5 Guide To Wear Blazer With Jeans For Wedding Ceremony

Wear Blazer With Jeans

While women have a lot of options to wear when it comes to weddings, for men the options to wear to a wedding are quite limited. Although the options are limited, there are a number of ways you can style even such limited options.

For men, the most common types of outfits to wear at weddings are suits and blazers or going full casual with a button-down shirt and formal pants. But there are a number of fancy ways you can style them.

So if you too wanna know how you can style a blazer with jeans for a wedding, then keep on scrolling down.

How To Wear Jeans With Blazers

There are a number of things that you need to understand when you are preparing jeans with blazer for wedding. Certain things that you need to take care of are.

  • Slim-fitted jeans are the best option when you are pairing them with a blazer, which will create a smart yet casual look.
  • Always wear a high-quality blazer for a wedding.
  • For a sophisticated event go for a darker combination, while for a casual event wear a lighter shade of color combination.
  • When you are going for a casual look, you can wear a casual T-shirt with sneakers, but for a more elegant occasion, wear a formal button-down shirt, along with formal shoes.
  • You can even wear a suit jacket with jeans if you don’t have a good quality blazer.
  • Now, after all, you can’t forget to add a few accessories along with your outfit.

Men’s Blazer And Jeans Combination

When you are wearing a blazer and jeans the number of combinations is countless. There are many ways you can pair a blazer and a jean. So here are a few options for a blazer with jeans for wedding.

  • Black Jeans With Blazer

Black Jeans With Blazer

For a wedding outfit, skinny black jeans is always a great option for any guy along with a good high-quality blazer.

For black skinny jeans, you can practically wear any colored blazer you want for a wedding. And with that blazer with jeans for wedding, you can a good pair of loafers, or white sneakers.

  • Blue Jeans With Blazer

Blue Jeans With Blazer

The blue blazer with jeans for wedding is just a classic look. So if you have a great pair of blue jeans and a blazer, then you can easily wear them together to any wedding, of course, if they look great together.

But the shade of blue you should avoid is navy blue, as it can clash with your blazer, as navy blue blazers are quite common.

  • Grey Jeans With Blazer

Grey Jeans With Blazer

If you prefer grey jeans, then it might be a bit tricky to find the right blazer, that looks great with grey jeans.

But don’t you worry, there are a lot of blazer colors that look great with grey jeans. For a wedding, you can also wear ripped grey jeans with wedding blazer for men. It would be better if you do not clash the shades of grey of your jeans and your blazer.

 5 Outfit Ideas For Wearing Blazer With Jeans For Wedding

Now that you know which type of jeans and blazer look great together for a wedding, here are a few good looks you can recreate these looks for an upcoming wedding. So scroll down to see all these looks.

  • The Preppy Look

The Preppy Look

One of the most common types of look for both men and women is the quintessential preppy look. Although for men these preppy looks are also applicable when at a wedding.

You can wear a darker shade of jeans, along with a sweater or a button-down shirt. You can also wear a pocket square as an additional accessory.

  • The Monochrome Look

The Monochrome Look

The monochromatic look is a very famous look for most men when going to a wedding. For a great monochromatic look, you can go for colors other than just black or white. Grey, brown, and blue are all great options that you can wear as monochromatic looks.

  • The Ambiguous Dress Code Look

The Ambiguous Dress Code Look

In most times, due to lack of options men don’t know what to which blazer with jeans for wedding. If you don’t have anything to wear, then the only thing you can wear is the classic, white button-down shirt, with black jeans and leather loafers.

  • The Casual Weekend Look

The Ambiguous Dress Code Look

For some weddings you don’t have to try too hard to look elegant and dress up, you can only wear a great pair of blue jeans, with a good quality blazer and simple white sneakers. These looks are more relaxed and casual.

  • The Business Casual Look

Business Casual Look

When you are wearing a wedding outfit and decided to wear a business casual outfit then you can wear a light colored button down shirt and a blue jeans with a tan jacket. With these outfit choices, you can easily wear leather loafers with the blazer with jeans for wedding.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know the combinations of blazers with jeans for wedding, you are going to look great at any wedding. Weddings are a great place to meet women, so look great in a beautiful blazer, and look your very best.

So if you think this article was helpful for you then leave this article a like and comment down below, which look you preferred the most.

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