diverse selection of lipsticks, eyeshadows, and eyeliners.”

  1. Manic Panic  

“Manic Panic is a makeup brand known for its vibrant and unconventional aesthetics, closely associated with alternative subcultures. The brand`s products, packaging, and marketing campaigns are clearly influenced by the Goth subculture.”

“This brand has also been around for a pretty long time; therefore, Manic Panic is probably one of the integral parts of the modern Goth subculture and its aesthetics. Originally known for its vibrant hair dyes, Manic Panic embraces an array of vivid and eye-catching colors.”

“From neon pinks and electric blues to intense greens and purples, the brand’s makeup products stand out for their bold and daring shades. Manic Panic is committed to cruelty-free practices, and many of its products are vegan.”

  1. NYX Professional Makeup  

“NYX Professional Makeup is not specifically categorized as a gothic makeup brand. While NYX does offer bold and edgy makeup products, which might appeal to gothic aesthetics, the brand caters to a broad audience with diverse makeup needs and styles.”

“Their cosmetic product range is categorized for everyday, special occasions, and various makeup looks beyond the gothic style.The brand’s products are often praised for their affordability without compromising on quality. NYX is considered a cruelty-free brand, and many of its products are vegan-friendly, appealing to consumers who prioritize ethical choices in their beauty purchases.”

“The makeup collections from this brand are available in various retail locations worldwide, including their own branded stores, makeup specialty stores, drugstores, and online retailers. Over the years, the brand has gained a loyal following and remains a go-to option for makeup enthusiasts looking for trendy and budget-friendly products.”

  1. Terra Moon Cosmetics  

“Terra Moon Cosmetics’ aesthetics and concept revolve around the captivating allure of the cosmos, combining bold colors, glittery finishes, and imaginative names to create a truly out-of-this-world makeup experience.”

“Its mesmerizing color palettes, creative and imaginative names, and artistic packaging are everything we know and love about Goth subculture aesthetics. Terra Moon`s unique finishes add dimension and a touch of magic to your makeup looks, elevating them to an ethereal level.”

“It is an indie brand, which means it operates independently and often has a strong focus on handcrafted products and personal touches. The brand is also cruelty-free, catering to the growing demand for ethically produced makeup in the Goth community as well.”

  1. Urban Decay  

“Urban Decay is known for its edgy and alternative aesthetic. Many people associate the brand with gothic influences due to its dark and bold color palettes.”

“The brand’s packaging and marketing often feature a grungy and rebellious vibe, which appeals to those drawn to the gothic subculture.

Urban Decay’s product names, such as “Blackout” and “Perversion,” further enhance its gothic image.”

“However, it is important to note that Urban Decay is not exclusively a gothic makeup brand. It offers a wide range of products suitable for various styles and preferences. Whether you identify as gothic or not, Urban Decay provides a diverse selection of makeup options to express your unique individuality.”

  1. Melt Cosmetics  

“Melt Cosmetics embraces a dark and dramatic aesthetic, often featuring deep, rich colors, especially in their eyeshadow palettes. The brand is a favorite among those who love to create smoky and bold eye looks, making it another name associated with the Goth subculture.”

“This goth makeup brand frequently incorporates metallic and glitter finishes in its makeup products, adding a touch of glamour and uniqueness to the looks. The brand usually opts for pretty minimalistic sleep packaging, which only helps those bold colors and textures pop up and look even more daring.”

  1. Concrete Minerals  

“Concrete Minerals is another brand that is all about vibrant colors, mineral-based formulas, and an edgy, alternative appeal. Its aesthetics and witchy vibe make Concrete Minerals a beauty brand you would instantly associate with the Goth subculture.”

“The brand’s packaging often showcases artistic and creative designs. Their unique packaging adds to the overall alternative and mysterious feel of the brand. By the way, the brand’s name actually reflects its use of mineral-based formulas in its makeup products. Mineral makeup is often favored for its skin-friendly and natural properties.”

“Concrete Minerals is an independent, indie brand that operates outside of larger corporate structures. It is also committed to cruelty-free practices, appealing to ethically conscious consumers.”

  1. My Pretty Zombie  

“Suggest a more Goth-sounding name for a makeup brand.”

“We shall wait! My Pretty Zombie is a makeup brand known for its quirky and unconventional aesthetics. This Goth makeup brand offers products with unusual and unexpected color stories. Their eyeshadows, blushes, and lip products usually feature distinctive and eye-catching shades for distinctive and eye-catching looks.”

“The brand’s packaging is also not shy at all! It showcases creative and artistic designs, reflecting the brand’s quirky and playful nature.”

  1. Lunatick Cosmetic Labs  

“Lunatick Cosmetic Labs‘ aesthetics revolve around Gothic, macabre, and alternative elements, with a focus on dramatic colors and artistic packaging. It is a makeup brand for those who appreciate dark and unconventional makeup looks, vivid and dramatic colors, horror-inspired names, creepy motifs, and eerie palettes.”

“Lunatick Cosmetic Labs also offers special effects makeup and face paints, catering to makeup artists and enthusiasts who enjoy creating transformative and theatrical looks.”

“The brand’s commitment to cruelty-free and vegan practices and its indie status contribute to its popularity among makeup enthusiasts seeking unique and ethically conscious makeup options.”

  1. Glam Goth Beauty  

“Glam Goth Beauty combines glamour and gothic elements to create a unique aesthetic. The brand embraces both elegance and darkness, catering to makeup enthusiasts who seek an edgy yet sophisticated look. In other words, as Goth as it gets!”

“This gothic makeup brand often draws inspiration from Gothic themes, incorporating elements like intricate lace, crosses, and dark symbolism into its packaging and designs, reflecting the glamorous and gothic nature of the brand. Also, Glam Goth Beauty is committed to cruelty-free practices and an ethical approach to makeup.”

  1. Necromancy Cosmetica  

“Necromancy Cosmetica draws inspiration from occultism, witchcraft, and dark magic. The brand’s makeup products often feature names and packaging designs that reflect these mysterious and mystical elements.”

“It is a beauty brand for those who embrace Gothic and alternative aesthetics. Its makeup products are perfect for creating bold and dramatic looks. Necromancy Cosmetica also aims to be inclusive and diverse, offering makeup products suitable for various skin tones and styles.”

  1. Baby Bat Beauty  

“Who said Goth makeup brands could not be cute? Baby Bat Beauty combines cute and spooky elements to create a unique and charming aesthetic. The brand embraces both adorable and dark themes, catering to makeup lovers who enjoy a playful yet edgy look.”

“Baby Bat Beauty designers obviously draw inspiration from both Gothic and Kawaii themes. Their makeup products may feature cute bats, ghosts, and other spooky yet cartoonish motifs.”

“Baby Bat Beauty is committed to cruelty-free practices, reflecting the brand`s ethical approach to the makeup industry. Like most niche makeup brands, Baby Bat Beauty is also an indie company with a personalized touch, adding to its charm and individuality.”

  1. Lethal Cosmetics  

Lethal Cosmetics‘ aesthetics revolve around a modern and minimalist style, with a focus on highly pigmented colors and customizable options. This German makeup brand is renowned for its customizable eyeshadow palettes, allowing customers to create personalized makeup collections tailored to their preferences.”

“It is known for its highly pigmented makeup products. Lethal Cosmetics offers a wide range of bold and vibrant colors that appeal to makeup lovers looking for an intense color payoff, which makes it another makeup brand popular in the Goth community.”

  1. Black Moon Cosmetics  

“Black Moon Cosmetics is another beauty brand that caters to those who embrace Gothic and alternative aesthetics. Its makeup products are perfect for creating bold and truly enchanting looks.”

“Here you will find makeup products with richly pigmented shades like deep blacks, haunting purples, and mesmerizing blues. And just listen to those names: Sorrow, Murmaider, Sanguis, DeVille, and Haunting—those are only several examples of their liquid lipsticks names—that will definitely help you catch the brand`s vibe.”

  1. Rituel De Fille  

“Rituel de Fille’s aesthetics are all about mystical and ethereal themes, with a focus on rich colors and artistic packaging.”

“The brand draws inspiration from mystical and otherworldly themes, creating makeup products that evoke a sense of magic and enchantment. Its witchy vibe, along with elegant, sophisticated packaging, make Rituel de Fille another goth makeup brand you should know about.”

“Rituel de Fille emphasizes the use of natural and organic ingredients in its makeup products, appealing to those who prefer clean beauty options and making every product look and feel like a beauty potion rather than another trivial lipstick or eyeshadow palette.”

“At the same time, the brand’s packaging often features artistic and luxurious designs, reflecting the brand’s commitment to creating a unique and elevated makeup experience.”

  1. Fyrinnae  

“Fyrinnae is not your regular Goth makeup brand (if there is such a thing as a “regular” Goth Makeup brand at all). Anyway, Fyrinnae seems to draw inspiration from fantasy and magical themes rather than dark and dramatic images, creating makeup products that evoke a sense of enchantment and wonder.”

“Fyrinnae offers products with vibrant and unique shades not commonly found in mainstream makeup collections. Their colors often stand out for their brilliance and complexity.”

“This brand is famous for its multi chrome and duo-chrome eyeshadows, which shift and change colors depending on the lighting and angle, creating a captivating and ethereal effect.”

“In other words, Fyrinnae`s products are meant for more seasoned makeup lovers and MUAs, those who are not afraid to play with unconventional colors and textures, combining seemingly incompatible elements in one look.”

“Fyrinnae is committed to cruelty-free and vegan practices, aligning with its ethical approach to beauty. This brand was also among the first to offer eco-friendly alternatives to some of the most notorious beauty products. Make sure to check out their eco-friendly body glitter and eyeshadow!”

  1. Devinah Cosmetics  

“Another brand for seasoned makeup lovers and, of course, those who dig Gothic aesthetics and everything it stands for. Devinah Cosmetics is a makeup brand known for its bold and versatile aesthetic.”

“Devinah Cosmetics frequently incorporates shimmer and glitter finishes in its makeup products, adding a touch of sparkle and glamour to the looks.”

“Their packaging is as unique and artistic as the brand`s products.
The brand’s commitment to cruelty-free and vegan practices, as well as its indie status, add to its appeal among makeup fans looking for one-of-a-kind and ethically conscious makeup options.”

  1. Sugarpill  

“Sugarpill is another makeup brand that is actively engaged with the goth subculture and alternative communities through collaborations, social media presence, and participation in alternative events, further solidifying its association with the gothic makeup scene.”

“The brand encourages individual expression and creativity through its diverse makeup products, appealing to those who seek to express their unique gothic style. Sugarpill embraces bold and dramatic makeup looks with highly pigmented products that can help achieve intense and eye-catching gothic styles.”

“However, while Sugarpill’s aesthetics and product range resonate with gothic aesthetics, the brand also emphasizes that makeup brands should have diverse audiences and can be enjoyed by individuals with a variety of style preferences.”

  1. Lime Crime   

“Lime Crime is not typically considered a Goth makeup brand. However, Lime Crime offers a wide range of makeup products with bold and vibrant colors, which is why its aesthetic and brand identity are commonly associated with alternative and indie makeup and are well-known in the goth community.”

“This gothic makeup brand is known for its playful and whimsical packaging, featuring colorful and unique designs. The brand has gained popularity for its bold and highly pigmented lip products, eyeshadows, and other makeup items, appealing to those who enjoy experimenting with creative and artistic makeup looks.”

  1. Portland Black Lipstick Company  

“Portland Black Lipstick Company specializes in creating lipsticks with dark and moody colors, including deep blacks, rich purples, and other unconventional shades that are popular among the goth community.”

“The brand`s overall aesthetic is gothic and edgy, appealing to all who appreciate nonconformist and alternative makeup looks. In other words, it is not a makeup brand for a shy soul.”

“The brand also takes an artistic approach to its makeup products, paying attention to detail in both the product formulations and the packaging design. Portland Black Lipstick Company is committed to ethical practices and is known for being cruelty-free and vegan.”

Wrapping Up!  

Well, there you go; these were a a few goth makeup looks that you should definitely check out if you are into that lifestyle. To make it easier for you, I have also provided you with a range of makeup brands that you can buy from. So if you think this article was helpful, then give it a like and comment down below.

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