How Much Do Unlicensed Babysitters Get Paid?

How Much Do Unlicensed Babysitters Get Paid

When you are working with an agency as a licensed babysitter, then your payment is fixed through the agency. You don’t have to talk to the clients directly about payment.

But if you are unlicensed and not attached to any agency, then the situation is different. 

Then it would mean that you know the parents somehow and they trust you enough to be their babysitter. And in these situations, you negotiate your payment with the parents. 

So if you wanna know more about how the whole system works and how much do unlicensed babysitters get paid, then scroll down below and learn everything you need to. 

How Much Do Unlicensed Babysitters Get Paid?

How Much Do Unlicensed Babysitters Get Paid2

Usually, if you are an unlicensed babysitter, it is absolutely to charge somewhere from $7-$8 per hour to $20 per hour. The payment for an unlicensed depends on the different duties the person has to do at home other than just taking care of the baby or kid. 

If you are of legal age, then you should be paid the minimum wage at least, or if you are a teenager, then you can charge less, considering. 

The main thing that both the parents and the babysitter should consider is the following factors before deciding on a payment amount. 

6 Factors To Consider First

6 Factors To Consider First

Although unlicensed babysitters are not preferred most times when there are no other options, then asking friends or neighbors for help is absolutely fine if you trust them enough. 

  • Location

It is always important to consider the location where you have to travel to for the job. If it’s in the neighborhood, then no problem, but if you travel a bit far, then the charges should definitely depend on that. 

So the distance and location are something that both the parents and the babysitter should talk about in advance and depending on that, you should decide how much should I charge for babysitting. 

  • Know What Licensed Babysitters Charge

Before you hire an unlicensed babysitter, you should always do your research on the prices that you should pay. 

Like it’s not fair to pay an unlicensed babysitter more than a licensed babysitter, so these are certain things that you should check beforehand. Then you will know how much is a babysitter per hour and what you should pay. 

  • Their Age

The age of the babysitter is always a factor; whenever you are hiring a babysitter, you don’t want someone too young or irresponsible. Age is a big factor when looking for a babysitter, as age depends on how much do babysitters cost.  

  • Relationship With The Parents

If you are close to the family you are babysitting for, then that is a huge advantage for you. You can either ask for less money from them as you know them, outside of work. Or on the otherhand, you can ask for more money, depending on their financial status and familiarity with you. 

  • Number Of Kids

This is something that both the parents and the babysitter should consider; how many kids are there to babysit? If there is only one kid, then the amount per hour is less, but if the =ie are two or three kids, then the amount should definitely increase. 

  • Number Of Hours/Days

Along with the number of kids you are going to babysit, the number of hours is also important when you are hiring a babysitter or babysitting for someone. This is important when you are deciding on how much do unlicensed babysitters get paid.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Babysitter? 

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Babysitter

Other than just thinking about the payment that an Unlicensed babysitter should get paid, you should also consider the responsibilities that a babysitter should take upon other than other caring for the baby. 

  • Provide Care For The Kids.

The primary responsibility of a babysitter is to take off the child in question. That is their main job, and that is what they are getting paid for. 

So taking care of the kid and providing them with all the care is what falls as a babysitter’s main function. Whether the child needs to be fed, dressed, or needs their diapers changed, the babysitter should be ready to do everything. 

  • Make Sure The House Is In Order.

Other than just taking care of the kid, it is important that the babysitter keep the kid’s play area clean and tidy as well. You need to make sure that the play area is not in a mess and that the kid doesn’t create a mess of things. 

  • Engage Kids In Fun Activities.

While you are babysitting, you need to make sure that the kid is engaged in some kind of activity and that they are not simply running around and not being unproductive. The parents hired a babysitter to play with their kids and keep them happy at the same time. 

  • Know What To Do In Times Of Emergency.

It is very important that the babysitter you hire is well aware of the emergency situations that can occur. They should also know how to deal with emergency situations when and if they occur while the parents are away. If some emergency situation occurs, the babysitter should be able to call the cops. 

  • Ensure That The Kid’s Behavior Is Acceptable.

When the babysitter is with the kid for about 8-10 hours, then they should keep the child’s behavior under observation. They should help with correcting any wrong behavior and reward good behavior. That way, the babysitter will help the parents in a huge way. 

Wrapping Up!

So now that I have laid out every detail about how much do unlicensed babysitters get paid, then you can make an informed decision about what’s right for your baby. 

Picking the right babysitter is very important as you are going to leave your baby with that person. So it is important that the person is the right person for you. 

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