30+ Couple Tattoos For Men And Women

Couple Tattoos

When you are in a relationship for a long time or even for a couple of months, the one decision that you might take is to get a tattoo. This tattoo is most probably going to be a matching couple tattoos.

If you and your partner want to get couple tattoos, then in the list down below, there are more than 30 types of couple tattoos. Both of you can easily choose the ones you would like to have.

1. Always & Forever

For longtime committed couples, getting a tattoo saying “Always & Forever” is a very popular tattoo. This is very simple yet meaningful among all the couple tattoos.

Always & Forever

2. Mismatched Tattoos

Though these tattoos seem mismatched, they have a link and symbolism for the couples who get them.

Mismatched Tattoos

3. The One True Love

These tattoos can be both funny and sarcastic and also very romantic. So based on the nature of your relationship, you can get a funny or romantic One true love tattoo.

The One True Love

4. Minimalist Set

For couples who don’t want big, bold tattoos, then these minimalistic tattoos are the best option they should go for.

Minimalist Set

5. L-O-V-E

These love tattoos are very common as well as popular among couples looking for couple tattoos.


6. Food Tattoos

For couples who are very much into food, and that is a thing that bonds them together, then it is common for them to get a couple of tattoos of their favorite food items.

Food Tattoos

7. Dark Themed

Couple who are into darker couple tattoos then they should go for these darker-themed tattoos that complement their personalities and relationship.

Dark Themed

8. Love For Games

For gamer couples out there, these are the best cute gaming-related tattoo ideas that might interest you.

Love For Games

9. A Fairytale Disney

For couples who are big fans of Disney, here are a few iconic Disney-inspired tattoos for them to get to commemorate their relationship.

A Fairytale Disney

10. Stars & Moons

“Your love takes me to the moon and back.” Here are a few great ideas for couples who embody this quote about their relationship.

Stars & Moons

11. Love For Anime

If you share a love for anime with your partner, then here are a few tattoo ideas for you to think about.

Love For Anime

12. Cartoons

If you are in love with iconic cartoon characters, then share them with your partner.


13. Sunshine

“You are the sunshine to my darker days.” If you think this to be true, then here are a few tattoo ideas for you.


14. Harry Potter

“Its Leviosa, not Leviosaa!” If Harry Potter brought the two of you together, then share that magical bond with a themed tattoo.

Harry Potter

15. My Other Half

The other half of couple tattoos can be very funny or very romantic, it all depends upon your personality. Whatever suits your relationship.

My Other Half

16. A Classic

These tattoos are a classic for a reason. These tattoos are popular in a very conventional way.

A Classic

17. King & Queen

The King & Queen tattoo is for the king or queen in your life.

King & Queen

18. Movie Love

If the love for movies is something that connects the two of you and holds a special place in your relationship, then get similar couple tattoos.

Movie Love

19. A Full Circle

Coming to a full circle in your relationship is something that is very precious in a relationship. If that is the case in your relationship then try out these tattoos.

A Full Circle

More Iconic Couples Tattoos For Your And Your Partner

Here are a few tattoo ideas that you and your partner might like to get inked.

 20. Fruits


 21. Bugs & Butterflies

Bugs & Butterflies

 22. Love For Pizza

Love For Pizza

23. A Cup Of Tea

A Cup Of Tea

24. Flower & Butterfly

Flower & Butterfly

25. A Matching Set

A Matching Set

26. Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract

27. Magical


28. Out Of This World

Out Of This World

29. Simple Letters

Simple Letters

30. Dancing Together

Dancing Together

31.  Love Science

Love Science

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

If you have any queries regarding a couple tattoos, then here are a few questions regarding the same. 

1. Are Matching Tattoos A Good Idea?

➥ Before you get a couple’s tattoo, make sure that the decision is not taken impulsively, or else you might regret it later. But if you are quite sure about getting a couple’s tattoo, then it would mean you and your partner care about each other a lot and love a lot. 

2. Can Couples Get Matching Tattoos?

➥ If the couple in question is very committed to each other, then getting a couple’s matching tattoos is not a farfetched decision. People In a committed relationship would love to get a matching tattoo to celebrate a certain milestone in their life.

3. Why Do People Get Tattoos Of Their Partners?

➥ If we look online, the number of posts there are where people are posting their tattoos either of their partners or with their partners. These tattoos prove that people are showcasing their love and their relationship commitment.

Wrapping Up!

Before the two of you get couple tattoos then, you need to think it through properly, or else you might regret it later. Don’t get a tattoo impulsively. Before you get couple tattoos, make sure you have a strong relationship and are very committed to each other. 

If you think these couple tattoos show your love and personality very well, then leave us a like and comment down below about which couple tattoos you would love to get.

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