35 Glitter Eye Makeup That You Definitely Wanna Try Out

glitter eye makeup

“The world of makeup is not just wonderful being full of colors; it gives you amazing choices that can floor the uninitiated! This holds true with the different types of eyeshadows that are available on the market – online and in-store.”

“It’s probably a lot easier when you go into a store and swatch them before buying them. You need to have in-depth knowledge about the different types of eyeshadow palettes that continually evolve.”

Guide To Glitter Eye Makeup  

When you are a pro at doing your makeup, then you will know that there are a few things that you should know and do when you are doing glitter eye makeup. So here are a few things that you should follow.

  1. Glitter Isn’t Always Loud  

According to makeup artist Namrata Soni, “People think that if you love glitter, then you only like OTT makeup. There are so many subtle ways to use it as well – you can wear it on your nails, as a simple, delicate glitter liner, or glitter eyelashes just on the edges.”

  1. Get The Basics Right   

As per makeup artist Mehak Oberoi, “First start off with a lid primer, who often works with the likes of Tara Sutaria and Sonakshi Sinha.”

“Use a creamy eyeshadow as a base if you’re picking a fine powder glitter. However, if you’re working with coarse glitter, use a glitter primer or glue before the application.”

  1. Keep Damage Control Handy  

According to Oberoi, “Make sure you have glitter glue on you and keep microporous tape handy to look after any fallout. Avoid using wet wipes to remove fallen glitter from the face, as it only spreads it further.”

  1. Face The Glitter Fallout  

“The best way to minimize fallout is by applying glitter over the glue on your lid, vigorously blinking the eye so that any glitter that has to fall out will, and then reapply the glitter. Clean all the glitter. Clean all the glitter fallout using a microporous tape before you start your base makeup,” said makeup artist Mehak Oberoi.

Makeup artist Namrata Soni said, “If you’re applying glitter after doing your base makeup, apply translucent powder under your eye with a large fan brush, around your nose and mouth, and once you’re done applying your glitter, use a big brush and dust it off your face.”

“Another tip to keep in mind is that you can request your client to tilt their head up in case you’re applying a loose glitter eyeshadow, or if you’re doing it yourself, keep your head as tilted as you can,” said makeup artist Arti Nayar.

  1. Embrace The Possibilities  

According to Oberoi, “If you want to create a party look, adding glitter to the inner corner of your eye will open it up without looking overdone. Then, there is the standard way of dabbing glitter on the center of the lids. Also, sometimes you can add it to your cheekbones as well. If you want to go all out and can carry it well, the Pat McGrath ‘glitter lip’ is definitely something you should go ahead with. A glitter eyeliner is always an option if you want to play it safe.”

  1. Don’t Fear The Shine  

As per Arti Nayar, “It’s important that you use glitter because you want to and not because it’s a trend. Don’t be scared to use glitter – it’s so much fun! Take risks and create different types of looks and make it a part of your life.”

  1. Make Sure You Invest In The Right Kind  

“While choosing a glitter, pick one that is of good quality and does not harm your skin. My first love would be the Makeup For Ever Professional Face and Body Glitter. I also love the Pat McGrath Lust 004 Everything Lip Kit, Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Glitters, Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners, and MAC Cosmetics 3D Glitters. For glitter application, use a flat brush and Kryolan’s multi gel or the NYX Glitter Primer,” said Namrata Soni.

Subtle To Bold Glitter Eye Makeup  

Here are a few great examples of glitter eye makeup that you can easily try out for yourself and make a bold or subtle look for yourself.

  1. Silver Dream  
Silver Dream  

“Excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor. This silver glitter eyeshadow is everything we need and more when it comes to sparkle inspiration. Keeping the glitter on the lid with the liner traced around it as an accent is a genius idea for abstract expression in the name of everything that shimmers.”

  1. Subtle Chic  
Subtle Chic  

“Golden-bronze glitter graces the eyelids for the ultimate eyeshadow look while keeping to a more natural hue instead of something bolder. This is the perfect example of an eyeshadow look for anyone who wants to experiment with glitter but prefers more natural colors on the lids.”

  1. Bold & Beautiful  
Bold & Beautiful  

“Deep purple lids with violet sparkle pair beautifully with red, sparkly lips, proving that glitter doesn’t have to stay on the eyelids to make a statement. Finding the same colors in glitter to pair with the eyeshadows you already own is an easy way to experiment with this trend.”

  1. Confetti Party  
Confetti Party  

“Pieces of confetti-like glitter can be applied to the eyelids, the holographic shimmer allows for a wide range of colors to come through when the light hits them at different angles. Wearing a soft blush and lip color can balance the look without taking any attention off the eyes.”

  1. Emerald Cut  
Emerald Cut  

“Emerald lids with graphic black eyeliner create a chic ’60s vibe. When wearing glitter, it’s okay to incorporate other textures like liquid eyeliner to help create vivid shapes and definition. Apply glitter to the eyelids and add the liner in last to tie the look together.”

  1. Diamond Details  
Diamond Details  

“Perfectly placed glitter and gemstones create an eyeshadow look that needs no introduction. Use eyeliner as a guide for where to adhere the stones if you’re attempting it for the first time and need some assistance.”

  1. Fun & Foiled  
Fun & Foiled  

“Foiled, iridescent eyelids play well with glitter that’s placed perfectly on the inner corners. Just the tiniest touch of shimmer can change your makeup in an instant—the holographic tones are simply beautiful and can be brilliant in the sunlight.”

  1. Neon Pop  
Neon Pop  

“What’s better than neon eye makeup and glitter combined? The eyeliner along the lash line paired with a fully glistening lid is playful and fun—we want to wear this makeup look all day long.”

  1. Chic Accents  
Chic Accents  

“Proving that glitter doesn’t need to be over the top, this tiny accent above the crease shows how a simple detail can change an entire look for the better. Experiment with any colors you feel like – the opportunities here are endless.”

  1. Cosmic Creation  
Cosmic Creation  

“If the constellations are any inspiration (the answer to that is yes), you’ll love this star-studded glitter look with cosmic, outer space vibes. The tiniest gold stars add a whole other layer to the chunky glitter pieces that perfectly frame the eyes. What could be better?”

  1. Vibrant Hues  
Vibrant Hues  

“Mixing bold colors and glitter allows for endless color play while showcasing all the sparkles you want. Vibrant green eyeliner applied to the lash line with bold yellow accents in the crease is giving us all the creative feels.”

  1. Just The Line  
Just The Line  

“Glitter doesn’t have to be everywhere – you can simply use it as a winged liner yet still benefit from what it has to offer. Opt for an eyeliner that already has glitter in it if you’ve passed for time, or place actual glitter on top of your liner depending on the look you want.”

  1. Inner Beauty  
Inner Beauty  

“This look is the perfect example of how adding the tiniest of glitter in the inner corners of the eyes can make such a difference. A subtle way to wear glitter, the shimmer adds a wonderful touch to an already ethereal makeup look.”

  1. True Blue  
True Blue  

“Bold blue glitter makes us really happy. Bold blue glitter all over the eyelids? Even more so. This simple swipe of color creates something so vivid and beautiful in an instant – what’s not to love?”

  1. Violet Magic  
Violet Magic  

“Two shades of violet shadow blended on the lids and under the bottom lashes create a contrast that’s ideal when wanting to wear bolder, chunkier glitter pieces. The application of glitter on the lids ties the look together for something that’s dramatic yet feels extremely right.”

  1. Gleaming Glitter  
Gleaming Glitter  

“Glitter comes in all forms, and this shimmering metallic shadow looks is an example of glitter that has finer particles versus larger ones. The two different tones of blue and pink blended together create a lovely variation for an eyeshadow look that kees us wanting come back for more.”

  1. Delicate Details  
Delicate Details  

“Winged eyeliner can take on many forms, and this glittery look shows how the tiniest touches of glitter along the lashes can take any makeup look to the next level. This is perfect for beginners who want to try something more adventurous but aren’t ready to do a full glitter look just yet.”

  1. Hearts On Fire  
Hearts On Fire  

“Heart-shaped glitter applied all over the lids and into the crease is as visually pleasing as it is fun. Whether it’s stars, hearts, or any other shape you prefer, there are always creative ways to explore wearing colors and patterns of glitter for memorable makeup looks.”

  1. Whimsical Feels  
Whimsical Feels  

“Scattered perfectly across the eyelids and the inner corners, this glitter look is extremely creative yet simple at the time. Paired with bold brows and sculptured highlighted cheeks, it’s a lovely way to showcase some shine.”

  1. Midas Touch  
Midas Touch  

“Gold is a favorite amongst makeup artists for its versatility in shades and the ability to work on all skin tones. This glittering gold eyeshadow look gives us another reason to add to our long list of why wearing gold is an excellent choice, always.”

  1. Razor Sharp   
Razor Sharp   

“Razor-sharp wings paired with black glitter give instant drama to this eyeshadow look. Black glitter adds an instant glam effect and works beautifully with the rest of the makeup.”

  1. Golden Hour  
Golden Hour  

“If golden hour were a makeup look, we’re convinced this would be it. Not only is this a breathtaking use of glitter on the eyes, but it also looks even more glorious on the cheeks as a highlighter. Glitter doesn’t have to stay on the eyes for it to make a bold, powerful statement.”

  1. All That Glitters   
All That Glitters   

“An abstract curve, line, or wing on the eyes can instantly brighten your day. The glittery finish in these details is minimal yet powerful in making a statement. Using a waterproof formula to create this is helpful in preventing creasing and smudging of the eyeshadow.”

  1. Think Pink  
Think Pink  

“Pink is always a great idea, and pink eyeshadows paired with glitter are an even better one. While this look shows a soft-toned choice in glitter so as not to compete with the eyeshadow, you can wear different tones with pink, such as silver or gold glitter, to amplify the eyes.”

  1. Ethereal Edge  
Ethereal Edge  

“Mint green glitter paired with bold lips gives this ethereal makeup look an instant edge. Glitter applied to the lids is the easiest way to recreate this, followed with bold brows, mascara, and lipstick of your choice.”

  1. Mermaid Sparkle   
Mermaid Sparkle   

“These shimmery shadow colors paired with gems are putting out some serious mermaid vibes, and we adore it. Creating glittery eyeshadow looks that have a theme is even more fun when you can choose bold colors.”

  1. Go Green  
Go Green  

Applying gemstones to the lids in the same color theme shows how creative you can be with shapes, colors, and glitter. This gradient colorway looks gorgeous and is a total show-stopper.

  1. Smoky Quartz   
Smoky Quartz   

“Smoky eyeshadow looks equipped with glitter bring a new dimension that’s most welcome. The crease has ample glitter blended in it to help define the eyes and make them pop.”

  1. Just A Hint  
Just A Hint  

“Just a hint of glitter on the lids elevates your eyeshadow look, even though it’s very simple. The tiniest details can make all the difference when wearing different textures on the eyes.”

  1. Flecks Of Color  
Flecks Of Color  

“This type of glitter eye shadow seems to be doing a happy dance on the eyelids. From the different sizes to colors and placements, it’s a playful rake on wearing glitter that works extremely well. The inner corners of the eyes are highlighted beautifully – we’d love to see this sparkle in the sunlight.”

  1. Heavy Metal  
Heavy Metal  

“Smudged, charcoal shadow with accents of silver and black glitter gives this eyeshadow look all the smoky drama it needs while pairing beautifully with natural face makeup. The smokier, the better in our book!”

  1. Fresh Florals  
Fresh Florals  

“These tiny glittery gemstones almost look like flowers paired with hot pink shadow and lipstick. The variation in colors is exquisite, and the attention to detail makes this look all the more special.”

  1. Divine Drama  
Divine Drama  

“Deep smoky eyeshadow and gemstones make way for the eyes to steal the entire show, while the added touch of green liner brings a memorable pop of color. We can’t stop staring at every little detail.”

  1. Watercolor Gems  
Watercolor Gems  

“Soft eyeshadow colors in pink and yellow create a watercolor feel for this shadow look, while the glitter and gemstones add the right kind of details in the inner corners and under the eyes. Add as few or as many gems as you want and enjoy creating art.”

  1. The Perfect Shimmer  
The Perfect Shimmer  

“Silver metallic and glitter accents paired with this abstract purple eyeliner look work to enhance the liner along with the color. While the glitter isn’t extremely noticeable, it provides a subtle shimmer that’s just right.”

Wrapping Up!  

Well, there you go; in this article, there are a lot of different types of glitter eye makeup that you can try and perfect for yourself.

So if you think that this article was helpful and informative for yourself, then all you need to do is give this article a like and comment down below as well.  

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