11 Lists Of International Women’s Day Gifts You Must Know

11 Lists Of International Women's Day Gifts You Must Know

Women are special. But from person to person, there is a special woman in everyone’s life. International women’s day is celebrated across the world to acknowledge and validate the contribution of women to the world. The celebration itself is also an effort, a reminder to break away from the shackles of conventions that confine women within certain boundaries and certain expressions.

If like the others, you, too, are trying to do something special for those special women in your life, then I have some ideas to share. In this article, I have shared international women’s day gift ideas. You can surprise your mother, sister, or your colleague with a gift on this women’s day. So, let’s start without much delay.

Best International Women’s Day Gifts

Whether it is for your mother, sister, wife, or your girlfriend, this article has a list of gifts that you need to check out.

1. Flowers & Personalized Greeting Cards

Flowers & Personalized Greeting Cards

Even if you have a different gift planned out for your mother/sister/wife or that favorite woman from work, you cannot miss out on the classic – flowers and greeting cards. Words can put a smile on the face, and they work well when you put them on pretty greeting cards and accompany them with a bokeh or some flower.

A message is a lot, and many of us skip this part and go straight to material gifts. Women respond to your true words and emotions. So, your greeting cards and flowers are ideal gifts for international women’s day.

2. Gift Them A Meaning

Yes, Yes, I will go for jewelry, customized coffee mugs, and plush toys. But how much meaning do these gifts hold (except for usefulness)? If you are looking for international women’s day gifts for a particular woman, look for things that might hold some meaning to that person alone.

She’s a corporate employee, but she also loves to make DIY crafts, then why don’t you gift her the accessories for the things she makes? Does she have a Cooking channel on YouTube? This is the time for that video editing software subscription she has been holding off for too long. You know that she’s into painting, and she won’t buy those Winsor & Newton Watercolors because they are too expensive. Do you understand the message I am trying to share?

3. Candle Holders Or Aromatic Candles

Candle Holders Or Aromatic Candles

Now for the conventional gifts – candle holders and aromatic make the best options. The peaceful and soothing aroma of those scented candles takes away all the stress she has after a long day. Gift something that helps a woman forget about a long day.

Also, the candle holders help illuminate her room, her own private space where all her dreams brew and bubble like something celestial in the cauldron of the universe.

4. Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs

I know that these are some of the most common international women’s day gifts you can give to someone. But, as I was scrolling through FNP and Amazon, I came across some of the most beautiful coffee mugs with beautiful women’s day quotes printed on them.

The quotes will stay with the coffee mug and the coffee mug with the woman you are gifting it to. So, it might be a convenient gift to give a special woman on Women’s day.

5. Money Plant In Women’s Day Pot

Money Plant In Women’s Day Pot
Image Source

Whether she is stuck in a corporate office or in the kitchen, it should be her choice. But, you can compliment her choice with a reminder of how strong and beautiful she is, and these customized money plant pots with women’s day quotes come next to coffee mugs. They are cute and are great as international women’s day gifts to empower and appreciate her.

6. Perfume


Women usually love to buy their necessary things on their own. But she won’t mind if you gift her favorite perfume on women’s day. Perfume does more than just make someone smell good. It boosts their aura, makes them feel confident, and helps them put on a good mood. You can be a reason for that good mood by giving her perfumes as international women’s day gifts.

7. Wonder Woman Metal Hanging Board

Wonder Woman Metal Hanging Board
Image Source

You never know if a woman is a comic book geek or not. Wait, is she into comic books? You can gift a wonder woman metal hanging board as a woman’s day gift. Wonder woman is one of those strong characters women often idolize.

She is a thing of pop culture, and non-comic book fans love Wonder Woman, thanks to both Gal Gadot and Linda Carter. Appreciate the wonder woman inside her with a wonder woman-themed gift or the Metal Hanging Board I talked about.

8. Personalized Diary

Personalized Diary

Some women love to keep journals. If the woman you are buying international women’s day gifts for has a habit of journaling, try gifting her a personalized diary. You can get her name curved on the cardboard covers of the diary or get her picture printed on it with a sweet message.

9. Jewelry Stands

Jewelry Stands
Image Source

If you are looking for international women’s day gifts that are convenient, you can get her a Jewelry stand. Women love jewelry, and most of them have a portion of their cupboards filled with jewelry. A jewelry stand will do them a huge help; it is one of the best gifts you can gift a woman who loves to keep her jewelry with love and care.

10. Home Decor Items

Home Decor Items

Even if she’s a working woman, she thinks about the home ( more than you can imagine). She decorates the desolate place with walls, floors, and roofs and makes it worthy of calling home. So, help her put some paint on her imagination by gifting some home decor items. Believe me, home decor items are one of the best international women’s day gifts you can give to a favorite woman.

11. An Experience Or A Memory

We take women around us for granted and forget to say thanks for all the troubles they take and the efforts they put into making our lives better. As an international women’s day gift, you can gift your favorite woman with an experience or a round of applause in person. Walk towards her, confront her, and say all the nice words you have been meaning to say.

We are willing to spend money on gifts, but we want to be a miser when it comes to spending some precious words. We can take an oath to help them make this world better for themselves on this day.

If you want to gift her a memory, take her on a dinner, watch her favorite film together, or do something nice for her that you never expected. Memories stay forever if you can create one. I think this women’s day is the perfect moment to say your thanks and gift your favorite woman with a memory.

9 More Ideas (Updated to Trends) 

Trends change over time, which is why we took the time to update the list based on what’s new.  

1. Cooking Gadgets  

Upgrade her kitchen with gadgets like a high-quality blender, Instant Pot, or espresso machine to elevate her culinary adventures.  

2. Online Course  

Give her the gift of knowledge with an online course or workshop in a subject she’s passionate about, whether photography, coding, or mindfulness.  

3. Custom Portrait  

Commission a talented artist to create a custom portrait of her or a beloved pet, capturing her likeness uniquely and meaningfully. 

4. Tea Set  

Indulge her love of tea with a beautiful tea set featuring elegant teacups, a teapot, and an assortment of gourmet teas worldwide.  

5. Scented Candles  

Set the mood and create a cozy atmosphere with luxurious scented candles in her favorite fragrances.  

6. Travel Journal  

If she’s a globetrotter, gift her a travel journal where she can document her adventures and preserve cherished memories from her journeys.  

7. Sustainable Fashion  

Support eco-friendly fashion brands by gifting her a stylish piece made from sustainable materials like organic cotton or recycled fabrics.  

8. Handmade Soap  

Treat her to a luxurious bar of handmade soap infused with natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils for a spa-like experience at home.  

9. Donation in Her Name  

Lastly, consider donating to a cause or organization important to her, such as one that supports women’s rights, environmental conservation, or education initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some additional questions that I have answered. I hope you will find them helpful.

Q1. What Is The Colour For Women’s Day?

Ans. According to the website of International Women’s Day, the colors for women’s day are Purple, White, and Green. Purple signifies justice and dignity and is the perfect color for women’s day.

Q2. What Do You Get A Girl For Lady’s Day?

Ans. The options are abundant, and you can go with what your heart feels is right. But, if you want some recommendations, here are some of our choices -cakes, jewelry, flower bouquets, chocolates, mugs, soft toys, greeting cards, perfumes, photo mugs, Women’s Day hampers, fashion accessories, cushions, photo frames, etc.

Q3. What Is The Symbol Of Women’s Day? 

Ans. A circle with a cross handle or the Venus female symbol is the symbol of women’s day. However, this symbol is often combined with other symbols, such as a raised fist, the number 8, a flower, a globe, and a heart.

Final Words

I hope the list of international women’s day gifts I have shared was helpful. If you want to gift something to your sister, mother, wife, girlfriend, or friend, you can go for the ones that I have listed here.

But if you have any other questions aside from the ones, I answered. You can ask us through the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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