10 Trendy Shoulder Length Straight Hair You Must See In 2023

10 Trendy Shoulder Length Straight Hair You Must See In 2023

For all of you out there with beautiful medium-length hair like me, there are beautiful shoulder length haircut ideas that you can create to give your hair a whole new look.

These hairstyles are perfect with the right dose of grace and movement. So keep on scrolling and select the hairstyle that suits you the best.

  1. Ginger Mid-Length Layered Hair  

Ginger Mid-Length Layered Hair

Suppose you have beautiful ginger-colored hair. Don’t you dare dye it into any other hair color that will ruin your uniqueness of hair color. And if your hair is long, then you should definitely cut it to shoulder-length and give it a new style and look altogether.

For straight hair, to give your hair a new style, go for the layered hairstyle, as it gives your hair dimension and texture.

  1. Straight Blonde Shoulder Length Haircut Without Bangs

Straight Blonde Hair Without Bangs

For the ones out there with blonde hair and who hate bangs, it’s

It is not compulsory to get bangs every time you want to change your hairstyle. You can give your hair a beautiful middle part or even long layers to give it the effect of bangs without actually getting it.

  1. Ash Blonde Long Bob For Straight Hair

Ash Blonde Long Bob For Straight

There are many different types of blonde hairstyles out there, and if you have the ash blonde hairstyle, then like any other hair color, you can get any hairstyle you want.

The hairstyles and hair colors are not at all specific to each other. So if you want a beautiful long bob on your ash-colored straight hair, then you can easily get that.

  1. Medium Front Layered Shoulder Length Haircut With Bangs

Medium Front Layered Hair With Bangs

If you are someone who is looking forward to a completely whole new look, then getting beautiful bangs is the right way for you to go.

There are many different types of bangs, and any of the bangs is going to make you look fabulous. But I can recommend you to get front layered medium bangs that will frame your face at the same time.

  1. Bright Golden Blonde Straight Hair

Bright Golden Blonde Straight Hair

There are people with gorgeous bright golden blonde hair, which they don’t wanna cut short or, in some cases, even trim.

So for them, you don’t have to cut your hair if you don’t want to cut your hair, then no problem, you can simply style your hair without even cutting your hair. That way, too, you are going to look really great with beautiful golden blonde hair.

  1. Blonde Balayage For Straight Hair

Blonde Balayage For Straight Hair

Balayage is a beautiful technique for coloring your hair with any color that you want. If you are good at coloring your hair, then you can color your hair.

Only then you should color your trendy shoulder-length straight hair with the balayage hair coloring technique. Or else it is pretty easy to mess up the whole technique.

  1. Center -Parted Soft Straight Hair

Center -Parted Soft Straight Hair

If you love parting your hair, then you hardly need any haircutting or shortening of the length. With parting the hair, you can change the look at any time you want by just flipping the hair from one side to another and or giving it a center part.

  1. Middle-Parted Medium Bob  

Middle-Parted Medium Bob

Even if you are cutting your hair in a bob cut, you can keep your hair in the middle part. Cutting your hair in a medium bob and keeping it in the middle is a great way to style your hair on certain days.

Then you can change the middle part to any side part to change the look from time to time. This way, your hair is not gonna get boring.

  1. Mid-Lenght Blunt Cut With A Curtain Fringe  

Mid-Lenght Blunt Cut With A Curtain Fringe

If you have mid-length hair but don’t wanna cut your hair, all you want is to give your hair curtain fringe. Then it is quite easy to do.

You can easily go to a hairstylist and get your hair cut professionally, or if you think you are confident enough, then you can cut your hair into curtain fringe as well.

  1. Voluminous Shoulder Length Haircut For Straight Hair

Voluminous Hairstyles For Straight Hair

It is quite possible that you have thin, straight hair, and you want to add more hair to it, or at least the illusion of voluminous hair.

There are a few ways you can do that, but it would be better to ask your hairstylist to do it for you without trying it yourself. By adding layers to your whole head of hair, you can see the volume in your hair. This way, even your thin hair seems voluminous.

Some Additional Shoulder Length Haircut Ideas For Your Straight Hair 

Along with the top 10 medium-length haircut ideas shared in this guide, here I want to discuss some quirky hairstyling ideas to give your fashion a fresh new lease of life.

Shag Shoulder Length Haircut 

If you are in for a boho vibe, a shag haircut will be the perfect pick for you. This haircut is universally appealing and versatile. Further, shaggy hairstyles are the best when it comes to adding texture, movement and definition to your hairstyle at the same time. 

You can also be creative with the layering of your hair with tousled waves at the front, choppy ends, and face-framing bangs. 

So, do you want to try different shag haircuts for your shoulder-length hair? Let’s explore!

Trendy Shag Haircut With Feathered Layers

Flaunt your free spirit with a shag haircut complemented by feathered layers at the front. The feathered layers will add a feminine touch to your appearance. Further, this haircut is easy to style, and it complements all types of outfits.

Sharp Shaggy Haircut 

Do you want to keep the feminine grace in your appearance intact without making it very coy? How about trying a sharp, shaggy haircut?

The best thing about this hairstyle is how it allows you to play with the length of your hair. You can even go for a perfect mix of shorter and longer lengths to have a modern look. 

Shaggy Haircut With Swoopy Layers 

This hairstyle is definitely a more contemporary take on the traditional shaggy hairstyle. Further, thanks to the versatility of the hairstyle, it suits women of all age groups.

This hairstyle is beautiful because of how it creates a textured look with swoopy layers at the back. So, at the front, you have a defined look, and at the back, your hairstyle has the best movements.

To make this hairstyle more interesting, you can also try a Balayage effect or some blonde highlights for darker hair. 

Shag Shoulder Length Haircut With Bold Layers 

Do you want to infuse some serious retro charm into your hairstyle? How about wearing a shoulder-length haircut that has the best of mullet and shaggy hairstyles? 

To put it simply, this hairstyle has emphasized layers that make your appearance bold and add the right movement. 

Further, this hairstyle is perfect to get some instant volume if you have thin hair. The layers at the front frame your face, bringing all the attention to your beautiful eyes. 

Shaggy Shoulder Length Haircut With Crowned Top 

Do you want to keep it edgy this season? Why don’t you go for a shorter length near your crown? It will create a distinct effect and sheer contrast with the longer length of the rest of your hair. 

Again, this hairstyle is perfect to add volume to your look. 

Natural Shoulder-Length Haircut For Textured Hair 

Do you have straight hair, and you want to get the texture and curls of natural hair? Once you are done getting the curls, you can chop them to shoulder length. The medium length will add volume to your hairstyle instantly. Further, it will be easy to maintain.

Styling your shoulder-length natural hair is easy. Just keep it side-swept to flaunt a sharper appearance. 

Wrapping Up!  

Now that I have discussed the shoulder length haircut ideas for straight hair, you can easily do it yourself without any problem.

But if you think you are not up to the mark to do the haircut yourself, then definitely go to your stylist. If you think you liked this article, then give it a like and comment down below.

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