7 Signs Your Period Is Coming Tomorrow

7 Signs Your Period Is Coming Tomorrow

What are the signs your period is coming tomorrow?

Before starting, I would like to share a story. I am talking about when I started dating. Before that, I had no idea about periods other than from my biology book. But practical experience? No, no, I am talking about my periods. Like, someone will have a period, and I will know almost everything about it other than the pain. Now, I know what my girlfriend has to go through. 

So, it was our first anniversary of staying together. And we made a plan to stay the whole day outside. And there was a dinner date, and I booked a hotel to spend time with a bottle of wine. I also arranged flowers and candles. But after finishing the bottle of wine. RED FLAG. We spent the night talking and then went to sleep. 

That was the moment I started to learn everything about periods. So, if you don’t want to face the same thing, then follow this article to know the signs your period is coming tomorrow.

7 Signs Your Period Is Coming Tomorrow

There are situations, occasions, or important things that you need to attend. And you have made a promise to someone that you would be there. The day comes, and after waking up, you are feeling terrible pain, but you need to attend that specific event. If you know earlier that the next day you will have your period, then you manage many things. Here are seven signs your period is coming tomorrow. 

1. Swollen Breasts

Swollen Breasts

The first thing you will see is that your breasts are getting swollen and hurting. You may think that your estrogen and progesterone enhance their work. But it is not true. There is a difference between increasing boobs and swollen boobs. When your boobies get bigger, This is the sign that you are entering in your adulthood. But tendered and swollen boobs are different. 

But swollen boobs are different. First of all, you will feel that the size is increasing and becoming numb as well. Secondly, your nipples will be swollen, also. You need to understand that aroused nipples and swollen nipples are different. While it’s swollen, you will feel less than you can feel at other times. So, the best way to know is by a self-breast check regularly. 

2. Mood Swings

Mood Swings

Suppose you are already a person who knows that you change your moods like the weather in London. Then fine, your partner knows how to handle that. But Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS is different from regular mood swings. When your cycle is going to an end, you can feel that you are feeling irritated and low. This is because your progesterone level drops. 

I face crying, anger, shouting, hunger, and love within an hour with my girlfriend. Although, I am a flexible and understanding person, I know what PMS is. If you are here for your partner, then you should take care of her. There are cases of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder or PMDD (disorder and severe form of PMS) that might harm your everyday life. 

3. Feeling Hungry

Feeling Hungry

Suppose you are foody and can eat a lot of food than a regular person. Then it is fine to feel hungry all the time. But, if you see an unusual change in your dieting like suddenly you want to eat salty or sweet foods. If there is nothing that can stop your craving, then this is a PMS. Also, different foods are for different times at the ovulation cycle. But you can change this with a regular, healthy diet and drinking plenty of water.

4. Sluggish, Inactive, Or Slow

Sluggish, Inactive, or Slow

Feeling sleepy or tired without any reason? Then you may be in your last days of getting a period. You may think, “I have been feeling this since the beginning of my life.” But this feeling is different than the other one. Feeling slow, inactive, or sluggish is one of the signs your period is coming tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow. Don’t worry, but this is also a sign of early pregnancy. Just wait for two more days for your period.

5. Discharging 


You may have seen a milky or off-white color in your underwear. So, this is the discharge that I am talking about. Before your period comes and after your period ends, you will experience some vaginal discharge in your underwear. The time is called the fertile window. Mostly it looks white, milky white, or off-white in color, and it feels like the precum. This happens because during that time, your cervical mucus discharges. 

6. Getting Pimples

Getting Pimples

I know you hate this. Everyone hates to get pimples. But, if you are not prone to have pimples, and suddenly you see one or two on your face, yes, girl, your period is knocking on the door. You may also experience that your complexion is changing. The main reason is high progesterone, and that makes your skin oiler. A healthy diet and plenty of water can omit your pimples, but it doesn’t work every time.

7. Cramps


I know this is painful. And for some people, periods are really tough to survive. And every month, they find themselves in bed for one or two days. Menstrual cramps are the most irritating and disturbing thing that you face during your periods. Also, getting a cramp is one of the signs your period is coming tomorrow. For some people, they feel back pain and others feel that in the lower abdomen. So, a cramp will tell you that your period is coming. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Here are some interesting questions and answers.

1. Why Do Girls Get Periods?

Ans: In simple words, a period is a way to release unwanted tissues. Your body has a pregnancy cycle every month, so it produces fertilized eggs. And the released egg is ready for fertilization. You are not getting pregnant, so girls face periods every month.

2. Which Age Period Is Best?

Ans: Normally period happens between the ages of 10 to 16. Naturally, when a woman’s body is ready to be fertile, the period starts. When you see your puberty, after 2 or 3 years, your period will start. However, there are some rare cases for athletics, gymnastics, and dancers.

3. Which Age Periods Will Stop?

Ans: Normally, the menstrual period ends at the age of 40 or 45. The average age is though 51. There are rare and unusual cases too. Normally, when the ovary stops releasing eggs, the period ends there. 

Final Words

I hope now you will have no problem of understanding when and how your period is coming. And if you see any of these signs, then take the proper precautions. There are other signs your period is coming tomorrow, such as acne, exhaustion, fatigue, bloatedness, diarrhea, constipation, and most importantly, you will feel terribly horny at that time. 

Have you got any doubts? Then Please let us know.

Thank You.

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